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require 'formula'
class BsdgamesOsx < Formula
homepage ''
url ''
sha1 '31013cbc8fbad71f1e3e0b9b85fd7c943219a99b'
head ''
version '2.19.3'
depends_on :bsdmake => :build
def install
# This replicates the behavior of wargames calling games from /usr/games
inreplace 'wargames/' do |s|
s.gsub! /\/usr\/games/, "#{prefix}/bin"
system "CFLAGS=\"-std=c11\" bsdmake PREFIX=#{prefix} VARDIR=#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/var/games"
user = ENV['USER']
system "BINOWN=#{user} LIBOWN=#{user} MANOWN=#{user} SHAREOWN=#{user} bsdmake install PREFIX=#{prefix} VARDIR=#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/var/games"
def test
%w[ pom ].each do |game|
system game

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sincarne commented Apr 10, 2015

Thank you! A note: if you have the fish shell installed, you'll be unable to link bsdgames. Run brew unlink fish, then brew link bsdgames-osx to link the games. brew link --overwrite fish will get you the shell back, then you can go ahead and link /usr/local/Cellar/bsdgames-osx/2.19.3/bin/fish to somewhere under your path, calling it something that won't conflict.


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ctdk commented May 10, 2015

Thanks for updating this formula.


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sukima commented May 13, 2015

Any chance we could add this to ?

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