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Beau Gunderson beaugunderson

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deoxxa / parallelworlds.json
Created Mar 7, 2013
SimCity (2013) Studies
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// Intercepting this request and changing the "Desc" field does nothing to the
// game's UI. The name in the interface seems to come from looking up the "id"
// field against a list of names stored internally. Probably because of locale
// stuff.
// Note the hidden servers!
beaugunderson / .vimrc
Created Jul 31, 2011
Prompt to edit a corresponding .scss file when opening a .css file in vim
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function! EditScss()
" The current file
let file = expand("%")
" The current file's basename plus .scss
let scss = expand("%:r") . ".scss"
" If the file exists
if filereadable(scss)
" Prompt the user and store the user's choice (1-indexed) in a variable
mbostock / .block
Last active Jan 18, 2021
Google Maps + D3
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license: gpl-3.0
mbostock / .block
Last active Feb 8, 2016
Polymaps + D3, Part 2
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license: gpl-3.0