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Created May 1, 2017
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; expr jit version of asm
add rdx,0x68
mov si,WORD PTR [rdi+0xc]
mov r8,rsi
and r8,0x10
test r8,r8
je label_004
cmp QWORD PTR [r9+r10*8],0x0
je label_004
mov cx,WORD PTR [r11+0xc]
mov rsi,rcx
and rsi,0x10
test si,si
jne label_004
; same thing hand-written
label_002: test WORD PTR [rcx+0xc],0x10
je label_003
test rdx,rdx
je label_003
test WORD PTR [rdx+0xc],0x10
jne label_003
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