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Last active Jul 20, 2016

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BOOYA July 2016

This month we'll be having a BOOYA (Bring yOur Own hYperlink Along). In this session, we'll go through a list of links that people have submitted and chat about why we find them interesting.

To submit a link - add a comment below with the url, and your twitter handle (so we can /via you when we tweet the link later).

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about the project/post/thing, just anything that you find interesting or cool!

omgmog commented Jul 18, 2016

First! And uuhhhhhhh. for those that have missed it. It's got a lot more content and a nicer design since I show and telled it last! 💯 :shipit:


benfoxall commented Jul 18, 2016


benfoxall commented Jul 18, 2016

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