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Last active August 29, 2015 13:57
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Storage of Personal Stuff

Storage Proposal

NOTE: in this proposal I use the term "users" to refer to "So Make It Members" and the newly proposed "Friends of So Make It", or, more specifically, "Supporters" since they need to pay a monthly subscription. Friends may have to jump a few more hoops to store their stuff here (e.g. have turned up a few time and thus become known to the community) but are treated basically equivalently to Members.

The space can provide storage for it's users, but storage is at a premium. Users' items should be stored only inside authorised storage boxes.

How much can I store?

The amount a user can store is based on their subscription level (and available space). The first £15/mo covers basic usage of the space (no storage), above this the allowance is allocated as follows:

each +£5/mo adds a small box to your allowance, or
each +£10/mo adds a medium box to your allowance, or
each +£15/mo adds a large box to your allowance

For example:

  • £15/mo - no storage allowance
  • £20/mo - a small box
  • £25/mo - a medium box
  • £30/mo - a large box
  • £35/mo - a large box and a small box
  • £45/mo - two large boxes

Please keep in mind you're not being charged for the boxes/storage - instead your subscription level (which goes towards covering all the costs inherent in the space) allows you to use an amount of storage (if it's available).

What are the authorised storage boxes?

These will change from time to time and are always to be provided by So Make It (users should not provide their own storage boxes). Currently proposed are:

  • Small: cardboard box from Ikea
  • Medium: medium translucent plastic box from The Range
  • Large: large translucent plastic box from The Range

What can't I store?

No storage of dangerous chemicals (these should be kept in dedicated chemical storage), explosives, illegal or illicit materials, offensive materials or other materials that the trustees deem to be inappropriate.

Termination of storage

If your subscription is not up to date, or no longer covers your storage, then someone will attempt to notify you that you have 4 weeks to fix your subscription or remove the stored items from the space. If this period elapses without resolution then the items stored become the property of So Make It Ltd. It is your responsibility to ensure that the trustees of So Make It always have a valid method of reaching you.

Other rules

  • Boxes are assigned by Space Keepers (or Trustees until we have a Space Keeper role).
  • Space is allocated on a first-come first-served basis as we only have limited space available.
  • Unused or near-empty boxes may be downgraded or removed without warning in order to free up space.
  • Boxes remain the property of So Make It Ltd and should be treated with respect.
  • Full name and membership/friend identification number must be written on the box using the labels provided.
  • No storage for guests.
  • Users are responsible for their own storage.
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Alternative proposal for pricing as discussed on the google groups discussion.

£5 - no storage

£10 - A small box

£15 - A medium box

£20 - A large box

£30+ 2 large boxes

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