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Created Aug 6, 2013
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Plotting average delivery ratio with GnuPlot.
set terminal postscript eps enhanced color solid colortext 9
set output 'del_ratio.eps'
set style fill pattern border
set style histogram errorbars gap 1 lw 3.5
set style data histograms
set boxwidth 0.9
set bars 1
set xtics font "Times-Roman, 17"
set ytics 0.2 font "Times-Roman, 17"
set xlabel "Area (sq m)" font "Times-Roman, 18"
set ylabel "Delivery ratio" font "Times-Roman, 18.5"
#set xrange[-0.5:2.5]
plot '' using 2:3:xtic(1) index 0 title "Epidemic" fs pattern 0 lt 3 lw 2, \
'' using 2:3:xtic(1) index 1 title "SnW" fs pattern 1 lt 4 lw 2
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