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worst patterns
(466560, '[world] creator [(with name|named) %-string%][(,| with)] [(dim[ension]|env[ironment]) %-dimension%][,] [seed %-string%][,] [[world]type %-worldtype%][,] [gen[erator] %-string%][,] [gen[erator] settings %-string%][,] [struct[ures] %-boolean%]')
(175616, '[the] (location|position) [at] [(][x[ ][=[ ]]]%number%, [y[ ][=[ ]]]%number%, [and] [z[ ][=[ ]]]%number%[)] [[(in|of) [[the] world]] %world%]')
(117000, '(format|create|make) [a] gui slot [%-numbers%] of %players% with %itemstack% to [close then] (run|exe[cute]) %commandsender% command %string% [(using|with) perm[ission] %-string%][[(,| and)] (using|with) %-string/clicktype% [(button|click|action)]][[(,| and)] (using|with) cursor [item] %-itemstack%]')
(103680, 'create [new] world named %string%[( with|,)] [(dim[ension]|env[ironment]) %-dimension%][,] [seed %-string%][,] [type %-worldtype%][,] [gen[erator] %-string%][,] [gen[erator] settings %-string%][,] [struct[ures] %-boolean%]')
(46800, '(format|create|make) [a] gui slot [%-numbers%] of %players% with %itemstack% to [close then] (run|exe[cute]) function <(.+)>([<.*?>])[[(,| and)] (using|with) %-string/clicktype% [(button|click|action)]][[(,| and)] (using|with) cursor [item] %-itemstack%]')
(25920, '[skellett] (send|show) [a] (1¦subtitle|2¦title) [from] %string% [(with|and) [subtitle] %-string%] (to|for) %players% for %timespan%(,| and| with) %timespan% [fade[ ]in](,| and| with) %timespan% [fade[ ]out]')
(19440, '[skellett] (send|show) %players% [a] (1¦subtitle|2¦title) [(with|from)] %string% [(with|and) [subtitle] %-string%] for %timespan%(,| and| with) %timespan% [fade[ ]in](,| and| with) %timespan% [fade[ ]out]')
(14400, '[skellett] [[Libs]Disguises] [a] [new] disguise [with] type %disguisetype% [with block [id] %-integer%] [(and|with) data [id] %-integer%] [with [user[ ]]name %-string%] [(and|with) baby [state] %-boolean%]')
(13824, "zpermission[s] [(of|from)] [player] %string% (1¦ha(s|ve)|2¦(do[es]n't|don't|do[es] not) [have]) [the] permission[s] %strings% [in [world] %-string%] [and] [in [region[s]] %-strings%]")
(12474, '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (force|make|execute) [(player|uuid)] %string% [to] (say|chat|command|(run|execute)[ command]) %string% [on [the] bungee[ ][cord]]')
(11520, "[skellett] [(the|all)] [of] [the] (score[ ][board]|board)[[']s] entr(ies|y[[']s]) (in|within) [the] [team] %team%")
(10800, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] last [known] login[s] [time[s]] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(10240, '[the] relation[ship][s] (between|across|for|to|of) [the] [faction][s] %conquerfactions% [and] [to] [the] [faction][s] %conquerfactions%')
(8640, '[the] (0¦remaining|1¦elapsed|2¦cooldown|3¦cooldown bypass perm[ission]) [time][ ][span] [of] [the] [(cooldown|wait)] [((of|for)[the] [current] command)]')
(7140, '[%-number% [(block|met(er|re))[s]] [to the]] (north[(-| |)(east|west)][(ward(s|ly|)|er(n|ly|))] [of]|south[(-| |)(east|west)][(ward(s|ly|)|er(n|ly|))] [of]|(east|west)[(ward(s|ly|)|er(n|ly|))] [of]|above|over|(up|down)[ward(s|ly|)]|below|under[neath]|beneath) [%-direction%]')
(6912, "zpermission[s] [(of|from)] group %string% (1¦ha(s|ve)|2¦(do[es]n't|don't|do[es] not) [have]) [the] permission[s] %strings% [in [world] %-string%] [and] [in [region[s]] %-strings%]")
(6300, '[[the] ID[s] of] [all [of]] [the] [G[rief]P[revention]] (0¦(basic|normal) |1¦admin |2¦sub[(-| )]|3¦)claim[s] [(4¦at %location%|8¦of %offlineplayer%)]')
(5400, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] [(connected|current)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] server[s] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(5400, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] [user[ ]]name[s] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(4096, "[the] warp[s] [with] [name][s] %strings% (of|from) [the] [faction] %conquerfaction% (doesn't| does not|don't|do not) (use|has) (a password|authentication)")
(3600, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] [player] [proxy] ID (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(3456, '[[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])]] kick [(the|all)] [of] [the] bungee[ ][cord] players [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(3420, '(run|execute) redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ][cord]] [(proxy|console)] command[s] %strings% [(on|of|from) [the] [server[s]] %-strings%]')
(3420, 'make redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ][cord]] (run|execute) [(proxy|console)] command[s] %strings% [(on|of|from) [the] [server[s]] %-strings%]')
(3168, '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] kick [(the|all)] [of] [the] players from bungee[ ][cord] [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(3072, "[the] [password] %string% (is|is(n't| not)) (valid|correct) [for] [the] [warp][s] %strings% (of|for) [the] [faction] %conquerfaction%")
(2700, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] ip [address[es]] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(2592, '[(the|all)] [of] [the] [possible] drop[(ped|s)] [items] (from|of) [block [at]] %location% [(with|using) %-itemstack%]')
(2592, "[bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦(has|do[es])|2¦(has|do[es])(n't| not)) (have|got) [the] bungee[[ ]cord] permission[s] %strings%")
(2592, '[the] (remaining [time]|elapsed [time]|cooldown [time] [length]|last usage [date]|cooldown bypass perm[ission]) [of] [the] [(cooldown|wait)] [((of|for)[the] [current] command)]')
(2592, "[bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦(has|do[es])|2¦(has|do[es])(n't| not)) (have|got) chat colo[u]r[s] [(enabled|on)]")
(2400, '[(the|all)] [of] [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) players (on|from) [the] [bungee[ ][cord]] server %string%')
(2400, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] chat[ ](setting|mode)[s] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(2400, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] hand[ ](setting|mode)[s] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(2376, '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (send|display|show) action[ ]bar [with [text]] %string% to bungee[ ][cord] [(player|uuid)] %string%')
(2160, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] last [known] login[s] [time[s]]")
(2048, '[the] warp[s] [with] [name][s] %strings% (of|from) [the] [faction] %conquerfaction% (use[s]|ha(s|ve)) (a password|authentication)')
(2000, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] fad(e|ing)[ ]((finish|end)[ing]|done) [time][s] of [song[ ]player[s]] %songplayers%')
(1980, '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (message|send|msg) %string% to [(the|all)] [of] [the] bungee[[ ][cord]] players')
(1920, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) (do[es](n't| not) have| do[es](n't| not) contain) [the] [entry] %string% [(in|within)] the [team] %team%")
(1920, '[skellett] [all] [nearby] entit(y|ies) (within|in) [a] radius [of] %number%[(,| and) %number%(,| and) %number%] (within|around|near) %location%')
(1920, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] [server] ip[s] [address[es]] (of|from) [bungee[[ ]cord]] server[s] %strings%')
(1800, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] [user[ ]]name[s] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(1800, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] [(connected|current)] bungee[[ ]cord] server[s] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(1680, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] (max[imum] [amount [of]] players|player limit) (of|from) [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] %strings%')
(1560, '[skungee] (run|execute) bungee[[ ][cord]] [(proxy|console)] command[s] %strings% [with [a[n]] %-timespan% delay [between [each [command]]]]')
(1560, '[skungee] make bungee[[ ][cord]] (run|execute) [(proxy|console)] command[s] %strings% [with [a[n]] %-timespan% delay [between [each [command]]]]')
(1512, '[skungee] (force|make|execute) [(player|uuid)] %strings/players% [to] (say|chat|command|(run|execute)[ command]) %strings% on [the] bungee[[ ]cord]')
(1458, "redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) online [the] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord]")
(1440, "[skellett] [(the|all)] [of] [the] (score[ ][board]|board)[[']s] objectives (by|with) [criteria] %string%")
(1440, "[skellett] [(the|all)] [of] [the] (score[ ][board]|board)[[']s] entr(ies|y[[']s])")
(1296, "[skellett] remove [(the|all)] [of] [the] player[[']s] [(in|of)] [the] [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%")
(1296, "[skellett] [(the|all)] [of] [the] player[[']s] [(in|of)] [the] [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%")
(1296, '[skungee] (send|display|show) [a[n]] action[ ]bar [with [(text|message)]] %string% to bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)] %strings/players%')
(1248, '[skungee] (stop|kill|end) [the] [bungee[[ ]cord]] (proxy|console) [[with] [the] (message|string|text) %-string%]')
(1200, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] display[ ]name[s] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(1200, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] reconnect[ed] server[s] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(1200, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] (render|view) distance[s] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(1152, '[skellett] [(score[ ][board]|board)] [team] option[s] [status] %teamoption% [(for|of)] [the] [team] %team%')
(1080, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] [(connected|current)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] server[s]")
(1080, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] [user[ ]]name[s]")
(990, "[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] [(player|uuid)] %string% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) online [the] [bungee[ ][cord]]")
(960, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) (ha(s|ve)|contain[s]) [the] [entry] %string% [(in|within)] the [team] %team%')
(960, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] (motd|message of the day)[s] (of|from) [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] %strings%')
(960, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] online stat(us|e)[s] (of|from) [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] %strings%')
(900, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] ip [address[es]] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(896, '[on] [(right|left)(| |-)][mouse(| |-)]click[ing] [on %-entitydata/itemtype%] [(with|using|holding) %itemtype%]')
(864, "[skellett] [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar% (do[es](n't| not) have| do[es](n't| not) contain)) [(the|a)] [boss[ ]]bar [flag] %barflag%")
(864, '[skellett] (launch|deploy) [%-strings%] firework[s] at %locations% [with] (duration|timed|time) %number% [colo[u]r[ed] (%-strings%|%-color%)]')
(810, '(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) tornado (effect|formation) at %entity/location% with id %string% [with tornado particle[s] %EffectLibParticle% and cloud particle[s] %EffectLibParticle%] [(set|and) radius %number%] [(set|and) max height %number%]')
