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Brendon Murphy bemurphy

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bemurphy / gist:ebfae1ed34b4fb0da3b12b920bc72591
Created January 31, 2018 19:03
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Becoming a healthy organization takes a little time. Unfortunately, many of the leaders I’ve worked with suffer from a chronic case of adrenaline addiction, seemingly hooked on the daily rush of activity and firefighting within their organizations. It’s as though they’re afraid to slow down and deal with issues that are critical but don’t seem particularly urgent.
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you have to slow down in order to go fast.
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Two Requirements for Success
bemurphy /
Last active October 19, 2016 17:09

This is probably a good book buy order (buy as many as you like, or 1, or 2, whatever)

running a risk because I put a book at the top slot I haven't read ;)

Essential starting ruby docs to read

bemurphy / chatty_bots.txt
Last active January 1, 2016 21:29
Things twitter bots are saying right now. I am curious.
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I feel bad that I can't remember people's name sometimes even after they just told me their name.
If a bro made me sicilian pasta id cherish that.
I think making muffins is a good idea.
Ack! I've had to change to Chrome cuz FireFox kept freezing! :O
A royale with cheese #SamuelJacksonSmile
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# Monkeypatch the user_agent_parser
# Memoizes the pattern load because otherwise
# parsing user agents will read the file
# and build regex every time at the cost
# of 35ms
require "user_agent_parser"
bemurphy / haiku
Created June 12, 2013 14:55 — forked from friggeri/haiku
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haiku = ->
adjs = [
"autumn", "hidden", "bitter", "misty", "silent", "empty", "dry", "dark",
"summer", "icy", "delicate", "quiet", "white", "cool", "spring", "winter",
"patient", "twilight", "dawn", "crimson", "wispy", "weathered", "blue",
"billowing", "broken", "cold", "damp", "falling", "frosty", "green",
"long", "late", "lingering", "bold", "little", "morning", "muddy", "old",
"red", "rough", "still", "small", "sparkling", "throbbing", "shy",
"wandering", "withered", "wild", "black", "young", "holy", "solitary",
"fragrant", "aged", "snowy", "proud", "floral", "restless", "divine",
bemurphy / invitation_set.rb
Created September 11, 2012 05:44
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class InvitationSet
attr_reader :organization
def initialize(organization)
@organization = organization
def invite(email)
invite_code = Token.generate(6).upcase
key.zadd(, invite_code)
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puts "test.rb"
foo = "bar"
bemurphy / gist:1727383
Created February 3, 2012 03:08
git log alias stuff
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l = log --graph --pretty=format':%C(yellow)%h%Cblue%d%Creset %s %C(white) %an, %ar%Creset'
bemurphy / rgb.c
Created December 26, 2011 18:04
red green blue for tri color led and tdd
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const int RED_LED_PIN = 9;
const int GREEN_LED_PIN = 10;
const int BLUE_LED_PIN = 11;
String inputString = "";
boolean stringComplete = false;
void setup() {
bemurphy / gist:1424311
Created December 2, 2011 18:31
run ctags in a post-checkout hook
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "shellwords"
def run_tags
`ctags -R . 2>/dev/null`
def project_dir
File.basename Dir.pwd