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A resource reference sheet about AI to new comer

List of resources about AI

For beginner


Artificial Intelligence library written in Golang

  • Neural Network

    1. Back Propagation

    2. Hopfield

    3. Echo State

  • Genetic Algorithm

    1. Basic

    2. Adaptive

    3. Support Recessive gene


A generic library

(Temporarily Suspended)

Based on the book "Back-progapation Neural Network and Hopfield Neural Network from book ISBN 957-21-4201-1"

Included Languages

  • ✓ C++

  • ❏ Scala


Genetic Algorithm application (use case) on automatic scheduling


Association Rule Mining

(No Longer Active)

Skeleton for practise


This template is using deep-first search (DFS) to solve sudoku problem. The search process is shown in command line iteratively.

Input File: res/input.txt

Output File: res/output.txt

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