(810, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] players (on|of|from) [the] [server[s]] %strings%')
(810, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] players (on|of|from) [the] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] [server[s]] %strings%')
(800, "%songplayers%['s] [song[ ]player[s]] fad(e|ing)[ ]((finish|end)[ing]|done) [time][s]")
(800, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] fad(e|ing)[ ]start[ing] [time][s] of [song[ ]player[s]] %songplayers%')
(792, '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] kick bungee[ ][cord] [(player|uuid)] %string% [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(792, '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] kick [(player|uuid)] %string% from bungee[ ][cord] [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(768, '[a] [new] (npc|citizen) [with] (name[d]|id|string) %string% [and] [with] [entity [type]] %entitytype%')
(768, '[a] [new] un[-| ]listed paste[ ][bin] [with] title[d] %string% [with] (text|body|contents) %string%')
(768, '[a] [new] note[ ]block song [music] player[s] from [the] [song[s]] %songs% [with [note[ ]block] %-block%]')
(756, '[skungee] (force|make|execute) bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %strings/players% [to] (say|chat|command|(run|execute)[ command]) %strings%')
(729, 'date(year: number, month: number, day: number, hour: number = [[integer:0]], minute: number = [[integer:0]], second: number = [[integer:0]], millisecond: number = [[integer:0]], zone_offset: number = [[double:NaN]], dst_offset: number = [[double:NaN]])')
(720, '[skellett] reset [(the|all)] [of] [the] (score[ ][board]|board) scores [(from|of)] [entry] %string%')
(720, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) reset [(the|all)] [of] [the] scores [(from|of)] [entry] %string%')
(720, '[skungee] (send|connect) bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players% to [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] %string%')
(720, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] (uuid|unique id)[s] (of|from) [player[s]] %strings/players%')
(720, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] [player] [proxy] ID")
(630, '[skellett[cord]] (stop|kill|end) [bungee[[ ][cord]] proxy [[with] (msg|string|text)] %string%')
(600, '[the] (part|sub[ ](text|string)) of %strings% (between|from) (ind(ex|ices)|character[s]|) %number% (and|to) (index|character|) %number%')
(576, '[the] [all [[of] the]] (viewer[s]|visibil(e|ity) [list]) of [the] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %hologram%')
(567, '(force|let|make) bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %strings/players% execute [[the] command] %strings% [on [the] bungee[[ ]cord]]')
(540, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] players (on|of|from) [the] prox(ies|y) %strings%')
(540, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] players (on|of|from) [the] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] prox(ies|y) %strings%')
(540, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] ip [address[es]]")
(486, '(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) circle (effect|formation) (at|on|for) %entity/location% with id %string% [with particle[s] %EffectLibParticle%] [(and|with) radius %number%]')
(480, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %objective%['s] [objective['s]] score [(for|from|of)] [entry] %string%")
(480, "[skript-]y[a]ml [(node|path)[s]] %strings% (of|in|from) %string% does(n't| not) have [a] value[s]")
(480, "[(all [[of] the]|the)] [the] [server[[']s]] tps[s] (of|from) [date[s]] %date%")
(480, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] chat[ ](setting|mode)[s]")
(480, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] hand[ ](setting|mode)[s]")
(438, '(make|let|force) %entities% [to] (dismount|(dismount|leave) (from|of|) (any|the[ir]|his|her|) vehicle[s])')
(432, '(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) animated ball (effect|formation) (at|on|for|to) %entity/location% with id %string% [with particle %EffectLibParticle%] [offset by %number%, %number%(,| and) %number%]')
(432, '(create|display|show) %number% [of] %EffectLibParticle% particle[s] at %location% [(with data of %itemstack%|with color %number%, %number%(,| and) %number%)] [offset by %number%, %number%(,| and) %number%] [(with|at) speed %number%]')
(432, '[skellett] [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar% (ha(s|ve)|contain[s]) [(the|a)] [boss[ ]]bar [flag] %barflag%')
(432, "[(make|change)] (npc|citizen) %npc%['s] look[ing] (at|in|towards) [direction [of]] [location] %location%")
(432, '[skellett] (file|y[a]ml) [file] (1¦value|2¦node[s]|3¦node[s with] keys|4¦list) %string% (in|at|from) [file] %string%')
(432, '[the] comment[s] (of|from) [y[a]ml] node[s] %strings% (of|in|from) %string% [(with [an] extra line)]')
(420, '[skungee] kick [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players% from [the] bungee[[ ]cord] [(by reason [of]|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(400, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] fad(e|ing)[ ](duration|time)[s] of [song[ ]player[s]] %songplayers%')
(396, '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (message|send|msg) %string% to bungee[ ][cord] [(player|uuid)] %string%')
(396, '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (send|connect) [(player|uuid)] %string% to [[bungee[ ][cord]] server] %string%')
(386, "(neither|) %objects% ((is|are)(|(n't| not| neither)) (greater|more|higher|bigger|larger|above) [than] or (equal to|the same as)|\\>=) %objects%")
(384, '[a] [new] npc [with] [entity [type]] %entitytype% [and] [with] (name[d]|id|string) %string%')
(384, '[the] QR( |-)Code [url] (for|of) the (two|2)[( |-)]factor [secret] code %string% with [account] name %string%')
(384, '[a] [new] public paste[ ][bin] [with] title[d] %string% [with] (text|body|contents) %string%')
(384, "[Skungee] %strings%['s] [bungee[[ ]cord]] server[s] [server] ip[s] [address[es]]")
(384, "(neither|) %objects% (was|were)(|(n't| not| neither)) (greater|more|higher|bigger|larger|above) [than] or (equal to|the same as) %objects%")
(360, "[skellett] [(the|all)] [of] [the] (score[ ][board]|board)[[']s] objectives")
(360, "[skellett] [(the|all)] [of] [the] (score[ ][board]|board)[[']s] teams")
(360, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] [user[ ]]name[s]")
(360, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] [(connected|current)] bungee[[ ]cord] server[s]")
(360, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [nbt] song[s] [file[s]] in [the] (directory|file[s]) %string%')
(336, '[on] [(right|left)(| |-)][mouse(| |-)]click[ing] (with|using|holding) %itemtype% on %entitydata/itemtype%')
(336, "[Skungee] %strings%['s] [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] (max[imum] [amount [of]] players|player limit)")
(330, '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (make|run|execute) bungee[[ ][cord]] [console] command %string%')
(324, '(format|create|make) [a] gui slot [%-numbers%] of %players% with %itemstack% to (run|exe[cute]) [(using|with) %-string/clicktype% [(button|click|action)]]')
(320, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) [objective] %objective%['s] score [(for|from|of)] [entry] %string%")
(320, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [sound] (distance|range)[s] of note[ ]block song[ ]player[s] %noteblocksongplayers%')
(320, "%songplayers%['s] [song[ ]player[s]] fad(e|ing)[ ]start[ing] [time][s]")
(300, '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] ping (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(300, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] fad(e|ing)[[ ]type][s] of [song[ ]player[s]] %songplayers%')
(288, '[skellett] add [boss[ ]][bar] [flag] %barflag% to [the] [boss[ ]][bar] %bossbar%')
(288, '[skellett] remove [boss[ ]][bar] [flag] %barflag% from [the] [boss[ ]][bar] %bossbar%')
(288, "[zPermissions] [(the|all)] [of] [the] player[[']s] with [a] perm[ission]")
(288, "%hologram%['s] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] [all [[of] the]] (viewer[s]|visibil(e|ity) [list])")
(288, "[bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦(has|is (running|using))|2¦(is(n't (running|using)| not))) [the] forge [client]")
(272, 'request [html] doc[ument] (of|from) [url] %string% [(with|using) user agent %-string% [and] timeout %-integer% [and] refer[r]er %-string%]')
(270, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] players (on|of|from) [the] [server[s]] %strings%')
(270, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] players (on|of|from) [the] bungee[[ ]cord] [server[s]] %strings%')
(256, '[the] ids of [all] [the] cannons [with]in [the] box centered at %location% with length %number%[,] width %number%[,] [and] height %number%')
(256, 'claim [the] [(land|claim|chunk)][s] [at] %conquerclaims/locations% for [the] [faction][s] %conquerfaction%')
(256, '[(de)]invite [the] [player][s] %conquerplayers% (to|from) [the] [faction][s] %conquerfactions%')
(256, "%player% (1¦[does] ha(s|ve)|2¦do[es](n't| not) have) [a[n[y]]] (song|track|music|noteblock)[s] playing")
(252, '[the] (time created|creat(ion|ed) (date|time[[ ]stamp])) of [the] [holo[gra(m|phic display)][s]] %holograms%')
(252, '[skungee] eval[uate] [[skript] code] %strings% on [[the] bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] %strings%')
(240, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) remove [the] entry [(from|of)] %string% from [the] [team] %team%')
(240, "[skellett] reset [(the|all)] [of] [the] (score[ ][board]|board) [entry] %string%'s scores")
(240, '[skellett] [(the|all)] [of] [the] (score[ ][board]|board) scores of [entry] %string%')
(240, "[skellett] [(the|all)] [of] [the] (score[ ][board]|board) [entry] %string%'s scores")
(240, '[the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [player] ip [address] of [(player|uuid)] %string%')
(240, '[the] [player] ip [address] of (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [(player|uuid)] %string%')
(240, '[the] [player] ip [address] of [(player|uuid)] %string% from (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])')
(240, '[(the|all)] [of] [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [connected] servers')
(240, '[[skript-]y[a]ml] (value|(node|path) list|(node|path)[s with] keys|list) %string% (of|in|from) %string% [without string checks]')
(240, '[skript-]y[a]ml [(node|path)[s]] %strings% (of|in|from) %string% has [a] value[s]')
(240, 'create ([simple] tab [with] id|simple tab) %string% for %players% with [display] name %string% [(ping|latency) %-number%] [(head|icon|skull) %-skin%] [score %-number%]')
(240, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] display[ ]name[s]")
(240, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] song[ ]player[s] (from|of) [note[ ]block] id[s] %strings%')
(240, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] reconnect[ed] server[s]")
(240, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] (render|view) distance[s]")
(216, '(create|display|show) %number% [of] %EffectLibParticle% particle[s] at %location% for %player% [with data of %itemstack%] [offset by %number%, %number%(,| and) %number%] [(with|at) speed %number%]')
