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Created Nov 29, 2017
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To replace pw to pw hashes in an ansible playbook
#!/usr/bin/env python
This script replaces plain text passwords with sha512 encrypted passwords in
ansbile playbooks - when a lot of users created at once.
There are few known limitations:
- When a line contains the string begins with 'password:' the script will replace the rest
of the line with the hash
- A plain text password shouldn't contain '
- If a password already hashed, the hash will be treated as plain text
Before use pleaase install passlib with:
$ easy_install passlib
import re
import sys
from passlib.hash import sha512_crypt
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print "Usage: \n\t hashpw infile outfile"
iname = sys.argv[1]
oname = sys.argv[2]
pwre = re.compile('password')
infile = open(iname, "r")
outfile = open(oname, "w")
for line in infile:
token = line.split(":")
if pwre.match(token[0].lstrip()):
plainpw = token[1].rstrip().replace("'","").lstrip()
pwline = token[0] + ":" + " " + "'" + sha512_crypt.encrypt(plainpw) + "'" + "\n"
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