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BitBucket Mercurial to Git transition idea

There is an official python-hglib, there's also an awesome GitPython and there's also fast-export (recommended by GitHub). If one would simply combine the three (and get lots of lots of kudos), that would be simply awesome.

Expected usage (from terminal):

hg-to-git --username={USERNAME} --repository={REPONAME} --suffix={SUFFIX}

So that it would:

  • Use localy RSA keys (if available, which can be the default case)
  • Keep the level of privacy (which means, if repository has been private, keep it private).
  • Clone repo (into some temporary dir).
  • Convert repo to Git.
  • Push repo to same account, keeping same name, only appending the given suffix.

Just one command to do all the work. Or even better (the best case), just provide your username and let ALL mercurial repos converted to Git.

hg-to-git-all --username={USERNAME} --suffix={SUFFIX}
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