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How to use Löve2d's SpriteBatch
function love.load()
-- Load our image we want to draw many times
image ="dirt.png")
-- The number of tiles we want to draw is pretty much the number
-- that will fit on the screen
maxX = math.ceil( / image:getWidth()) + 2
maxY = math.ceil( / image:getHeight()) + 2
local size = maxX * maxY
-- Set up a sprite batch with our single image and the max number of times we
-- want to be able to draw it. Later we will call spriteBatch:add() to tell
-- Love where we want to draw our image
spriteBatch =, size)
function love.update(dt)
-- If we were using a moving background, we would want to only call
-- setupSpriteBatch when its range or position changed
function setupSpriteBatch()
-- Set up (but don't draw) our images in a grid
for y = 0, maxY do
for x = 0, maxX do
-- Convert our x/y grid references to x/y pixel coordinates
local xPos = x * image:getWidth()
local yPos = y * image:getHeight()
-- Add the image we previously set to this point
spriteBatch:add(xPos, yPos)
function love.draw()
-- Draw the spriteBatch with only one call!,255,255)
-- Draw FPS in the bottom right corner,0,0),,

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evanbrierton commented Jan 22, 2018

Tried this out and it works perfectly but I'm left wondering what is incrementing x and y within your setupSpriteBatch() function?


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zorggn commented Feb 25, 2018

@evanbrierton for loops auto-increment their iteration variables, that's why they exist. (lines 29, 30)

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