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Generate a random color with a seed string using Swift 3
import UIKit
func randomColor(seed: String) -> UIColor {
var total: Int = 0
for u in seed.unicodeScalars {
total += Int(UInt32(u))
srand48(total * 200)
let r = CGFloat(drand48())
let g = CGFloat(drand48())
srand48(total / 200)
let b = CGFloat(drand48())
return UIColor(red: r, green: g, blue: b, alpha: 1)
// Identical seeds will lead to identical colors
randomColor(seed: "ben")
randomColor(seed: "ben")
// Similarly, seeds with the same character values will lead to identical colors
randomColor(seed: "ben")
randomColor(seed: "neb")
// However, this works well enough for something like article titles
randomColor(seed: "iPhone 7: Jet Black vs. Black")
randomColor(seed: "Vesper, Adieu")
randomColor(seed: "Bloomberg’s Report on Apple Watch 2")
randomColor(seed: "Is Donald Trump Actually Trying to Win?")
randomColor(seed: "Uber to Begin Testing Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh")
randomColor(seed: "Apple and the Pistol Emoji")
randomColor(seed: "Jack Off")
randomColor(seed: "Headphone Jacks Are the New Floppy Drives")
randomColor(seed: "Brief Thoughts and Observations Regarding Today’s WWDC 2016 Keynote")
randomColor(seed: "App Store Subscription Uncertainty")

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commented Apr 24, 2018

Why not use String.hash instead of sum of scalars? It will bring you more entropy and will solve your case for ben and neb.

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