(216, '(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) text (effect|formation) with text %string% as %EffectLibParticle% (at|on|for|to) %entity/location% with id %string%[(,| and) %number% large]')
(216, 'play [(skellett|better)] [sound] (1¦%-sound%|2¦%-string%) (for|to) %players% (with|at|and) volume %number% (and|with|at) pitch %number%')
(216, "[(the|all)] [of] [the] [player[']s] view(er[s]|ing) [of] %inventory%")
(216, "bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) online [the] [bungee[[ ]cord]]")
(216, "%offlineplayer% (has not|hasn't|did not|didn't) [(already|yet)] play[ed] [on (this|the) server] (before|already|yet)")
(216, "[th(e|is)] [bungee[[ ]cord[[']s]]] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] ID")
(210, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] %*entitydatas% (within|[with]in radius) %number% [(block[s]|met(er|re)[s])] (of|around) %location%')
(210, '[skungee] kick bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players% [(by reason [of]|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(200, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] fad(e|ing)[ ]target[s] of [song[ ]player[s]] %songplayers%')
(198, '[the] [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] [(connected|current)] server of [(player|uuid)] %string%')
(198, "[the] [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] [(player|uuid)] %string%'s [(connected|current)] server")
(194, "(neither|) %objects% ((is|are)(|(n't| not| neither)) (less|smaller|below) [than] or (equal to|the same as)|\\<=) %objects%")
(192, '[(the|all)] [of] [the] [active] potion[s] [effects] (on|of) %entity%')
(192, '[%-number% [(block|met(er|re))[s]]] in [the] (direction|horizontal direction|facing|horizontal facing) of %entity/block% (of|from|)')
(192, "[%-number% [(block|met(er|re))[s]]] in %entity/block%'[s] (direction|horizontal direction|facing|horizontal facing) (of|from|)")
(192, '[%-number% [(block|met(er|re))[s]]] horizontal[ly] (in[ ]front [of]|forward[s]|behind|backwards|to the (right|left) [of])')
(192, '[Skungee] [bungee[[ ]cord]] [player] switch[ing [of]] server[s] [to %-string%]')
(192, "any [faction] player[s] (is(n't| not)|are(n't| not)) online [(from|of)] [faction][s] %conquerfactions%")
(192, 'add [the] [Slimefun] research [with id] %integer% to [the] [Slimefun] [item] [(named|with name)] %string%')
(192, 'create [a] (citizen|npc) [(named|with name)] %string% [and] [with] [entity] type %entitytype% [at %-location%]')
(192, '[the] percent[age] of [the] blocks (left|not mined) in [the] [PrisonMines] mine [(named|with name)] %string%')
(192, '[the] percent[age] of [the] blocks [already] mined in [the] [PrisonMines] mine [(named|with name)] %string%')
(192, '[the] [amount of] time [left] until [the] [PrisonMines] mine [(named|with name)] %string% (resets|is reset)')
(192, '[the] [all [[of] the]] height[s] of [the] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%')
(192, '[the] [all [[of] the]] location[s] of [the] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%')
(192, "[Skungee] %strings%['s] [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] (motd|message of the day)[s]")
(192, "[Skungee] %strings%['s] [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] online stat(us|e)[s]")
(192, "song[ ]player %songplayer% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) playing [a[n[y]]] (song|track|music|noteblock)[s]")
(192, '[a] [new] position song [music] player[s] from [the] [song[s]] %songs% [with %-location%]')
(192, '[a] [new] song[s] [from [the]] (file [path]|url|web)[s] %strings%')
(192, '[re]load all [y[a]ml] from [(non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings% using [the] filename as [the] id')
(192, 'delete (all|any) loaded [y[a]ml] from [(non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings% using [the] filename as [the] id')
(192, "(neither|) %objects% (was|were)(|(n't| not| neither)) (less|smaller|below) [than] or (equal to|the same as) %objects%")
(192, "(neither|) %objects% (will be|(will (not|neither) be|won't be)) (greater|more|higher|bigger|larger|above) [than] or (equal to|the same as) %objects%")
(180, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] ip [address[es]]")
(180, '[skungee] kick [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] players [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(168, "book %itemstack% (1¦(ha(s[n[']t]|ve)|contain[s])|2¦(do[es](n't| not) have| do[es](n't| not) contain)) [had] [a] [book [meta]] generation")
(168, "book %itemstack% (1¦(ha(s[n[']t]|ve)|contain[s])|2¦(do[es](n't| not) have| do[es](n't| not) contain)) [had] [a] [book [meta]] title")
(168, "book %itemstack% (1¦(ha(s[n[']t]|ve)|contain[s])|2¦(do[es](n't| not) have| do[es](n't| not) contain)) [had] [a] [book [meta]] author")
(162, "[(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) online [the] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord]")
(160, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) [objective] %objective% score [(for|from|of)] [entry] %string%')
(160, '[the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) (MOTD|message of the day) (of|from) [server] %string%')
(160, 'fire [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%[,] auto[ ]load %boolean%[,] (use|consume) ammo %boolean%')
(160, '(0¦builder|1¦container|2¦access|3¦manager) trusted [players] (of|on) [G[rief]P[revention]] claim [with id] %number%')
(160, '[skungee] (send|connect) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players% to [bungee[[ ]cord]] server[s] %string%')
(160, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [sound] (distance|range)[s] of position song[ ]player[s] %positionsongplayers%')
(160, "%songplayers%['s] [song[ ]player[s]] fad(e|ing)[ ](duration|time)[s]")
(150, '[skungee] (message|send|msg) %strings% to [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ][cord]] players')
(144, '[the] perm[ission][s] of [the] [LuckPerm[s]] group [(named|with name)] %string%')
(144, '[skellett] (send|show) [a[n]] action[ ]bar [(with|from)] [string] %string% to %players%')
(144, '[the] [skellett] [anvil[s]] repair cost (of|from|in) [anvil] [inventory] %anvilinventory%')
(144, '[(the|all)] [of] [the] [book] pages [(from|of)] [book] %itemstack%')
(144, '[skellett] [(score[ ][board]|board)] [team] name [(for|of)] [team] %team%')
(144, '[skellett] [(score[ ][board]|board)] [team] prefix [(for|of)] [team] %team%')
(144, '[skellett] [(score[ ][board]|board)] [team] size [(for|of)] [team] %team%')
(144, '[skellett] [(score[ ][board]|board)] [team] suffix [(for|of)] [team] %team%')
(144, 'center (1¦x|2¦z)[( |-)][(position|coord[inate])] (of|from|in) [map] %map%')
(144, "[(the|all)] [of] [the] tab[list] item[s] id[[']s]")
(144, '[the] (x|y|z)(-| )(coord[inate]|pos[ition]|loc[ation])[s] of %locations%')
(144, "%locations%'[s] (x|y|z)(-| )(coord[inate]|pos[ition]|loc[ation])[s]")
(144, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [player[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] (uuid|unique id)[s]")
(144, '[skungee] (force|make) bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %strings/players% [to] (say|chat) %strings%')
(144, '[skungee] (force|make) [(player|uuid)] %strings/players% (say|chat) %strings% on [the] bungee[[ ]cord]')
(144, 'execute [bungee[[ ]cord]] command[s] %strings% (from|by) bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %strings/players%')
(135, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] whitelisted players (on|of|from) [server[s]] %strings%')
(135, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] whitelisted players (on|of|from) bungee[[ ]cord] [server[s]] %strings%')
(128, "[skellett] [(despawn|remove|clear)] [get] %entity% when [it([']s| is)] far away [state]")
(128, '[%-number% [(block|met(er|re))[s]]] (in[ ]front [of]|forward[s]|behind|backwards|[to the] (right|left) [of])')
(128, "[the] [claim][s] %conquerclaims% (is not|isn't|aren't|are not) [of type] [a] %claimtype%")
(128, '(put|place) [a] [LockettePro] sign on [the] %string% [block]face of [the] %block% with %player% as [the] owner')
(128, '[all] [faction] players of [the] [faction][s] %conquerfactions% are [all] (online|offline)')
(128, '[the] warp pass[word] (of|for) [the] warp %string% (of|for) [the] [faction] %conquerfaction%')
(128, "%noteblocksongplayers%['s] note[ ]block song[ ]player[s] [sound] (distance|range)[s]")
(126, "%holograms%['s] [holo[gra(m|phic display)][s]] (time created|creat(ion|ed) (date|time[[ ]stamp]))")
(120, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) (score|number|slot) [(for|from|of)] %score%')
(120, '[(the|all)] [of] [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) players')
(120, "[(player|uuid)] %string%'s (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [player] ip [address]")
(120, '[on] (enter[ing]|leav(e|ing)|exit[ing]) [of] ([a] region|[[the] region] %-regions%)')
(120, "[skript-]y[a]ml [(node|path)[s]] %strings% (of|in|from) %string% does(n't| not) exist")
(120, '[all] [[skript-]y[a]ml] (node|path)[s] (of|in|from) %string%')
(120, '(delete|remove) [the] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim[s] [with id[s]] %numbers%')
(120, '[the] greater boundary corner [loc[ation]] of [the] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim [with id] %number%')
(120, '[the] lesser boundary corner [loc[ation]] of [the] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim [with id] %number%')
(120, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] (song|track|music)[s] of song[ ]player[s] %songplayers%')
(120, "%songplayers%['s] [song[ ]player[s]] fad(e|ing)[[ ]type][s]")
(120, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] (target [location]|location)[s] of position song[ ]player[s] %positionsongplayers%')
(120, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [note[ ]]block[s] of position song[ ]player[s] %noteblocksongplayers%')
(120, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [music] playing [state[s]] of song[ ]player[s] %songplayers%')
(112, "[the] bungee[[ ]cord[[']s]] time[ ]out [connection] [delay]")
(110, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective %string% (1¦(is set|[does] exist[s])|2¦(is(n't| not) set|does(n't| not) exist[s]))")
(108, 'play (resource|[custom ]sound) [sound] pack %string% to %player% [at %location%] [(and|with) volume %number%] [(and|with) pitch %number%]')
(108, 'play [(skellett|better)] [sound] (1¦%-sound%|2¦%-string%) at %locations% (with|at|and) volume %number% (and|with|at) pitch %number%')
(108, "[skellett] [[Libs]Disguises] disguise [of] %entities%[[']s] [(to|from) player %player%]")
(108, "[the] damage (was|is|has)(|n('|o)t) [been] (caused|done|made) by %damagecause%")
(108, '[vector[s] ]%vectors% rotated around (1¦x|2¦y|3¦z)(-| )axis (with angle|by) %number%[ degree[s]]')
(108, '[FunkySk] [note[ ]block] song (end|destroy|stop)[ing] (with|of|for) id %string%')
(108, '(format|create|make) [a] gui slot [%-numbers%] of %players% with %itemstack% to close [(using|with) %-string/clicktype% [(button|click|action)]]')
(108, '(format|create|make) [a] gui slot [%-numbers%] of %players% with %itemstack% to (run|exe[cute]) [gui [click]] event')
(105, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] holo[gra(m|phic display)]s [[(under|for)] plugin[s] %-strings%]')
