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Created November 24, 2017 12:13
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converting between Camel Case and Snake Case for Swift 4
extension String {
static private let SNAKECASE_PATTERN:String = "(\\w{0,1})_"
static private let CAMELCASE_PATTERN:String = "[A-Z][a-z,\\d]*"
func snake_caseToCamelCase() -> String{
let buf:NSString = self.capitalized.replacingOccurrences( of: String.SNAKECASE_PATTERN,
with: "$1",
options: .regularExpression,
range: nil) as NSString
return buf.replacingCharacters(in: NSMakeRange(0,1), with: buf.substring(to: 1).lowercased()) as String
func camelCaseTosnake_case() throws -> String {
guard let pattern: NSRegularExpression = try? NSRegularExpression(pattern: String.CAMELCASE_PATTERN,
options: []) else {
throw NSError(domain: "NSRegularExpression fatal error occured.", code:-1, userInfo: nil)
let input:NSString = (self as NSString).replacingCharacters(in: NSMakeRange(0,1), with: (self as NSString).substring(to: 1).capitalized) as NSString
var array = [String]()
let matches = pattern.matches(in: input as String, options:[], range: NSRange(location:0, length: input.length))
for match in matches {
for index in 0..<match.numberOfRanges {
array.append(input.substring(with: match.rangeAt(index)).lowercased())
return array.joined(separator: "_")
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