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Spree Decorator to add a custom ordering scope. Placed in "app/models/spree/product/"
Spree::Product.class_eval do
def self.simple_scopes
# Need to have master price scopes here
# This makes them appear in admin/product_groups/edit
# :descend_by_popularity
simple_scopes.each do |name|
# We should not define price scopes here, as they require something slightly different
next if name.to_s.include?("master_price")
next if name.to_s.include?("random")
parts = name.to_s.match(/(.*)_by_(.*)/)
order_text = "#{Spree::Product.quoted_table_name}.#{parts[2]} #{parts[1] == 'ascend' ? "ASC" : "DESC"}"
self.scope(name.to_s, relation.order(order_text))
def self.ascend_by_random

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commented Apr 27, 2018

The scope has to be something callable.

So, your line 23, should be:

self.scope name.to_s, -> { relation.order(order_text) }

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