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Working from home

Tim Meusel bastelfreak

Working from home
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bastelfreak / gist:8060271
Created Dec 20, 2013
trying to start puppetmasterd with puma
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[root@puppet ~]# puma /usr/share/puppet/rack/puppetmasterd/
Puma starting in single mode...
* Version 2.7.1, codename: Earl of Sandwich Partition
* Min threads: 0, max threads: 16
* Environment: development
! Unable to load application
/usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-2.0.0-p353/lib/ruby/site_ruby/2.0.0/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:55:in `require': cannot load such file -- puppet/util/command_line (LoadError)
from /usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-2.0.0-p353/lib/ruby/site_ruby/2.0.0/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:55:in `require'
from /usr/share/puppet/rack/puppetmasterd/ `block in <main>'
from /usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p353/gems/rack-1.5.2/lib/rack/builder.rb:55:in `instance_eval'
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root@mysql02:~# puppet agent -t --debug
Debug: Failed to load library 'selinux' for feature 'selinux'
Debug: Using settings: adding file resource 'confdir': 'File[/etc/puppet]{:path=>"/etc/puppet", :ensure=>:directory, :loglevel=>:debug, :links=>:follow, :backup=>false}'
Debug: Puppet::Type::User::ProviderDirectoryservice: file /usr/bin/uuidgen does not exist
Debug: Puppet::Type::User::ProviderPw: file pw does not exist
Debug: Puppet::Type::User::ProviderUser_role_add: file roleadd does not exist
Debug: Failed to load library 'ldap' for feature 'ldap'
Debug: Puppet::Type::User::ProviderLdap: feature ldap is missing
Debug: /User[puppet]: Provider useradd does not support features libuser; not managing attribute forcelocal
Debug: Puppet::Type::Group::ProviderDirectoryservice: file /usr/bin/dscl does not exist
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# installimage - Style Guide
## Contents
+ [Indentation Guidelines](#indentation-guidelines)
+ [Multiline Output to File](#multiline-output-to-file)
+ [Functions](#functions)
+ [Escaping](#escaping)
+ [Preferred Usage of Bash Builtins](#preferred-usage-of-bash-builtins)

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haproxy in front of CERN&#39;s puppetserves uses [puppetlabs-haproxy](
## HaProxy Service
We use `rh-haproxy18-haproxy`
exec{&#39;/usr/bin/yum -y erase haproxy&#39;:
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delete: true
delete: true
delete: true
delete: true