(98, "(neither|) %objects% ((is|are)(|(n't| not| neither)) ((greater|more|higher|bigger|larger) than|above)|\\>) %objects%")
(96, 'create (bossbar|boss bar) title[d] %string% and id %string% for %players% [with (value|progress) %number%] [with colors %BossBarColor%] [with style %BossBarStyle%] [with flags %BossBarFlag%]')
(96, '[skellett] [[Libs]Disguises] [set] Disguise [of] next [spawned] (as|to) %disguise%')
(96, '[protocol[ ]support] remap[ped] item [of] [ID] %number% (for|of) [protocol] version %protocolversion%')
(96, '[(is|are)] [on] [the] ground [state] [of] [entity] %entity%')
(96, '[(the|all)] [of] [the] Op[erator](s|ed) [players]')
(96, '[new] cylindrical vector [(from|with)] [radius] %number%, [yaw] %number%(,| and) [height] %number%')
(96, 'any [faction] player[s] (is|are) online [(from|of)] [faction][s] %conquerfactions%')
(96, '(create|register) [new] [custom] furnace recipe with (return|result) %itemstack% using [source] %itemstack% [[and] with experience %-number%]')
(96, '[[blocks] from] (layer %-number%|top|bottom|sea level) to (layer %-number%|top|bottom|sea level) (of|in) %chunk%')
(96, '[the] [PrisonMines] mine [(named|with name)] %string% has [a] (teleport|tp) loc[ation]')
(96, '[the] (teleport|tp) loc[ation] of [the] [PrisonMines] mine [(named|with name)] %string%')
(96, "%holograms%['s] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] [all [[of] the]] height[s]")
(96, "%holograms%['s] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] [all [[of] the]] location[s]")
(96, "%date%['s] [date[s]] [the] [server[[']s]] tps[s]")
(96, '[new] spherical vector [(from|with)] [radius] %number%, [yaw] %number%(,| and) [pitch] %number%')
(96, '[on] [Player][ ]Point[s] [bal[ance]] chang(e|ing)')
(96, '[on] [Player][ ]Point[s] [bal[ance]] reset[ting]')
(96, 'stop [a[n[y]]] (song|track|music|noteblock) [from [being] playing] (for|to) %players%')
(96, '[a] [new] song [music] player[s] from [the] [song[s]] %songs%')
(96, "(neither|) %objects% (was|were)(|(n't| not| neither)) ((greater|more|higher|bigger|larger) than|above) %objects%")
(96, "(neither|) %objects% (will be|(will (not|neither) be|won't be)) (less|smaller|below) [than] or (equal to|the same as) %objects%")
(90, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] note[s] of [layer[s]] %layers% [at [tick] %-number%]')
(90, '[skungee] (message|send|msg) %strings% to bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%')
(90, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] disabled commands (on|of|from) [the] bungee[[ ]cord]')
(88, '[the] [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] server ip [address] of [server] %string%')
(88, "[the] [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] server %string%['s] ip [address]")
(84, '[the] (boot[s]|shoe[s]|leg[ging][s]|chestplate[s]|helm[et][s]) [(item|slot)] of %livingentities%')
(84, "%livingentities%'[s] (boot[s]|shoe[s]|leg[ging][s]|chestplate[s]|helm[et][s]) [(item|slot)]")
(84, '(open|show) (((crafting [table]|workbench)|chest|anvil) (view|window|inventory|)|%-inventory%) (to|for) %players%')
(84, '[the] (default visib(ility|le)|visible by default) of [the] [holo[gra(m|phic display)][s]] %holograms%')
(80, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) [get] entry [(for|from|of)] score %score%')
(80, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) [get] team [(for|from|of)] %string%')
(80, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective [display] slot [(for|from|of)] %objective%')
(80, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %objective%['s] objective['s] [display] slot")
(80, '[the] R[ed, ]G[reen and ]B[blue] [colo[u]r[s]] of %-itemstacks/colors%')
(80, "%-itemstacks/colors%'[s] R[ed, ]G[reen and ]B[blue] [colo[u]r[s]]")
(80, '[the] design [type] [name] of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(80, '[the] explosion[s] status of [the] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim [with id] %number%')
(80, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [playing] tick[s] of song[ ]player[s] %songplayers%')
(80, "%songplayers%['s] [song[ ]player[s]] fad(e|ing)[ ]target[s]")
(80, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] (player|listener)[s] of song[ ]player[s] %songplayers%')
(80, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [auto] destroy[s] of song[ ]player[s] %songplayers%')
(76, "(neither|) %objects% ((will (not|neither) be|won't be)|(isn't|aren't|is not|are not) (turning|changing) [in]to) [equal to] %objects%")
(75, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] items ([with]in|of|contained in|out of) (|inventor(y|ies)) %inventories%')
(72, '(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) atom (effect|formation) (at|on|for|to) %entity/location% with id %string%')
(72, '(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) bleed (effect|formation) (at|on|for|to) %entity/location% with id %string%')
(72, '[the] [names of] [all [of]] [the] [LuckPerm[s]] groups')
(72, '[on] (npc|citizen) (combust[ion]|ignition) (by|from) [a[n]] entity')
(72, "[the] [LuckPerm[s]] group [(named|with name)] %string%'s perm[ission][s]")
(72, '[the] (priority|weight) of [the] [LuckPerm[s]] group [(named|with name)] %string%')
(72, '[the] [skellett] visib(le|ility) [(for|of)] [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%')
(72, "[(the|all)] [of] [the] Feudal [kingdom] fighter[[']s] of %kingdom%")
(72, "[(the|all)] [of] [the] fighter[[']s] of Feudal [kingdom] %kingdom%")
(72, '[skellett] [(score[ ][board]|board)] friendly fire state [(for|of)] [team] %team%')
(72, "[skellett] [[Libs]Disguises] self view[ing] disguise [state] of %entities%[[']s]")
(72, '[the] (spawned|dropped|) [e]xp[erience] [orb[s]]')
(72, '[the] (food|hunger)[[ ](level|met(er|re)|bar)] [of %player%]')
(72, '[on] [player] ((eat|drink)[ing]|consum(e|ing)) [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(72, 'heli(x|xes|ces) at %locations% with radius %number%(,| and) height %number%(,| and) step[(height|size)] %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(72, 'spher(e|ic[al]) (coordinate[s]|position[s]|location[s]) at %locations% with radius %number%(,| and) yaw %number%(,| and) pitch %number%')
(72, '(append|add) item [line] %itemtypes% to holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms% [(in|at) line %-number%]')
(72, '(append|add) text [line] %string% to holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms% [(in|at) line %-number%]')
(72, '(delete|remove|clear) [the] lines %numbers% (from|in) holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%')
(72, '[(create|make)] [an] explosion (of|with) (force|strength|power) %number% [%directions% %locations%]')
(72, '[(create|make)] [a] safe explosion (of|with) (force|strength|power) %number% [%directions% %locations%]')
(72, '%offlineplayer% [(has|did)] [already] play[ed] [on (this|the) server] (before|already)')
(70, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] entities of type[s] %entitydatas% [(in|of) [world[s]] %-worlds%]')
(64, '(remove|delete) [a] [the] flag %BossBarFlag% [to] [from] [the] bossbar %string%')
(64, '[skellett] [the] (fuse time|time until blowup) of [the] [primed] [tnt] %entity%')
(64, '[the] [claim][s] %conquerclaims% (is|are) [of type] [a] %claimtype%')
(64, '(create|register) [new] [custom] shaped recipe with (return|result) %itemstack% using [ingredients] %itemstacks% [with shape %-strings%]')
(64, 'polygon[s] outline[s] at %locations% with %number% (vertex|vertices|vertexes|points)(,| and) radius %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(64, '[the] element[s] %string% (of|from) (0¦[[html] doc[ument]] %-htmldocument%|1¦[[html] element] %-htmlelement%)')
(64, '(0¦ban|1¦silently ban|2¦mute|3¦silently mute|4¦kick|5¦silently kick|6¦warn|7¦silently warn) %string% [with reason %-string%] [for duration %-timespan%] [as %-string%]')
(64, '[the] [current][ly] [being] [used] faction[s] plugin name')
(64, '[the] rule[s] [list] of [the] [faction][s] %conquerfactions%')
(64, "[the] [faction][s] %conquerfactions%'[s] rule[s] [list]")
(64, 'claim [the] [(land|claim|chunk)][s] [at] %conquerclaims/locations% for [the] %claimtype%')
(64, 'apply [potion of] %potioneffecttypes% [potion] [[[of] tier] %-number%] without [any] particles to %livingentities% [for %-timespan%]')
(64, '(start|play) [new] [note[[ ]block]] [song] %song% to %players% [with id %-string%]')
(64, "%positionsongplayers%['s] position song[ ]player[s] [sound] (distance|range)[s]")
(60, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective %string% (is(n't| not) set|does(n't| not) exist[s]))")
(60, '[skellett] open [[better] inventory [type]] %string% [with %-number% row[s]] [named %-string%] to %players%')
(60, '[skellett] (gui|menu|inventory|chest|window) (size|number|slots) (of|from) %inventory%')
(60, '[the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) name of [(player|uuid)] %string%')
(60, "%offlineplayers% (is|are)(n't| not) ([a] member|[(the|an)] owner) of [[the] region] %regions%")
(60, '[skript-]y[a]ml [(node|path)[s]] %strings% (of|in|from) %string% exists')
(60, '[the] [skungee] (global|network|bungee[[ ]cord]) variable [(from|of)] %object%')
(60, "[Skungee] %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] ping")
(60, '[on] [item[ ][stack]] despawn[ing] [[of] %-itemtypes%]')
(60, '[the] (comment[s] (at|on) [the] top of |header (of|from)) %string% [(with [an] extra line)]')
(56, "[the] bungee[[ ]cord[[']s]] throttle [connection] [delay]")
(54, '(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) line (effect|formation) from %entity/location% to %entity/location% with id %string% [with particle[s] %EffectLibParticle%]')
(54, '(spawn|create|apply) (a|the|an) wave (effect|formation) at %entity/location% with id %string% [with particle[s] %EffectLibParticle%]')
(54, '(clear|empty|reset) (inventory|menu|gui) [slot %-integer%] [(of|in)] %inventory%')
(54, '(call|async call|call async) custom event %strings% [to] [det[ail]s %-objects%] [arg[ument]s %-objects%]')
(54, "[(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) online [the] bungee[[ ]cord]")
(54, '[on] (plant|crop|block) grow[(th|ing)] [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(50, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective %string% (is set|[does] exist[s])')
(50, "(neither|) %objects% ((is|are)(|(n't| not| neither)) ((less|smaller) than|below)|\\<) %objects%")
(48, "(operating system|os) is(n'| no)t (windows|mac|linux|unix|solaris|sun os|hp ux|aix|irix|free bsd|open bsd|net bsd)")
(48, '[on] (npc|citizen) (combust[ion]|ignition) (by|from) [a] block')
(48, '[on] [skellett] item[ ][stack] (despawn|remove|delete)')
(48, '[on] [skellett] item[ ][stack] (merge|combine[d])')
(48, '[on] (multi[ple]|double)[ ][block][ ]place')
(48, '[skellett] [file] exist(s|ance) [(at|of)] %string% [is %-boolean%]')
(48, "[block] %block% (1¦(is|has)|2¦(is|has)(n''t| not)) [got] [redstone] powered")
(48, '[the] [LuckPerm[s]] perm[ission][s] of [player] %player%')
(48, '[skellett] (make|force) %entity% [to] [(perform|do)] [entity] effect %entityeffect%')
(48, '[protocol[ ]support] remap[ped] item [of] %itemtype% (for|of) [protocol] version %protocolversion%')
(48, '(remove|reset|delete) [the] tab[list] [items] (of|for) %players%')
(48, '[skellett] [create] [a] new [boss[ ]]bar [with flag %-barflag%]')
