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How we currently authorise our Trailblazer operations (pre policy support)
class Thing::Create < Trailblazer::Operation
def process(params)
validate(params[:referral]) do
authorize(params, model, :create?)
def setup_model!(params)
authorize params, model, :new? # Wouldn't be required for run, but no harm in doing it twice
def authorize(params, record, query=nil)
query ||= params[:action].to_s + "?"
policy = Pundit.policy(params[:user_context], record)
raise query, record: record, policy: policy) unless policy.public_send(query)

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apotonick commented Sep 15, 2015

Yeah! That is identical to my implementation! 😄

I love how you split your authentication into different steps. That was one of my main intentions when introducing the operation-wide policy object. It'll be cool to have that policy instance in forms, too, etc. Pretty sure a few more standards/conventions will evolve here shortly.

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