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Bitter Sweet Symphony (Andy Mitchell)
Lager John Misty (Ben Hodgson)
Top of the Hops (Andy Mitchell)
Mumford & Tuns (Ben Hodgson)
More Fire Brew (Alex Reade)
Malt-J (Ewan Eyre)
Kendrink Lager (Ben Hodgson)
A$AP Hoppy (Ben Hodgson)
Weird Ale Yankovic (Alex Reade)
The Boy Yeast Likely To (Ewan Eyre)
Boozevelt (Ben Hodgson)
Mad Saison (Alex Reade)
Boy & Beer (Andy Mitchell)
PorterGoldenAle The Man (Alex Reade)
Barley Rae Jepsen (Ewan Eyre)
Vanilla Weisse (Alex Reade)
Taylor Swift Half (Ben Hodgson)
Weisse Lies (Ben Hodgson)
Wheat 17 (Ewan Eyre)
Wheat Your Own Beers (Ben Hodgson / James Gibb)
The Moody Booze (Alex Reade)
Beerhunter (Ben Hodgson)
Barry Weisse (Ewan Eyre)
Damien Weisse (Ben Hodgson)
Justin Beerbeer (Ben Hodgson)
Adale (Ben Hodgson)
Abeerdeen (Dean Elbaz)
Aley Goulding (Ben Hodgson)
Tears For Beers (Marc Pacheco)
Everyone Wants to Brew the World (Marc Pacheco)
Hopline Bling (Ben Hodgson)
MIAle (Marc Pacheco)
Jon Hop-tuns (Andy Mitchell)
Joanna Brewsom (Ewan Eyre)
Chug Berry (Ryan Simms)
Ian Brewery & The Hopheads (Ewan Eyre)
Sixpence None the Pitcher (Ryan Simms)
I Got Brews In My Bottle (Marc Pacheco)
Pale Ale Nutini (Tom Clarke)
Rye XXX - Berliner Weisser (Alex Reade)
Placebrew (Alex Reade) (Tom Clarke)
Kegadeth (Ewan Eyre)
Barrel Weiss (Ben Hodgson / Ewan Eyre)
Cask Resort (Ewan Eyre)
The Fuggles (Tom Clarke)
Gary Bitter (Tom Clarke)
The Temper Tap (Ryan Simms)
Eltun John (Ben Hodgson)
No Stout (Tom Clarke)
Caribrew (Alex Reade)
Good Old Pour (Tom Clarke)
Pour Tet (Tom Clarke)
Alice In Grains (Ben Hodgson)
Huey Lewis & The Booze (Tom Clarke)
Drunk Anansie (Ryan Simms)
Ale Skillz & Krafty Ales (Andy Mitchell)
Daft Drunk (Paul Lawson)
Bob Marley & The Wassailers (Marc Pacheco)
The War on Dregs (Alex Reade)
Brew Tang Clan (Tom Clarke)
Aphex Tun (Andy Mitchell)
Manic Wheat Preachers (Tom Clarke)
Barrel Crow (Tom Clarke)
Tankard Marvin (Ben Hodgson)
Jake Jug (Tom Clarke)
Jack Weiss (Marc Pacheco)
Kriek Like Me (Ben Hodgson)
Get Your Kriek On (Ben Hodgson)
Mike Pilsner (Tom Clarke)
Grizzly Beer (Tom Clarke)
Major Lager (Tom Clarke)
Chaka Demus & Weissers (Andy Mitchell)
Come in Major Tun (Marc Pacheco)
Rod Breward (Tom Clarke)
Gnarls Barley (Tom Clarke)
Pour McCartney (Tom Clarke)
Beerut (Tom Clarke)
Pourtishead / Porters-head (Tom Clarke / Sabina Bejasa-Dimmock)
Malt & Kim (Tom Clarke)
Röyksipp (Tom Clarke)
Mild Yeasts (Tom Clarke)
Kriek David (Ben Hodgson)
7 Grains (Ewan Eyre)
Crosby, Pils & Mash (Tom Clarke)
Grainmaster Mash (Tom Clarke)
Beer Gees (Tom Clarke)
Miranda Lambeert (Tom Clarke)
Peter Gabierl (Tom Clarke)
Thirty Seconds to Marzen (Ewan Eyre)
Bock Party (Ben Hodgson)
Cyndi Lager (Tom Clarke)
Mötley Brëw (Tom Clarke)
Soft Cellar (Ben Hodgson)
Stein Inch Nails (Tom Clarke)
Fermenter Shikari (Ben Hodgson)
Iron & Stein (Tom Clarke)
Weiss Girls (Tom Clarke)
Floating Pints (Ewan Eyre)
Brand New Bevvies (Tom Clarke)
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