(48, '[the] [skellett] (title|name|header|string) of [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%')
(48, '(fuel|burning) [item] (of|in) [brew[ing] stand] [inventory] %brewerinventory%')
(48, '[the] fly[(ing|able)] [state] (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(48, '[the] protect[(ed|ion)] [state] (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(48, '[skellett] [(score[ ][board]|board)] team display name [(for|from|of)] %team%')
(48, '[entity] %entity% [(is|are)] [on] [the] ground [state]')
(48, '[(the|all)] [of] [the] offline[ ]player[s]')
(48, '[zPermissions] [(the|all)] [of] [the] assigned groups of [player] %string%')
(48, '[zPermissions] [(the|all)] [of] [the] groups of [player] %string%')
(48, '[the] border blocks at (height|y[-value]) %number% of [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(48, '[new] vector [(from|at|to)] %number%,[ ]%number%(,[ ]| and )%number%')
(48, '[on] spawn of [a[n]] [e]xp[erience] [orb]')
(48, '[on] [block] (plac(e|ing)|build[ing]) [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(48, '[on] [player] (chang[e]|edit)[ing] [a] sign')
(48, '[on] [player] inventory(-| )click[ing] [[at] %itemtypes%]')
(48, '[a] new (two|2)[( |-)]factor [base[( |-)]32] secret code')
(48, "%livingentities% (is|are)(n't| not) [a] (hostile|neutral|passive) [mob]")
(48, '[vector ]helix with radius %number%(,| and) height %number%(,| and) step[(height|size)] %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(48, '[the] [last[ly]] [received] [html] doc[ument]')
(48, '[the] %player% (has access to|can access) [LWC] [(locked|protected)]] [the] %block%')
(48, '[the] (amount|number) of blocks mined in [the] [PrisonMines] mine [(named|with name)] %string%')
(48, '[[the ]names of] [all] [the] [existing] [shop]keepers')
(48, '[the] loc[ation] of [the] [shop]keeper [(named|with name)] %string%')
(48, '[on] [player] (preparing|beginning) craft[ing] [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(48, '[the] [allowing] placeholders of [the] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%')
(48, '[the] [Player][ ]Point[s] [bal[ance]] of %offlineplayer%')
(48, '(resume|play|continue) [note[[ ]block]] song[s] with id[s] %strings%')
(48, "%songplayers%['s] song[ ]player[s] (song|track|music)[s]")
(48, "%positionsongplayers%['s] position song[ ]player[s] (target [location]|location)[s]")
(48, "%noteblocksongplayers%['s] position song[ ]player[s] [note[ ]]block[s]")
(48, "%songplayers%['s] song[ ]player[s] [music] playing [state[s]]")
(48, '[on] item[ ][stack] merg(e|ing) [[of] %-itemtypes%]')
(48, 'eval[uate][ logging [[the] error[s]] in %-objects%][ with safety]: (%-strings%|<.+?>)')
(48, '[re]load all [y[a]ml] from [(non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings%')
(48, '[re]load [(non[(-| )]relative)] [y[a]ml] %string% [as %-string%]')
(48, 'delete (all|any) loaded [y[a]ml] from [(non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings%')
(48, '[on] [block] (break[ing]|min(e|ing)) [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(48, "(neither|) %objects% (was|were)(|(n't| not| neither)) ((less|smaller) than|below) %objects%")
(48, "(neither|) %objects% (will be|(will (not|neither) be|won't be)) ((greater|more|higher|bigger|larger) than|above) %objects%")
(45, '(all|the|) (members|owner[s]) of [[the] region[s]] %regions%')
(45, "[(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord][[']s] plugins")
(45, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] servers')
(45, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] redis[( |-)]bungee[[ ]cord] players')
(42, '[(sky|sun|block)[ ]]light[ ]level [(of|%direction%) %location%]')
(42, "%holograms%['s] [holo[gra(m|phic display)][s]] (default visib(ility|le)|visible by default)")
(40, '[skellett] register [new] (score[ ][board]|board) objective %string% with [criteria] %string%')
(40, "[skellett] %bossbar%'s [[boss][ ]bar] (title|name|header|string)")
(40, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective display name [(for|from|of)] %objective%')
(40, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %objective%['s] objective['s] display name")
(40, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective %objective%['s] [display] slot")
(40, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective name [(for|from|of)] %objective%')
(40, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %objective%['s] objective['s] name")
(40, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective [(for|from|of)] score %score%')
(40, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective [(for|from|of)] %string%')
(40, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective criteria [(for|from|of)] %objective%')
(40, '[the] spawn[s] [(point|location)[s]] [of %worlds%]')
(40, "[%commandsenders%] (do[es]n't|don't|do[es] not) have [the] permission[s] %strings%")
(40, '[on] [G[rief]P[revention]] prevent block [from] break[ing]')
(40, '[the] projectile in [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string% (is|has been) pushed')
(40, 'destroy [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%[,] break blocks %boolean%[,] can explode %boolean%')
(40, '[the] fuse [length] of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(40, '[the] load[ing] time of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(40, '[the] loc[ation] of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(40, '[the] [aiming] pitch of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(40, '[the] [amount of] soot in [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(40, '[the] temp[erature] of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(40, '[the] [aiming] yaw of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(40, '[the] critical temp[erature] of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(40, '[the] height of [the] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim [with id] %number%')
(40, '[the] owner of [the] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim [with id] %number%')
(40, '[the] [claim] type of [G[rief]P[revention]] claim [with id] %number%')
(40, '[the] width of [the] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim [with id] %number%')
(40, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] player[s] (in|listening to) song with id[s] %strings%')
(40, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] volume[s] of song[ ]player[s] %songplayers%')
(40, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] (tempo|speed)[s] of song[s] %songs%')
(40, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] (name|title)[s] of song[s] %songs%')
(40, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] (author|creator)[s] of song[s] %songs%')
(40, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] (numbers|integers) (between|from) %number% (and|to) %number%')
(40, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] event (skungee|bungee[[ ]cord]) player[s]')
(40, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] event (skungee|bungee[[ ]cord]) server[s]')
(36, "book %itemstack% (1¦(ha(s|ve)|contain[s])|2¦(do[es](n't| not) have| do[es](n't| not) contain)) [book [meta]] generation")
(36, "[the] [LuckPerm[s]] group [(named|with name)] %string%'s (priority|weight)")
(36, '[brew[ing]] fuel time (of|in) [brew[ing] stand] [inventory] %brewerinventory%')
(36, '[brew[ing]] time (of|in) [brew[ing] stand] [inventory] %brewerinventory%')
(36, "[(the|all)] [of] [the] %kingdom%'s Feudal kingdom fighter[[']s]")
(36, 'zPermissions [(the|all)] [of] [the] players (in|of|from) group %string%')
(36, "%player%'[s] (food|hunger)[[ ](level|met(er|re)|bar)]")
(36, '[the] (ore|fuel|result)[s] [slot[s]] of %blocks%')
(36, "%blocks%'[s] (ore|fuel|result)[s] [slot[s]]")
(36, "[on] [player['s]] (tool|item held|held item) chang(e|ing)")
(36, '[on] [player] (pick[ ]up|picking up) [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(36, '(make|let|force) %entities% [to] (ride|mount) [(in|on)] %entity/entitydatas%')
(36, '%locations% rotated around (1¦x|2¦y|3¦z)(-| )axis at %location% (with angle|by) %number%[ degree[s]]')
(36, '[[the] ids of] [all [of]] [the] [ShopChest] shops')
(36, '[[the] ids of] [all [of]] [the] [ShopChest] shops of %offlineplayer%')
(36, '[the] home [loc[ation]] of [the] party [(named|with name)] %string%')
(36, '[the] [(number|amount of)] kills of [the] party [(named|with name)] %string%')
(36, 'set text (for|in|of) holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms% to %string% (in|at) line %number%')
(36, "[bungee[[ ]cord]] server %string% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) (running|online|responding)")
(36, "[layer[s]] %layers%['s] note[s] [at [tick] %-number%]")
(36, '[[the] ids of] [all [of]] [the] [Slimefun] researches')
(36, '(format|create|make) [a] gui slot [%-numbers%] of %players% with %itemstack% [to [do] nothing]')
(35, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] %*entitydatas% [(in|of) [world[s]] %-worlds%]')
(34, '(enable|activate) array tablist for %players% [with [%-number% columns] [%-number% rows] [initial (head|icon|skull) %-skin%]]')
(32, "(NPC|Citizen)['s] [is] name[d] [is] %string%")
(32, 'add [a] page [with] [data] [%-string%] to [book] %itemstack%')
(32, 'add [a] page to [book] %itemstack% [with] [data] [%-string%]')
(32, '[skellett] [the] enchant[ment] level (from|of) %enchantment% (of|in) %itemstack%')
(32, '[skellett] [get] item[s] (of|in|inside|within) entity %entity%')
(32, '[Llama] decor (of|in) [inventory] [of] [Llama] %llamainventory%')
(32, "[skellett] [primed] [tnt] %entity%['s] (fuse time|time until blowup)")
(32, '[the] value of [the] flag %string% in [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(32, '[((regular|normal)|(strong|upgraded|level 2)|(extended|long)) ][((splash|exploding)|lingering) ]potion of %potioneffecttype%')
(32, '[((regular|normal)|(strong|upgraded|level 2)|(extended|long)) ][((splash|exploding)|lingering) ]%potioneffecttype% potion')
(32, '[the] actual[ly] target[ed] block[s] [of %players%]')
(32, '[the] [set] flags of [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(32, '[the] (1st|first|2nd|second|3rd|third|4th|fourth) line [of %block%]')
(32, '[on] (food|hunger) (level|met(er|re)|bar) chang(e|ing)')
(32, '[the] ([value of] placeholder[s]|placeholder [value] [of]) %strings% [from %players%]')
(32, '(register|create) [a] [new] [custom] enchantment with id [name] %string%')
(32, '(create|register) [new] [custom] shapeless recipe with (return|result) %itemstack% using [ingredients] %itemstacks%')
(32, '[vector ]polygon outline with %number% (vertex|vertices|vertexes|points)(,| and) radius %number%(,|and) density %number%')
(32, '[(the|all (of the|the))] [currently] loaded y[a]ml [files]')
(32, '[the] [the] last [faction] (activity|login) [date] of %conquerplayers%')
(32, "%conquerplayers%'[s] [the] last [faction] (activity|login) [date]")
(32, '(layer %-number%|top|bottom|sea level) (south|north)(east|west) (center|corner) of %chunk%')
(32, '[written] book titled %string%[,] [written] by %string%[,] [with] pages %strings%')
(32, '(remove|delete) [the] [LWC] (protection|lock) from [the] %block%')
(32, '[the] ids of [all] [the] cannons [with]in [the] sphere centered at %location% with radius %number%')
