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Gulp forking a stream (e.g. send different files to different dests)
gulp.task("ts", function() {
// These would be the names of two source files for example
tsRootFiles = ["rab", "buildRab"];
tsRootFiles.forEach(tsFile => {
let stream = gulp
noImplicitAny: true,
outFile: `${tsFile}.js`,
allowJs: true,
lib: ["ES2016"],
target: "ES5",
// Now send them different places (here based on name but obvs. whatever logic suits)
if (tsFile === "rab") {
stream = stream.pipe(gulp.dest("_build/js"));
} else {
stream = stream.pipe(gulp.dest("banners/js"));
return stream;

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@LeoEatle LeoEatle commented Apr 26, 2020

let stream1 = stream.pipe(gulp.dest("_build/js"));
let stream2 = stream.pipe(gulp.dest("banners/js"));

Fork stream and run in the same time.

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