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sleeptillseven /
Last active Jul 18, 2016
Collection of interesting resources for studying the Erlang VM

List of Interesting Resources Describing the Erlang VM

Hitchhiker's guide to the Erlang VM

Author: Robert Virding (Co-inventor of Erlang)

Slides: pdf

Video: youtube

cstar / gist:970445
Created May 13, 2011
Fake your webmachine requests for unit testing.
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make_wrq(Method, RawPath, Headers) ->
{ok, Dispatch} = file:consult(filename:join(
"..", "priv", "dispatch.conf"])),
R0 = wrq:create(Method, {1,1}, RawPath, mochiweb_headers:from_list(Headers)),
R1 = wrq:set_peer("", R0),
{_, _, HostTokens, Port, PathTokens, Bindings, AppRoot, StringPath} =
webmachine_dispatcher:dispatch("", RawPath, Dispatch),