(32, '[the] home loc[ation] of [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(32, '[the] owner[s] of [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(32, '[the] [average] rating of [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(32, '[the] [amount of] pvp (xp|experience) (required|needed) for %player% [to level up]')
(32, '[the] loc[ation] of [the] [ShopChest] shop [with id] %number%')
(32, '[the] (product|item) of [the] [ShopChest] shop [with id] %number%')
(32, "%conquerplayers% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) auto claim[ing] [chunk][s]")
(32, 'unclaim [the] [(land|claim|chunk)][s] [at] %conquerclaims/locations%')
(32, 'apply [potion of] %potioneffecttypes% [potion] [[[of] tier] %-number%] to %livingentities% [for %-timespan%]')
(32, 'apply ambient [potion of] %potioneffecttypes% [potion] [[[of] tier] %-number%] to %livingentities% [for %-timespan%]')
(32, '(stop|pause) [note[[ ]block]] song[s] with id[s] %strings%')
(32, '(destroy|remove) [note[[ ]block]] song[ ]player[s] %songplayers%')
(32, "%songplayers%['s] song[ ]player[s] [playing] tick[s]")
(32, "%songplayers%['s] song[ ]player[s] (player|listener)[s]")
(32, "%songplayers%['s] song[ ]player[s] [auto] destroy[s]")
(32, 'create [a] [new] [Slimefun] research with id %integer% (named|with name) %string% with (cost|level) %integer%')
(32, '[the] (cost|level) of [the] [Slimefun] research [with id] %integer%')
(32, '[the] (vendor|owner) of [the] [ShopChest] shop [with id] %number%')
(30, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) add entry [(from|of)] %string% to %team%')
(30, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %score%'s (score|number|slot)")
(30, "(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [(player|uuid)] %string%'s name")
(30, '(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) ping of [(player|uuid)] %string%')
(30, "(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [(player|uuid)] %string%'s ping")
(30, '[(all|the)] blocks (in|of) [[the] region[s]] %regions%')
(30, '(concat[enate]|join) %strings% [(with|using|by) [[the] delimiter] %-string%]')
(30, "[[the] region[s]] %regions%'[s] (members|owner[s])")
(30, '(exit|stop) [(1|a|the|this)] (section|loop|conditional)')
(30, '%offlineplayers% (is|are) ([a] member|[(the|an)] owner) of [[the] region] %regions%')
(30, '%string% [split] (with|by|using) %number% [char[acter][s]]')
(30, '[the] (last|alive|remaining) players [in [the] [SkyWars] game]')
(30, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [connected] bungee[[ ]cord] servers')
(30, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] sound volume[s] of [player[s]] %players%')
(30, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] desc[ription[s]] of song[s] %songs%')
(30, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] instrument[s] of [note[s]] %notes%')
(28, '[skellett] (shiny|hidden enchant[ment][s]|glow|glowing) [item] %itemstack%')
(28, '[the] [the] (power|max[imum] power|power [boost][er]) of %powerholders%')
(28, "%powerholders%'[s] [the] (power|max[imum] power|power [boost][er])")
(28, "%inventories% do[es](n't| not) have %itemtypes% [in [(the[ir]|his|her|its)] inventory]")
(28, '[the] ((data|damage)[s] [value[s]]|durabilit(y|ies)) of %itemstacks/slots%')
(28, "%itemstacks/slots%'[s] ((data|damage)[s] [value[s]]|durabilit(y|ies))")
(28, "(neither|) %objects% ((is|are) (not|neither)|isn't|aren't|!=) [equal to] %objects%")
(26, '[redstone] power [[being] receiv(ed|ing) [(from|at)]] %location%')
(26, "%inventories% (can(no|')t hold|(ha(s|ve) not|ha(s|ve)n't|do[es]n't have) [enough] space (for|to hold)) %itemtypes%")
(24, '[on] [LuckPerm[s]] [player] demot(e|ion)')
(24, '[on] [LuckPerm[s]] [player] promot(e|ion)')
(24, '(operating system|os) is (windows|mac|linux|unix|solaris|sun os|hp ux|aix|irix|free bsd|open bsd|net bsd)')
(24, '[on] block [break] (xp|exp|experience) [drop]')
(24, '[on] (npc|citizen) damage (by|from) [a[n]] entity')
(24, '[on] (npc|citizen) ender[[ ]pearl] [teleport]')
(24, "score[ ][board] %string% (is(n't| not) set|does(n't| not) exist[s])")
(24, '(message|send [message]) center[ed] %strings% to %players% [[with[ text]] %-string%]')
(24, "[player] %player%'s [LuckPerm[s]] perm[ission][s]")
(24, "(set|change) %player%['s] (window|[current] inventory) property [of] %inventoryproperty% to %number%")
(24, '[the] [skellett] colo[u]r of [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%')
(24, 'ingredient [item] (of|in) [brew[ing] stand] [inventory] %brewerinventory%')
(24, '[the] (clone|duplicate|copy) (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(24, '[the] (uuid|unique [id]) (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(24, "[skellett] [[Libs]Disguises] %entities%'s self view[ing] disguise [state]")
(24, "%map%'s center (1¦x|2¦z)[( |-)][(position|coord[inate])]")
(24, '[skellett] mysql (number|float)[s] %string% (in|from|of) %resultset%')
(24, "[skellett] %entity%[[']s] bounc(e|ing) [state]")
(24, '[skellett] [(event|get)] [the] shot (arrow|projectile)')
(24, '(silent|quiet) [state] [of] [entit(y|ies)] %entitys%')
(24, '[zPermissions] [(the|all)] [of] [the] tracks of group %string%')
(24, '[command[s]][ ](sender|executor)[s]')
(24, '[the] (%-enchantment% level|level of [[the] enchant[ment]] %-enchantment%) o(f|n) %itemtypes%')
(24, '[on] [block] fad(e|ing) [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(24, '[on] [block] form[ing] [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(24, '[on] [player] break[ing] (a|the|) tool')
(24, '[on] [block] burn[ing] [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(24, '[on] zombie break[ing] [a] [wood[en]] door')
(24, '[on] [player] drop[ing] [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(24, '[on] [step[ping] on] [a] [pressure] plate')
(24, '(eject|dismount) (any|the|) passenger[s] (of|from) %entities%')
(24, "%locations% (is|are)(n't| not) (contained in|part of) [[the] region] %regions%")
(24, 'the [current] (two|2)[( |-)]factor code of [secret code] %string%')
(24, '%livingentities% (is|are) [a] (hostile|neutral|passive) [mob]')
(24, '(let|make) %players% execute [[the] command] %strings% with perm[ission][s] %strings%')
(24, 'create [a] [new] gui [[with id] %-string%] with %inventory% [and shape %-strings%]')
(24, '[the] [leather] (red|green|blue) colo[u]r of %-itemstacks/colors%')
(24, "%-itemstacks/colors%'[s] [leather] (red|green|blue) colo[u]r")
(24, '[the] dropped [e]xp[erience] [orb[s]]')
(24, 'regex replace (all|every|first|) [pattern] %regex/string% with [group[s]] %string% in %string%')
(24, "y[a]ml[s] %strings% ((are|is) not|(is|are)n[']t) loaded")
(24, '[the] [the] open [(state|flag)][s] of %conquerfaction%')
(24, "%conquerfaction%'[s] [the] open [(state|flag)][s]")
(24, '[the] [the] peaceful [(state|flag)][s] of %conquerfaction%')
(24, "%conquerfaction%'[s] [the] peaceful [(state|flag)][s]")
(24, '[all [of]] [the] indexes (of|in) [value] %objects%')
(24, "[mundo[sk]] %player%'s [(default)] name[]tag [for %-players%]")
(24, '[mundo[sk]] [(default)] name[]tag of %player% [for %-players%]')
(24, '%offlineplayer% has [a[n]] [advanced] (survival games|sg) team[mate]')
(24, '%offlineplayer% is spectating [a[n]] [advanced] (survival games|sg) [game]')
(24, '[the] [PrisonMines] mine [(named|with name)] %string% is (resetting|being reset)')
(24, '(make|force) %player% [to] join [the] Bedwars game [(named|with name)] %string%')
(24, '(make|force) %player% [to] leave [the] Bedwars game [(named|with name)] %string%')
(24, '(delete|remove) [the] [shop]keeper [(named|with name)] %string%')
(24, '[[the] names of] [all] [the] [existing] Bedwars games')
(24, '[the] [names of] [all [the]] [PrisonMines] mines')
(24, '(1¦show|2¦hide) holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms% (to|from) %players%')
(24, "%holograms%['s] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] [allowing] placeholders")
(24, '[FunkySk] [player] range [state] change [(of|for) %-player/songplayer%]')
(24, '[the] %*classinfo%( |-)arg[ument][( |-)<\\d+>]')
(24, '[the] arg[ument]( |-)%*classinfo%[( |-)<\\d+>]')
(24, '[the] (former|past|old) [state] [of] %~object%')
(24, '[the] (future|to-be|new) [state] [of] %~object%')
(24, "(song|track|music|noteblock) [with] id %string% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) playing")
(24, '[(create|make)] [an] explosion[ ]effect [%directions% %locations%]')
(24, "%offlineplayer%'s [Player][ ]Point[s] [bal[ance]]")
(24, '((run|execute) codeblock|codeblock (run|execute)) %codeblocks% [(with %-objects%|with variables %-objects%|in a chain|here|with variables %-objects% in a chain)]')
(24, '[on] [player] craft[ing] [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(24, '[on] (item[ ][stack]|[item] %-itemtypes%) despawn[ing]')
(24, '[on] (item[ ][stack]|[item] %-itemtypes%) merg(e|ing)')
(24, "[%livingentities%] (ha(s|ve) not|do[es]n't have) %itemtypes% in off[(-| )]hand")
(24, '[the] (display|nick|chat)[ ]name[s] of %itemstacks/slots/livingentities/players/inventories%')
(24, "%itemstacks/slots/livingentities/players/inventories%'[s] (display|nick|chat)[ ]name[s]")
(24, 'virtual <.+?> [inventory] [with %-number% row[s]] [(named|with (name|title)) %-string%]')
(24, '[name of] this [script[s]] [bungee[[ ]cord]] server')
(24, 'delete all [y[a]ml] from [(non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings%')
(24, "(neither|) %objects% ((was|were) (not|neither)|wasn't|weren't) [equal to] %objects%")
(24, "(neither|) %objects% (will be|(will (not|neither) be|won't be)) ((less|smaller) than|below) %objects%")
(22, '(neither|) %objects% (will be [(equal to|the same as)]|(is|are) (turning|changing) [in]to) %objects%')
(21, '[vector[s] ]%vectors% scaled by %number%[ (in|with|and) direction [of ]%-vector%]')
(21, 'random (int|long|float|double|gaussian|int less than %-number%|boolean) [from [random] %random%]')
(20, '[on] (hotbar|held [(item|slot)]|inventory slot) (switch|change):')
(20, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective %objective% is(n't| not) modifiable")
(20, 'score[ ][board] %string% (is set|[does] exist[s])')
(20, '(create|start|make|build|construct) %string% with %itemtype% at %location% [[with effect[s]] %-boolean%]')
(20, '[skellett] clear (score[ ][board]|board) [display] slot %string%')
(20, '[skellett] register [new] (score[ ][board]|board) team %string%')
(20, '[skellett] unregister [the] (score[ ][board]|board) team %team%')
(20, "[skellett] %bossbar%'s [[boss][ ]bar] visib(le|ility)")
(20, "[skellett] %bossbar%'s [[boss][ ]bar] colo[u]r")
(20, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective %objective%['s] display name")
(20, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective %objective%['s] name")
(20, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) team of [entry] %string%')
(20, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) [entry] %string%'s team")
(20, '[the] (quit|leave|log[ ]out|kick)( |-)message')
(20, '([the] first|[the] last|[a] random|%-number%(st|nd|rd|th)) element [out] of %objects%')
(20, '[the] (walk[ing]|fl(y[ing]|ight))[( |-])speed of %players%')
(20, "%players%'[s] (walk[ing]|fl(y[ing]|ight))[( |-])speed")
(20, "%players%'[s] IP[s][( |-)address[es]]")
(20, "%worlds%'[s] spawn[s] [(point|location)[s]]")
(20, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] entities of type[s] %entitydatas% in radius %number% (of|around) %location%')
