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@bebraw bebraw/
Created Jan 30, 2010

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import Image, ImageFilter
from math import sqrt
image_name = 'mountain.jpg'
amount_of_colors = 49
palette_width = amount_of_colors * 10
palette_height = palette_width
def get_color():
im =
blurred_im = im.filter(ImageFilter.MedianFilter(5))
quantized_im = blurred_im.convert('P', dither=Image.NONE,
palette=Image.ADAPTIVE, colors=amount_of_colors)
rgb_im = quantized_im.convert('RGB')
colors = rgb_im.getcolors()
for color in colors:
yield color[1]
palette ='RGB', (palette_width, palette_height), 'white')
amount_of_rows = int(sqrt(amount_of_colors))
amount_of_columns = int(sqrt(amount_of_colors))
x_offset = palette_width / amount_of_columns
y_offset = palette_height / amount_of_rows
color = get_color()
y = 0
for row in range(amount_of_rows):
x = 0
for column in range(amount_of_columns):
def get_bounds():
return int(x), int(y), int(x + x_offset), int(y + y_offset)
palette.paste(, get_bounds())
x += x_offset
y += y_offset
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