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Sublime Text 2 - Google Closure Template Builder

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Google Closure (Soy).sublime-build
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"cmd": ["java", "-jar", "../SoyToJsSrcCompiler.jar", "--outputPathFormat", "../${file_base_name}.js", "${file}"],
"selector": ""

First, if it's not already in your repository, get the Google Closure Template compiler at their documentation website:
or the direct link:

Create a new Sublime Text 2 build system (Tools > Build System > New Build System...), pasting in the code above.

Set the 3rd "cmd" item in the sublime-build file to reflect the compiler location.

NOTE: With the current setup, it will build any .soy file into a .js file and place it in the parent folder. This is perfect for having a site structure like this:


Also, I recommend downloading SublimeOnSaveBuild ( to automatically build your soy files on save. For this to work properly you will need to add ".soy" extensions to your package settings (

For syntax highlighting, add the package repository and install SoyTemplate

For the required comment syntax snippets, install the DocBlockr package

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