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Created October 11, 2020 18:01
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urbit s3 setup instructions
For those of you at home, I wanted to include some instructions for S3 support.
S3 support lets you store credentials for your S3 object storage buckets on your Urbit ship; once you have done so, you will get additional functionality for uploading your own media within Chat and Groups (for avatars).
It’s for power users at the moment — it requires some technical setup, but we hope to surface some UI for it as we go.
You will need to get an S3 bucket set up. If you’re using AWS, it will have to support signature v2, not v4. We found DigitalOcean worked well. The bucket has to be publicly readable; allow CORS from * origins, and allow * headers. Your provider should have details on setting access permissions and CORS.
Once you have gotten your bucket setup, poke the s3-store on your ship with your details. You can do this in Dojo or in web Dojo, it will work however.
:s3-store|set-endpoint '’
:s3-store|set-access-key-id ‘MYACCESSKEYID'
:s3-store|set-secret-access-key ‘MYSECRETACCESSKEY’
:s3-store|set-current-bucket ‘yourbucketname'
Done! If you need to peek at s3-store’s state, you can always run :s3-store +dbug (inside Dojo, not web Dojo, unfortunately). You’ll see the additional functionality appear in Groups and Chat.
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