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Simulation to prove answer to monty hall problem
import numpy as np
# returns a numpy array of n doors with the prize range 0-2
def simulate_prizedoors(n):
return np.random.random_integers(0, 2, size=n)
# returns a numpy array of n contestant guesses with range 0-2
def simulate_guesses(n):
return np.random.random_integers(0, 2, size=n)
# returns a numpy array of doors the host would show with the goat
def goatdoors(guesses, prizedoors):
return [np.setdiff1d([0, 1, 2], [prizedoors[i], guesses[i]])[0] for i in range(len(prizedoors))]
# switches guess based on the goat door shown
def switch_guess(guesses, goatdoors):
return [np.setdiff1d([0, 1, 2], [guesses[i], goatdoors[i]])[0] for i in range(len(guesses))]
# returns percentages of wins
def win_percentage(guesses, prizedoors):
count = 0
for i in range(len(guesses)):
if guesses[i] == prizedoors[i]:
count += 1
return 100.0 * count / float(len(guesses))
N = 10000
prizedoors = simulate_prizedoors(N)
guesses = simulate_guesses(N)
print "Wins without switching %f" % win_percentage(guesses, prizedoors)
prizedoors = simulate_prizedoors(N)
guesses = simulate_guesses(N)
goatdoors = goatdoors(guesses, prizedoors)
print "Wins with switching: %f" % win_percentage(switch_guess(guesses, goatdoors), prizedoors)
Wins without switching 31.880000
Wins with switching: 67.630000
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