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Created Dec 20, 2016

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Task List in Progress

Defining a Process [%]

Collective Standards

Pricing Spreadsheet [50%]

do yearly cost with DB/API included
make one single dropdown for time selection

How much can we spend? How Performant does each node need to be?

Sheet for determining resources of a service. How many CPU? How much RAM?

Circuit Breakers [0%]


Data Model

Code Review Process

Static Analysis

Schedule meeting for next onboarding [33%]


API Data Model

Aggregation API

OPS Tools: Jenkins, Kibana, Marathon

Sapphire and Product Team: Launch a show

Git and Development Tools


Code Reviews and Code Standards

First Jira Ticket

GoGraphQL Service [0%]

Determine Which Version To Use


Prove schema data model for our API

Middleware for graphql POST

Acceptance Criteria

  • Remove Akamai Shielding to API
  • Horizontally Scalable to 100,000 RPS
  • >500 RPS Per Node

Web make worker for graphql executor

Web front end [0%]

Show UI Tester like Node Version

Script to compare JSON Output to old API


Load Test

Include if hydrate for blocks friends @include(if: $withFriends)

Content Model End Point

Varnish Protection

Image Service [0%]

Acceptance Criteria

Load Test

Location Service [0%]

Acceptance Criteria

Load Test

Login Service [0%]

Acceptance Criteria

Load Test

Search Service [0%]

Acceptance Criteria

Load Test

APIv3 [0%]

Acceptance Criteria

  • Prove Horizontally Scalable to 100,000 RPS
  • A database node can be removed from the cluster and recover
  • A database node can be added to the cluster and recover

jt_cassy branch v3

Load test

PSQL Aurora Plumbing

Talked to AWS, signed up for preview

Load test

clean up prod/staging cassandra clusters

APIv2 [0%]

Triage JIRA w/Dustin & Stas

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