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Concatenate files in a directory into a single file. #ruby #donnieclapp
# Iterates over files and subdirectories in directorie[s] given as arguments
# and adds raw text of those files to merged.txt in the working directory
# where the script is called
# Call like this:
# ruby merge.rb {absolute path portion to delete} {directory to scan} [{directory to scan}]
# For example:
# ruby merge.rb /Users/donnieclapp/Projects/ ~/Projects/htl-website/myproject/static_media/stylesheets
# create or open the merged.txt file for writing (in working directory)'merged.txt','a') do |mergedFile|
# save first argument as portion of path to delete from output, then remove from argument array
dirTree = File.absolute_path(ARGV[0])
# For each argument given,
ARGV.each do |arg|
# find its real path (to account for users adding trailing slashes or not), and
topDir = File.absolute_path(arg)
# create an array of all the files in that directory and its subdirectories.
filesInDir = Dir["#{topDir}/**/**/*.*"]
# Then for each file in that array,
filesInDir.each do |file|
# add a header to merged.txt with the relative path of that file
# (removing first argument given to script)
unless File.basename(file) =~ /jpg|png|gif|modernizr|fancybox|jquery/
relativePath = File.absolute_path(file).gsub("#{dirTree}","..")
puts "processing: #{relativePath}"
mergedFile << "\n\n=========================================================\n"
mergedFile << "#{relativePath}\n"
mergedFile << "=========================================================\n\n"
# open the current file and add each line to merged.txt
text =, 'r').read
text.each_line do |line|
mergedFile << line
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