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code review 13377
initPage is only called once and is logically related to the setTimeout so inline it there;
while at it, fix the setTimeout call and the click event
$(document).ready(function () {
var message = $('#message'),
tab = $('#tab'),
droid = message.find('.droid'),
speed = 300;
function slideMessage() {
var margin = message.css('marginTop');
if (margin !== "0px") {
tab.animate({top: "-90px"}, speed);
message.delay(speed).animate({marginTop: "0px"}, speed);
message.find('.droid').delay(1000).animate({bottom: "0px"}, 100);
} else {
message.find('.droid').delay(1000).css({bottom: "-60px"}, 100);
message.animate({marginTop: "-60px"}, speed);
tab.delay(speed).animate({top: "0px"}, speed);
//Hide message if user has javascript
message.css('marginTop', '-60px');
droid.css('bottom', '-60px');
setTimeout(slideMessage, 1000);
$('#message .close, #tab').click(slideMessage);
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