(20, 'shoot %entitydatas% [from %livingentities/locations%] [(at|with) (speed|velocity) %-number%] [%-direction%]')
(20, '(make|let) %livingentities/locations% shoot %entitydatas% [(at|with) (speed|velocity) %-number%] [%-direction%]')
(20, "%entities% (is not|isn't|are not|aren't) in [[the] world[s]] %worlds%")
(20, 'vector[s] %vectors% (mirrored|reflected) at %vector%[ (in|with) direction [of ]%-vector%]')
(20, '[on] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim delet(e|ion)')
(20, '[on] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim expir(e|ation)')
(20, '[a] projectile is loaded in [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(20, '[the] mass of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(20, '[the] name of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(20, '[the] owner of [the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string%')
(20, '[the] world of [G[rief]P[revention]] claim [with id] %number%')
(20, '[on] [G[rief]P[revention]] protect [death] drops')
(20, '[the] start[ing] players [in [the] [SkyWars] game]')
(20, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] height[s] of song[s] %songs%')
(20, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] delay[s] of song[s] %songs%')
(20, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] length[s] of song[s] %songs%')
(20, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] name[s] of layer[s] %layers%')
(20, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] volume[s] of layer[s] %layers%')
(20, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] pitch[s] of note[s] %notes%')
(20, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] key[s] of note[s] %notes%')
(20, "%metadataholders% (doesn't|does not|do not|don't) have metadata [(value|tag)[s]] %strings%")
(18, "[entity] %entity% (1¦is|2¦is(n''t| not)) [a[n]] adult")
(18, '[skellett] [[Libs]Disguises] un[( |-)]disguise %entity%')
(18, 'glide [state] [(of|for)] [entit(y|ies)] %entity%')
(18, "[skellett] [[Libs]Disguises] %entities%'s disguise [(to|from) player %player%]")
(18, '[skellett] (size|number|amount) of item[[ ]stack] %itemstack%')
(18, '(spec[tat(e|or|ing)]|view[ing]) [(target|state)] of %player%')
(18, "%player%'s (spec[tat(e|or|ing)]|view[ing]) [(target|state)]")
(18, 'potion[[ ]effect][[ ]type][s]')
(18, '[(all [[of] the]|the|every)] item(s|[ ]types)')
(18, '[(all [[of] the]|the|every)] block(s|[ ]types)')
(18, '[the] item[[ ]stack] (amount|size|number) of %itemstacks%')
(18, "%itemstacks%'[s] item[[ ]stack] (amount|size|number)")
(18, '[the] (head|eye[s]) [location[s]] of %livingentities%')
(18, "%livingentities%'[s] (head|eye[s]) [location[s]]")
(18, '%locations% (is|are) ([contained] in|part of) [[the] region] %regions%')
(18, '[vector[s] ]%vectors% rotated around %vector% (with angle|by) %number%[ degree[s]]')
(18, 'register [new] constant [[with] symbol] %string% [(and|with)] value %number%')
(18, "[chunk[s]] %chunks% (is|are|isn't|is not|aren't|are not) loaded")
(18, 'retrieved [(slim)] skin (from (file|url) %-string%|of %-offlineplayer%) [[with] timeout %-timespan%]')
(18, "[[the] ids of] [all [of]] %offlineplayer%'s [ShopChest] shops")
(18, 'make %citizen% (go|move|travel) to [the] %location% [(at|with) speed %-number%]')
(18, '[on] [ClearLag[g]] (remove|delete|clear) entities')
(18, '[the] entities (cleared|removed|deleted) [by ClearLag[g]]')
(18, "[the] party [(named|with name)] %string%'s home [loc[ation]]")
(18, "[the] party [(named|with name)] %string%'s [(number|amount of)] kills")
(18, "%entity% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) [a] holo[gra(m|phic display)]")
(18, '(unregister|delete|remove) holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%')
(18, "%player% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) in range [of [the]] position song[ ]player %positionsongplayer%")
(18, "%permissionentity%'[s] [(vault|pex)] prefix [in [world] %world%]")
(18, '[a [new]] chest inventory (named|with name) %string% [with %-number% row[s]]')
(18, '[a [new]] chest inventory with %number% row[s] [(named|with name) %-string%]')
(18, '[execute] bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %strings/players% command %strings%')
(18, '(neither|) %objects% (is|are|=) [(equal to|the same as)] %objects%')
(16, '(add|set) [a] [the] flag %BossBarFlag% to [the] bossbar %string%')
(16, '(edit|update) score [with][in] group [id] %string% to %string% and')
(16, '[on] [skellett] bre[e]d[ing]')
(16, '[on] brew[ing] [stand] fuel [increase]')
(16, '[on] (npc|citizen) damage (by|from) [a] block')
(16, '[on] (npc|citizen) [entity] colli(sion|de)')
(16, '[on] [skellett] (block|crop) grow[ing]:')
(16, '[on] [skellett] off[ ]hand (switch|move)')
(16, '[on] [entity] (elytra|glide) [toggle]')
(16, '[on] [entity] (un(leash|lead)|(leash|lead) break)')
(16, 'clear [the] tab[list] [items] (of|for) %players%')
(16, 'bre[e]d[ing] (item|material) [used]')
(16, "[skellett] [anvil] [inventory] %anvilinventory%'s [anvil] repair cost")
(16, '[the] entity [type] (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(16, '[skellett] [entity] glow[ing] [state] of %entities%')
(16, '[the] [entity] [number] id (of|from) %entity%')
(16, 'set [the] flag %string% to %boolean% in [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(16, '[the] IDs of [all] [the] [PlotSquared] plots')
(16, '[the] (first|last) [%-number%] character[s] of %strings%')
(16, '[the] target[ed] block[s] [of %players%]')
(16, "%players%'[s] actual[ly] target[ed] block[s]")
(16, '(un|non)[-](colo[u]r-|colo[u]red )%strings%')
(16, '[the] time[s] [([with]in|of) %worlds%]')
(16, '[all] [the] [book] (pages|content) of %itemstack%')
(16, '[on] throw[ing] [of] [an] egg')
(16, '[the] %number%(st|nd|rd|th) line of [the] lore of %itemstack/itemtype%')
(16, "[the] %number%(st|nd|rd|th) line of %itemstack/itemtype%'[s] lore")
(16, '[on] [e]xp[erience] [orb] spawn')
(16, '[the] [names of] [all] [the] Slimefun items')
(16, '[on] [player] fill[ing] [a] bucket')
(16, '%offlineplayer% has [unlocked] [the] [Slimefun] research [with id] %integer%')
(16, '[on] [player] (login|logging in|join[ing])')
(16, '[on] [entity] resurrect[ion] [attempt]')
(16, '[on] (step|walk)[ing] (on|over) %*itemtypes%')
(16, '(play|show) %visualeffects% (on|%directions%) %entities/locations% [(to %-players%|in (radius|range) of %number%)]')
(16, '(play|show) %number% %visualeffects% (on|%directions%) %locations% [(to %-players%|in (radius|range) of %number%)]')
(16, "script[s] [%-strings%] (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) loaded")
(16, '[%commandsenders%] ha(s|ve) [the] permission[s] %strings%')
(16, 'on [(any|every|raw)] [votifier] vote receiv(e|ed)')
(16, '[the ](bm|bungeemaster) player count of [the ][server ]%string%')
(16, '[the ](bm|bungeemaster) ip of [the ][player ]%string%')
(16, '[the ](bm|bungeemaster) player with [the ]uuid [of ]%string%')
(16, '[the] [(placeholder[api]|papi)] (prefix|placeholder)')
(16, "%itemtypes% is(n't| not) [a] (solid|transparent|flammable|occluding) block")
(16, '[execute] [the] command %strings% by %players% with perm[ission][s] %strings%')
(16, '[execute] [the] %players% command %strings% with perm[ission][s] %strings%')
(16, '(unformat|remove|clear|reset) [all] [the] gui slots of %players%')
(16, '[all] [registred] (shaped|shapeless|furnace|) recipes')
(16, '[event-]dragged(-| )(top|bottom)(-| )slots')
(16, 'polygon[s] at %locations% with %number% (vertex|vertices|vertexes|points)(,| and) radius %number%')
(16, '[all] [of] [the] claim[s] of %conquerfactions%')
(16, '[the] auto [chunk] claim[ing] [state] of %conquerplayers%')
(16, "%conquerplayers%'[s] auto [chunk] claim[ing] [state]")
(16, '[vector ]polygon with %number% (vertex|vertices|vertexes|points)(,| and) radius %number%')
(16, '(add|insert) %objects% (before|after) (%listutil% %-number%|last %listutil%) (of|in) %possessor%')
(16, '[the] buy price of [the] [ShopChest] shop [with id] %number%')
(16, '(time remaining|remaining time) until [the] border stabilize[s] (of|in) %world%')
(16, '[on] [advanced] (survival games|sg) game (end|finish)')
(16, '[on] [advanced] (survival games|sg) game (start|begin)')
(16, '[on] [advanced] (survival games|sg) [player] death')
(16, '[on] [CombatLog] [player] un[-]tag')
(16, '[the] (citizen|npc) (with|from) id[entifier] %number%')
(16, '[on] [shop]keeper (delet(e|ion)|remov(e|al))')
(16, '[on] [shop]keeper trad(e|ing) complet(e|ion)')
(16, '[the] last[ly] [created] (citizen|npc)')
(16, '[the] [AdvancedBan] punish[ment] (length|duration)')
(16, '[the] [advanced] (survival games|sg) (attacker|killer)')
(16, '[the] [advanced] (survival games|sg) [current] stage')
(16, '[the] (items in|contents of) [the] (back|mine)pack of %player%')
(16, '[the] denied players of [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(16, '[the] biome of [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(16, '[the] IDs of [all] [the] [PlotSquared] plots of %offlineplayer%')
(16, '[the] members of [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(16, '[the] trusted players of [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(16, "%player%'s [amount of] pvp (xp|experience) (required|needed) [to level up]")
(16, '[the] warp [with] [name] %string% (of|from) %conquerfaction%')
(16, '%conquerplayers% (is|are) auto claim[ing] [chunk][s]')
(16, "[the] [server[[']s]] (past|previous) average tps")
(16, "[the] [server[[']s]] (past|previous) tps")
(16, '[on] [player] enter[ing] [a] bed')
(16, '[on] [player] empty[ing] [a] bucket')
(16, '[on] [faction] [land] (un|de)claim')
(16, '[the] arg[ument][s](-| )<(\\d+)>')
(16, '[the] <(\\d*1)st|(\\d*2)nd|(\\d*3)rd|(\\d*[4-90])th> arg[ument][s]')
(16, '[the] faction[s] with (name|tag)[s] %strings%')
(16, '[the] [total] (amount|number) of bitcoins [in circulation]')
(16, '[on] [PlotSquared] plot (delet(e|ion)|remov(e|al))')
(16, 'remove [the] flag %string% from [the] [PlotSquared] plot [with id] %string%')
(16, '[(async)] wait (until|while) %boolean% [for %-timespan%] [by %-timespan%]')
(16, 'codeblock %object% [with (constant|constant %-object%|constants %-objects%)] [:: %-strings%] [-> %-string%]')
(16, "%songplayers%['s] song[ ]player[s] volume[s]")
(16, "%songs%['s] song[s] (tempo|speed)[s]")
(16, "%songs%['s] song[s] (name|title)[s]")
(16, "%songs%['s] song[s] (author|creator)[s]")
(16, '[the] name of [the] [Slimefun] research [with id] %integer%')
(16, "[%livingentities%] (ha(s|ve) not|do[es]n't have) %itemtypes% in [main] hand")
(16, '(cancel|ignore) [the] [current] [command] cooldown')
(16, 'un(cancel|ignore) [the] [current] [command] cooldown')
(16, '[on] [player] leav(e|ing) [a] bed')
(16, '[the] sell price of [the] [ShopChest] shop [with id] %number%')
(16, '[the] type of [the] [ShopChest] shop [with id] %number%')
(16, '[the] (player|tab)[ ]list name[s] of %players%')
(16, "%players%'[s] (player|tab)[ ]list name[s]")
(16, 'cancel [the] drops of [e]xp[perience][s]')
(16, '[the] clan K[ill ]D[eath ]R[atio] of %player%')
(16, "%player%'[s] clan K[ill ]D[eath ]R[atio]")
(16, 'virtual <.+?> [inventory] [with size %-number%] [(named|with (name|title)) %-string%]')
(16, 'virtual <.+?> [inventory] [(named|with (name|title)) %-string%] with %-number% row[s]')
(16, '[a] random (integer|number) (from|between) %number% (to|and) %number%')
