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class PluginLoader:
def load(self, directory):
ret = []
for plugin in directory.children:
plugin_file = plugin.find(, type='py')
plugin_class = plugin_file.classes[]
if not hasattr(plugin_class, 'matches'):
def matches(self, expression):
if isinstance(self.aliases, str):
return expression == self.aliases
return expression in self.aliases
plugin_class.matches = matches
plugin_instance = plugin_class()
return ret
from mock import Mock
from placidity.plugin_loader import PluginLoader
class Alias:
aliases = 'foo'
class Matches:
def matches(self, expression):
return True
class MultipleAliases:
aliases = ('vars', 'variables')
class TestPluginLoader:
def setup_method(self, method):
plugin_dir = Mock()
alias_dir = self.create_plugin_dir('alias', Alias)
matches_dir = self.create_plugin_dir('matches', Matches)
multiplealiases_dir = self.create_plugin_dir('multiplealiases',
plugin_dir.children = (alias_dir, matches_dir,
plugin_loader = PluginLoader()
self.plugins = plugin_loader.load(plugin_dir)
def test_load_plugins(self):
classes = [Alias, Matches, MultipleAliases]
for plugin, klass in zip(self.plugins, classes):
assert isinstance(plugin, klass)
def test_alias(self):
alias = self.plugins[0]
assert alias.matches('foo')
assert not alias.matches('bar')
def test_matches(self):
matches = self.plugins[1]
assert matches.matches('bar')
assert matches.matches('foo')
def test_multiple_aliases(self):
multiple_aliases = self.plugins[2]
assert multiple_aliases.matches('vars')
assert multiple_aliases.matches('variables')
assert not multiple_aliases.matches('foobar')
def create_plugin_dir(self, plugin_name, plugin_class):
plugin_dir = Mock() = plugin_name
plugin_dir.children = Mock()
plugin_file = self.create_plugin_file(plugin_name, plugin_class)
def find(name, type):
assert type == 'py'
if name is plugin_name:
return plugin_file
plugin_dir.find = find
return plugin_dir
def create_plugin_file(self, name, klass):
plugin_file = Mock()
plugin_file.classes = {name: klass, }
return plugin_file
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