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Simplified summary of NibReplaceable taken from
class NibView: UIView, NibReplaceable {
open override func awakeAfter(using coder: NSCoder) -> Any? {
guard subviews.isEmpty,
let nibView = replacedByNibView()
else { return self }
return nibView
public protocol NibReplaceable where Self: UIView {}
public extension NibReplaceable {
public func replacedByNibView() -> Self? {
let nibView = type(of: self).nibView()
nibView?.copyProperties(from: self)
nibView?.copyConstraints(from: self)
return nibView
static func nibView() -> Self? {
guard let nibViews = Bundle(for: self).loadNibNamed(nibName, owner: nil, options: nil),
let nibView = nibViews.first(where: { type(of: $0) == self } ) as? Self
else {
fatalError("\(#function) Could not find an instance of class \(self) in \(nibName) xib")
return nibView
static var nibName: String {
return String(describing: self)
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