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Detect if running on Raspberry PI
import io
def is_raspberry_pi(raise_on_errors=False):
"""Checks if Raspberry PI.
with'/proc/cpuinfo', 'r') as cpuinfo:
found = False
for line in cpuinfo:
if line.startswith('Hardware'):
found = True
label, value = line.strip().split(':', 1)
value = value.strip()
if value not in (
if raise_on_errors:
raise ValueError(
'This system does not appear to be a '
'Raspberry Pi.'
return False
if not found:
if raise_on_errors:
raise ValueError(
'Unable to determine if this system is a Raspberry Pi.'
return False
except IOError:
if raise_on_errors:
raise ValueError('Unable to open `/proc/cpuinfo`.')
return False
return True
IS_RASPBERRY_PI = is_raspberry_pi()
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