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In theory, theory works!

Berin Aniesh berinaniesh

In theory, theory works!
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berinaniesh / +layout.svelte
Last active November 20, 2023 07:09
svelte progress bar
import { browser } from '$app/environment';
if (browser) {
const progressBar = document.getElementById('progress');
const content = document.getElementById('content');
function updateProgressBar() {
const scrollTop = window.scrollY;
const contentHeight = content.offsetHeight;
const windowHeight = window.innerHeight;
const progress = (scrollTop / (contentHeight - windowHeight)) * 100;
berinaniesh /
Created October 7, 2023 21:26
Script to feed usfm to database. Check for schema.
import psycopg
import requests
import glob
from tqdm import tqdm
import subprocess
API = ""
usfms = glob.glob("usfm1910/*")
abbreviations = requests.get(f"{API}/abbreviations").json()
berinaniesh /
Created August 8, 2023 10:39
Tensorflow MNIST CNN
import tensorflow as tf
import tensorflow_datasets as tfds
(ds_train, ds_test), ds_info = tfds.load(
split=['train', 'test'],
# Copyright 2023 Gentoo Authors
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
from portage.tests import TestCase
from portage.tests.resolver.ResolverPlayground import (
berinaniesh / a.txt
Last active June 18, 2023 10:26
Profiling results
Profiling results.
berinaniesh / profile.png
Last active June 7, 2023 01:57
emerge --version cProfile results
Contains the cProfile result as an image
berinaniesh / script-output.txt
Last active June 7, 2023 01:55
Git bisect results - moved from for permanence
running './script'
Error during set creation: Could not import 'portage._sets.dbapi.SubslotChangedSet' for section 'changed-subslot'
Exception in callback AsyncScheduler._task_coroutine_done(<_emerge.Ebui...x7fec345ea200>)(<Future finis...te 'ebuild'")>)
handle: <Handle AsyncScheduler._task_coroutine_done(<_emerge.Ebui...x7fec345ea200>)(<Future finis...te 'ebuild'")>)>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/python3.10/asyncio/", line 80, in _run, *self._args)
berinaniesh / systeminfo.txt
Created February 23, 2023 13:12
System Information
Computer Information:
Model: ROG Strix G513QY_G513QY
Form Factor: Laptop
No Touch Input Detected
Processor Information:
CPU Vendor: AuthenticAMD
CPU Brand: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX with Radeon Graphics
CPU Family: 0x19
berinaniesh /
Last active October 27, 2021 07:13
Digits of a number


  • Can we solve the problem using print("\n") rather println()?
    • Yes, they produce the same exact output.
  • Is there an easier way to produce powers of 10 without using loops?
    • We can use Math.pow from the java.lang.Math library, but that returns a double. We have to convert it to an integer.
  • Why does the loop run till the number is not equal to zero?
    • Because we want the program to execute till we print all digits.
berinaniesh /
Created October 26, 2021 12:27
Sort Dates


  • The algorithm seems to be using a lot of space to sort a few dates. Is this the optimal solution?

    • One thing we have to keep in mind is that count sort sorts any number of dates in constant space, that is O(1). Even if the number seems big, when we scale up the number of inputs, the algorithm will be much faster and more efficient than most other implementations.
  • What happens if we sort by year first?

    • We need the output to be sorted by year, month and date with respective order of precedence. So, when we first sort by year, then by date, the later sort reorders the years which leads to wrong answer. So, it is not possible to sort by year first.
  • Is this still the optimal solution if we know the number of inputs beforehand?

    • Probably not because, if we know the number of inputs, we need not create an array of size 2501. We can sort the dates in a more space optimal way without much implication on the time complexity.