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Ruben Bartelink bartelink

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public static TRes Match<T,TRes>(this FSharpOption<T> opt, Func<T,TRes> some, Func<TRes> none)
if (FSharpOption<T>.get_IsSome(opt))
return some.Invoke(opt.Value);
return none.Invoke();
bartelink / WarmupCustomization.fs
Created Feb 5, 2014
F# wrapper for having AutoFixture perform post-processing on AutoFixture Specimens of a given type
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type TypeThatIsARequestSpecification<'T>() =
interface IRequestSpecification with
member this.IsSatisfiedBy request =
match request with
| :? System.Type as requestType -> typeof<'T>.IsAssignableFrom( requestType)
| _ -> false
type PrepareSpecimenCommand<'T>( action) =
interface ISpecimenCommand with
member this.Execute( specimen, context) =
let instance = specimen :?> 'T
bartelink / AutoControllerData.fs
Created Mar 21, 2014
Port of C# equivalent in SO answer by @nikosbaxevanis :-
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module WebApi2Helpers
// Port of answer by @nikosbaxevanis :-
open System
open Ploeh.AutoFixture
open Ploeh.AutoFixture.Kernel
open Ploeh.AutoFixture.Xunit
open Ploeh.AutoFixture.AutoFoq
open System.Web.Http.Hosting
bartelink / ThesisExample.cs
Created Nov 5, 2010
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1. uses a ContextFixture (which requires Disposal)
2. keeps all Context/ContextFixture+Do+Assert/Observation in a single Test Method at all costs -- lambdas get very yucky the minute you factor calls to any of these into test methods
3. The TheoryDataProvider junk at the end is also applicable to xUnit [Theory] stuff (and you use the same [ClassData] and friends as one uses for other stuff and just removes some cruft from writing up test cases)
4. uses sut/result/exception standard names
5. This is a sample and has stuff that doesnt scale up that I wouldnt do. e.g. dont use Conditional Logic in tests with care - something as simple as a should succeed / should fail set of cases should generally be two separate Thesis methods
Go look in bitbucket - there's a good set of tests that serve as a better set of samples.
This snippet will self destruct when someone tells me that the acceptance tests and samples in Johannes' fork are clearer and more complete
bartelink / SutContext.cs
Created May 16, 2011
The consumption piece for HackedDisposableTrackingCustomization.cs
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static class SutContext
public static SutContext<T> Create<T>()
T sut;
return Create<T>( out sut );
public static SutContext<T> Create<T>( out T sut )
bartelink / Frozen.cs
Created May 16, 2011
AutoFixture Frozen extension relying on Injected Fixture
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public class Frozen<T>
readonly T _value;
private Frozen( T t )
_value = t;
public Frozen( Fixture fixture )
bartelink / HackedDisposableTrackingCustomization.cs
Last active Sep 25, 2015
My 'teardown in reverse order' fork of AutoFixture.Kernel.DisposableTrackingCustomization (Current version works against v3.x, initial revision against 2.x)
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namespace Ploeh.AutoFixture.Forked
class HackedDisposableTrackingCustomization : ICustomization, IDisposable
private readonly DisposableTrackingBehavior behavior;
public HackedDisposableTrackingCustomization()
this.behavior = new DisposableTrackingBehavior();
bartelink / Get-GrepWinClipboardFiles.ps1
Created Jul 4, 2012
Get-GrepWinClipboardFiles. Example: Get-GrepWinClipboardFiles| %{ tf checkout $_ }
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function Get-ClipboardText {
$command = {
add-type -an
powershell -sta -noprofile -command $command
function Get-GrepWinClipboardFiles() {
get-ClipboardText | ConvertFrom-Csv -del "`t" | %{ $_.Path+"\"+$_.Name }
bartelink / ClassAutoData.cs
Created Jul 17, 2012
ClassAutoData spiking
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[ClassAutoData( typeof( XProvider ) )]
public static void Scenario( X x, string y )
Console.WriteLine( x + "," + y );
public class ClassAutoDataAttribute : CompositeDataAttribute
public ClassAutoDataAttribute( Type @class )
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static class Program
static void Main()
var x = new { a=0, b=1 };
f( x );
static void f(dynamic x)
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