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(defn xls-report
[headers rows]
(join "\t" headers)
(apply str
(for [r rows]
(str "\n"
(join "\t" r))))))
(defn employee-display [emp]
(entity-display emp [:last-name ", " :first-name " (" :user-name ")"]))
(defn spreadsheet
(let [{:keys [headers rows]}
["Operator" [:operator] employee-display]
["Evaluator" [:evaluator] employee-display]
["Client Number" [:client :account-number] identity]
["Client Name" [:client :account-name] identity]
["Entry Time" [:timestamp] html/display-date]
["Call Time" [:call-date] html/display-date]
["Scored" [:grade :scored] html/display-number]
["Possible" [:grade :possible] html/display-number]
["Percentage" [:grade :percentage] #(* 100.0 %)]
["ID" [:_id] identity])]
(xls-report headers rows)))
(defn generate-report
"take query-results and vectors each with the following info:
[header-display [key(s)] manipulation-function]
key(s) is a vector of nested keywords. e.g. [:operator :first-name]
which is passed to a get-in call
manipulation-function is the function to apply to the item.
returns a map with :headers and :rows"
[query-results & report-items]
(let [headers (vec (map first report-items))
process (fn [ks f]
#(f (get-in % ks)))
columns (map #(process (% 1) (% 2)) report-items)
rows (for [r query-results]
((apply juxt columns) r))]
{:headers headers
:rows rows}))
(defn html-report
[headers rows]
(for [h headers]
[:td h])]
(for [row rows]
(for [item row]
(defn scorecard-table
(let [{:keys [headers rows]}
["Operator" [:operator] employee-td]
["Evaluator" [:evaluator] employee-td]
["Client" [:client] client-td]
["Entry Time" [:timestamp] date-td]
["Call Time" [:call-date] date-td]
["Score" [:grade] grade-td])]
(html-report headers rows)))
{:scored 10.0, :possible 74.0, :percentage 0.13513513513513514},
:timestamp #<Date Mon Nov 15 21:16:42 EST 2010>,
({:section "Verification",
:question "Patient Name",
:value 10.0,
:notes nil,
:description "Verified Patient Name",
({:selected false, :weight 1.0, :text "Yes"}
{:selected false, :weight 0.0, :text "No"}
{:selected true, :weight -1.0, :text "NA"})}
{:section "Verification",
:question "Date of Birth",
:value 10.0,
:notes nil,
:description "Verified DOB",
({:selected false, :weight 1.0, :text "Yes"}
{:selected true, :weight 0.0, :text "No"}
{:selected false, :weight -1.0, :text "NA"})}
{:section "Verification",
:question "Phone Numbers",
:value 10.0,
:notes nil,
:description "Verified Phone numbers",
({:selected false, :weight 1.0, :text "Yes"}
{:selected true, :weight 0.0, :text "No"}
{:selected false, :weight -1.0, :text "NA"})}),
:notes "No notes",
:call-date #<Date Sat Sep 25 08:25:00 EDT 2010>,
{:questionnaire-title "Classic",
:questionnaire-id #<ObjectId 4cdea97b967c3d75d823f35b>,
:active true,
:account-name "Sample Client - Classic",
:account-number "6000",
:_id #<ObjectId 4cdeb38aaddbdc2100969549>},
{:first-name "Super",
:last-name "Visor",
:user-name "supervisor",
:active true,
:bulletin-id 617,
:_id #<ObjectId 4cbf1124e4d55d3ac766961a>},
{:first-name "Oper",
:last-name "Ator",
:user-name "operator",
:active true,
:bulletin-id 803,
:_id #<ObjectId 4cbf1124e4d55d3acf66961a>}}
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