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Who am I

Hi, I'm Benji, I'm a developer @ for the last year and a half. I was asked to write a little about how we work here at Other than that this is me on GitHub and Stack Overflow.

Developer Point of View.

Testim is an E2E functional test recording and playback tool. We automate the hard parts of end to end testing which are stability and fast authoring. In addition we provide a lot of useful root-cause analysis information for your tests.

Our tech stack is Node.js, MongoDB, k8s, React, Angular and a lot of vanilla JavaScript. The product itself is web so fullstack developers get to work on the core business and not just UI (though our UI is an IDE and is plenty interesting).

Some examples of tasks developers got in the last year:

  • Add support for mocked network requests in the playback tool.
  • Develop a programmatic interface for with a JavaScript framework.
  • Work on automatically grouping different user actions into resuable components (clustering).
  • Add support for shadow-dom in the recording tool.

Our development culture includes the following tools:

  • All our frontend is covered in E2E tests (we dogfood).
  • Culture that is very much in favor of testing (obviously).
  • CI runs the tests on every PR (should be obvious but worth mentioning).
  • Our JavaScript code is in GitHub, mostly in a monorepo (lerna).
  • Our deployment is in AWS with EKS (and a few other things like Redis and Elasticsearch) - our biggest DB is in Mongo Atlas.
  • CircleCI for CI.
  • Node.js logs in Elasticsearch with Elastic APM for error tracking.
  • Open Source is encouraged, a lot of developers in Testim are involved or authored open-source projects. We also maintain a few open source packages on NPM for example.
  • We work in sprints (usually 2 weeks).

Some random notes about the frontend:

  • React.js code (with MobX) and old AngularJS code (we are migrating away from but still have plenty of).
  • Most of the frontend code is in vanilla JavaScript (well, TypeScript), there is a tiny bit of Python in the algo team.

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@benjamingr benjamingr commented Aug 26, 2020

Hey, we are hiring (multiple) developers for our new open source developer-tooling project

Please feel free to ping me (you can email me at or submit to the company directly at ).

If you have any questions feel free to ping me.


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@benjamingr benjamingr commented Aug 26, 2020

Anything productivity wise (part time, remote etc) is negotiable.

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