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@barneycarroll barneycarroll/Historian.js
Last active Mar 21, 2018

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const Historian = Object.assign(
Component => {
const histories = new WeakMap
return {
onbeforeupdate({}, old){
if(Component.onbeforeupdate && Component.onbeforeupdate.apply(this, arguments) === false)
return false
histories.set(old.state, old)
...['view', 'oninit', 'oncreate', 'onupdate', 'onbeforeremove', 'onbeforeremove']
.map(key => Component[key] && ({
[key] : v => Component[key](v.state, v, histories.get(v.state))
.reduce((a,b) => Object.assign(a,b), {}),
onbeforeupdate : ({}, old) =>
old.state.old = old,
view: v =>

Use as a decorator:

const Component = Historian({
  view: (vnode, oldVnode) => ''

...or as a functor component:

m(Historian, oldVnode => '')

The decorator enables you to write single-depth, easily invoked reusable components with baked-in behaviour; meanwhile the functor component enables you to reference previous nodes of a different type in place (useful for transitions!).

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