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Created Dec 11, 2013
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Phone Verification pre-QA notes
Phone Verification pre-QA notes
Part I. SETUP FLOW (setup + activating "verification profile")
- Go through this both during first time setup AND when changing telephone number.
- "Verification profile": Telephone number + (3) security questions
- Happens when you log in from Launchpad.
- "Verification challenge": Text message or phone call triggered on login; instance of asking person to prove who they are.
- If user is locked out, a phone call to support is required to verify security questions. Possible to automate this in the future.
Things to test and think about:
1. Think about each security question
2. Phone number format (international)
3. Unique support contact form for LP login trouble
4. Not possible to deactivate phone verificiation without contacting support; support requires verification of security questions over the phone to disable.
5. If SMS provider goes down, users will be unable to login.
6. Test third party app verification against most popular apps. What are the most commonly used third-party apps? *Ask Noah
7. Test voice verification for each app, should be customized voice prompt for each (CF, HR, BC, BP, LP/37signals)
8. Test password reset emails
9. Test CF, HR and BCX for iOS
Support tools
1. Add support for searching phone number by identity
2. QB identity page "Phone verification enabled: Yes (deactivate) (assist with reset) (history)"
- Agent assisting with reset flow:
1. Enter QB pw
2. Verify questions
3. Support agent issues recovery code
4. Account is placed into a "support verification state"
5. Customer is prompted to enter recovery code on next login
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