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DoomsDay SAAS Bitcoin Wallet: or

Can you cross the borders and do financial transactions if many things from the current Status Quo breaks down?

  • Your bank database can be hacked
    • They don’t probably have too many real time replications distributed geographically.
  • “The Cloud” where all your data is, and most of the internet runs from, is probably in well defined physical location(s)
    • A determined competent military and cyber threat can attack and shut or wipe.
  • When you move between countries, your laptop/hardware can be ceased and/or scrutinised.
    • They can also breakdown/get stolen etc.

There are a 10 million nodes of Bitcoin today; all of which have all your transactions.

So long as even a few of them are up and so long as you have connectivity to the internet (whichever part is still up),

We will make sure you have access to your bitcoin private keys and can make financial transactions.

OSS and Free:

Enter your favourite phrases and/or quotes/poems and print them so you can get access to the private keys stored on the Amazon S3 fully encrypted.

(We will also give you few words, in addition to those phrases, to remember.) - (Self note: May be essential for strong encryption)

Your keys are fully end to end encrypted, so even we will not be able to decrypt them, but for the phrases you enter.

Proprietory and Paid Service:

You can choose to pay for

  • Backup the private keys in multiple cloud hosting providers. ($125/ extra cloud per year)
  • Enable access to the encrypted key, only on Facebook login and/or Google login and/or Phone verification or a combination of them ($99 per year)
  • Record your video during availing the service and always have a Human on Zoom/other VC to speak to, verify and authenticate. ($125 per year)

Please note:

  • The paid service locks in access to your encrypted private keys and can only provide you access to it.
  • You can decrypt it, if and only if you enter the original phrases while signing up probably took a print out of, for safe keeping.

Partner with us:

Interested to contribute code and build the product?

Interested to invest in a nimble capable team and see it through come to life?

Contact us!

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