(15, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] blocks in radius %number% [(of|around) %location%]')
(15, 'split %string% (with|by|using) %number% [char[acter][s]]')
(15, '(head|icon|skull) of ([simple] tab [with] id|simple tab) %string% for %players%')
(15, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] players')
(15, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] layers of [song[s]] %song%')
(15, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] disabled commands')
(14, 'system property (os arch|os name|os version|java home|user dir|user home|user name|user lang[uage]|user timezone|line separator|file separator|path separator|file encoding)')
(14, "(script|program|app[lication]|file|dir[ectory]) %string% does(n't| not) exist")
(14, '[the] ( clicked (block|%-*itemtype/entitydata%)|clicked slot|clicked inventory|click (type|action)|inventory action)')
(14, '[on] (quit[ting]|disconnect[ing]|log[ ]out|logging out)')
(14, '[on] (trip|[step[ping] on] [a] tripwire)')
(14, '(push|thrust) %entities% %direction% [(at|with) (speed|velocity|force) %-number%]')
(14, 'eval[uate] [[math[ematic]] expr[ession]] %string%')
(14, 'eval[uate] [[math[ematic]] expr[ession]] %string% with %number%')
(14, '%inventories% ha(s|ve) %itemtypes% [in [(the[ir]|his|her|its)] inventory]')
(14, "[the] bungee[[ ]cord[[']s]] player limit")
(14, "[the] bungee[[ ]cord[[']s]] version")
(14, "[the] bungee[[ ]cord[[']s]] online mode")
(14, "[the] bungee[[ ]cord[[']s]] name")
(13, '(original (diameter|side length|size)|(eventual|final) (diameter|side length|size)|remaining distance until [the] border stabilize[s]) of %world%')
(13, "%world%'s (original (diameter|side length|size)|(eventual|final) (diameter|side length|size)|remaining distance until [the] border stabilize[s])")
(12, 'create [a] citizen named %string% (at|%direction%) %location% [as (a|an) %entitytypes%]')
(12, 'show [%number%] %string% particle[s] at %location% for %player% [offset by x, y (and|,) z]')
(12, "(absolute|complex|abs) number of %itemstack% in %player%['s] (inventory|inv)")
(12, '[last ]output of executed (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd)')
(12, "[last ]executed (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd)'s output")
(12, 'on (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd) (run|execute)')
(12, '[the] [LuckPerm[s]] [primary] group of %player%')
(12, '[on] (npc|citizen) left[(-| )]click')
(12, '[on] (npc|citizen) right[(-| )]click')
(12, '[on] (npc|citizen) sel[ect[ed]]')
(12, '[on] (npc|citizen) (push|(vector|velocity) change)')
(12, '[on] [player] map [(initialize|open)]')
(12, '%entity% [can] (see|visibly see|line of sight) [can see] %entity%')
(12, '[skellett] add %player% to [the] [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%')
(12, '[skellett] (1¦hide|2¦show) [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%')
(12, '[skellett] remove %player% from [the] [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%')
(12, '[skellett] break %block% [naturally] [(with|using) %-itemstack%]')
(12, '[skellett] [naturally] break %block% [(with|using) %-itemstack%]')
(12, '(despawn|remove) (npc|citizen) %npc% [with [despawn] reason %-despawnreason%]')
(12, '[the] [active] [LuckPerm[s]] prefix of %player%')
(12, '[the] [active] [LuckPerm[s]] suffix of %player%')
(12, '(remove|delete) tab[list] item [[with] id] %string%')
(12, 'fill tab[list] of %players% with default[s] [item[s]]')
(12, '[skellett] [get] (size|number|amount) of dropped %entity%')
(12, '[the] [skellett] progress of [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%')
(12, '[the] [skellett] style of [boss[ ]]bar %bossbar%')
(12, "[brew[ing] stand] %brewerinventory%'s (fuel|burning) [item]")
(12, "(npc|citizen) %npc%'s fly[(ing|able)] [state]")
(12, "(npc|citizen) %npc%'s protect[(ed|ion)] [state]")
(12, "[dropped] block[[']s] (xp|experience)")
(12, '[the] enchant[ment] of [enchant[ment]] offer %enchantmentoffer%')
(12, '[ender] crystal base [visib(le|ility)] [state] of %entity%')
(12, "%entity%'s [ender] crystal base [visib(le|ility)] [state]")
(12, '[fish[ing]] (xp|experience) [earned]')
(12, 'gravity [state] [of] [entit(y|ies)] %entitys%')
(12, '[skellett] [a[n]] %itemstacks% [to be] unbreakable')
(12, '[skellett] [a[n]] unbreak(ing|able) %itemstacks%')
(12, 'unlimited [tracking] state (of|from|in) [map] %map%')
(12, '[skellett] mysql boolean[s] %string% (in|from|of) %resultset%')
(12, '[skellett] mysql integer[s] %string% (in|from|of) %resultset%')
(12, '[skellett] mysql object[s] %string% (in|from|of) %resultset%')
(12, '[skellett] mysql string[s] %string% (in|from|of) %resultset%')
(12, '(sneak|shift|crouch)[ing] [state] of %player%')
(12, '(delete|remove) tab[list] item [[with] id] %string% from %players%')
(12, 'zPermissions [(the|all)] [of] [the] groups')
(12, 'zPermissions [(the|all)] [of] [the] tracks')
(12, "[the] [command['s]] (sender|executor)")
(12, '[the] [last[ly]] (spawned|shot) %*entitydata%')
(12, '[the] (join|log[ ]in)( |-)message')
(12, '[the] (attacked|damaged|victim) [<(.+)>]')
(12, "%itemtypes%'[s] (%-enchantment% level|level of [[the] enchant[ment]] %-enchantment%)")
(12, '[the] target[[ed] %-*entitydata%] [of %livingentities%]')
(12, '[the] max[imum] stack[[ ]size] of %itemstack%')
(12, "%itemstack%'[s] max[imum] stack[[ ]size]")
(12, '[the] (tool|held item|weapon) [of %livingentities%]')
(12, '[the] [book] (author|writer|publisher) of %itemstack%')
(12, "%itemstack%'[s] [book] (author|writer|publisher)")
(12, '[on] (server|skript) (start|load|enable)')
(12, '[on] (server|skript) (stop|unload|disable)')
(12, '[on] redstone [current] [chang(e|ing)]')
(12, '[on] sign (chang[e]|edit)[ing]')
(12, '[on] creat(e|ing|ion of) [a] vehicle')
(12, '[on] destr(oy[ing]|uction of) [a] vehicle')
(12, '[on] dispens(e|ing) [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(12, '[on] item spawn[ing] [[of] %itemtypes%]')
(12, '[on] [player] world chang(ing|e[d])')
(12, '[on] region (enter[ing]|leav(e|ing)|exit[ing])')
(12, '[on] [script] (load|init|enable)')
(12, '[on] [script] (unload|stop|disable)')
(12, 'play sound %string% [with volume %number%] [(and|with) pitch %number%] at %location% [for %players%]')
(12, 'rotate %vectors% around (x|y|z)(-| )axis by %number% [degrees]')
(12, "%entities% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) (burning|ignited|on fire)")
(12, 'close [the] inventory [view] (to|of|for) %players%')
(12, "%players/strings% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) IP(-| |)banned")
(12, "[[the] region] %regions% (do|does)(n't| not) contain %directions% %locations%")
(12, "%date% (was|were)( more|(n't| not) less) than %timespan% [ago]")
(12, "%date% (was|were)((n't| not) more| less) than %timespan% [ago]")
(12, '[on] (placeholder[api]|papi) request with [the] prefix %string%')
(12, '(make|force) %player% drop[s] %itemstack% [from (%-slot%|his inventory)]')
(12, 'run (when|while) clos(e|ing) [[the] gui]')
(12, '[event-][old(-| )]dragged(-| )item')
(12, 'line[ar] (coordinate[s]|position[s]|location[s]) %number% from %locations% to %location%')
(12, '[the] [the] (owner|leader|creator) of %conquerfactions%')
(12, "%conquerfactions%'[s] [the] (owner|leader|creator)")
(12, 'chunk( |-)(x|z)[( |-)coord] of %chunk%')
(12, "%chunk%'s chunk( |-)(x|z)[( |-)coord]")
(12, '[the] [id of [the]] [ShopChest] shop at %location%')
(12, '[on] [PrisonMines] mine reset (finish|end|complete)')
(12, '[the] Bedwars game [(named|with name)] %string% is (running|active)')
(12, '[the] Bedwars game [(named|with name)] %string% is (startable|able to start)')
(12, '(end|stop) [the] Bedwars game [(named|with name)] %string%')
(12, '(create|make) [a] party [(named|with name)] %string% with leader %player%')
(12, '(delete|remove) [the] party [(named|with name)] %string%')
(12, 'reset [the] [PrisonMines] mine [(named|with name)] %string%')
(12, '[the] [(number|amount) of] [AdvancedBan] warns of %offlineplayer%')
(12, '[the] [(current|active)] [Autorank] path of %player%')
(12, '[the] global [Autorank] [play[ ]]time of %player%')
(12, '[the] local [Autorank] [play[ ]]time of %player%')
(12, '[the] players in [the] Bedwars game [(named|with name)] %string%')
(12, '[the] [current[ly]] [CombatLog] tagged players')
(12, '[the] [(number|amount) of] [LWC] protections of %player%')
(12, '[[the ]item in] slot %integer% of [the] (back|mine)pack of %player%')
(12, '[the] leader of [the] party [(named|with name)] %string%')
(12, '[the] members of [the] party [(named|with name)] %string%')
(12, '[the] online members of [the] party [(named|with name)] %string%')
(12, '[the] [name of [the]] [PrisonMines] mine at %location%')
(12, '[a] [shop]keeper [(named|with name)] %string% exists')
(12, '[the] tnt [(amount|cache[d]|stor(ed|age))] of %conquerfaction%')
(12, "%conquerfaction%'[s] tnt [(amount|cache[d]|stor(ed|age))]")
(12, 'clear [the] lines of holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%')
(12, '[a] new holo[gra(m|phic display)] at [the] %location%')
(12, "[the] bukkit[[']s] tps [string]")
(12, '[the] bed[s] [location[s]] of %players%')
(12, "%players%'[s] bed[s] [location[s]]")
(12, 'IP(-| )ban %players% [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(12, '[the] (amount|number) of bitcoin [min(e|ing)] puzzles solved by %offlineplayer%')
(12, '[(create|make)] [a] fake explosion [%directions% %locations%]')
(12, '[the] version of [the] bungee[[ ]cord]')
(12, "%player% (1¦can|2¦can(n't| not)) hear [the] position song[ ]player %positionsongplayer%")
(12, "%players%['s] [player[s]] sound volume[s]")
(12, "%songs%['s] song[s] desc[ription[s]]")
(12, "%notes%['s] [note[s]] instrument[s]")
(12, '[pex] default group[s] [in [world] %world%]')
(12, '[%livingentities%] ha(s|ve) %itemtypes% in off[(-| )]hand')
(12, '[%livingentities%] (is|are) holding %itemtypes% in off[(-| )]hand')
(12, "[%livingentities%] (is not|isn't) holding %itemtypes% in off[(-| )]hand")
(12, '[the] (current|open|top) inventory [of %players%]')
(12, '[the] fl(y[ing]|ight) (mode|state) of %players%')
(12, "%players%'[s] fl(y[ing]|ight) (mode|state)")
(12, '[the] name of [the] bungee[[ ]cord]')
(12, '(neither|) %objects% (was|were) [(equal to|the same as)] %objects%')
(12, 'tps from [the] last ([1] minute|1[ ]m[inute])')
(11, "%string%'s [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] players")
(10, '(year|month|month name|day of year|day of month|day of week|day name|hours|minutes|seconds) from date %date%')
(10, "date %date%'s (year|month|month name|day of year|day of month|day of week|day name|hours|minutes|seconds)")
(10, '[current ]system (nanos[econds]|millis[econds]|seconds)')
(10, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) objective %objective% is modifiable')
(10, '[skellett] unregister (score[ ][board]|board) objective %objective%')
(10, "[skellett] %bossbar%'s [[boss][ ]bar] progress")
(10, "[skellett] %bossbar%'s [[boss][ ]bar] style")
(10, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %score%'s score entry")
(10, '[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %string% team')
(10, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %score%'s scores objective")
(10, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %string%'s objective")
(10, "[skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) %objective%'s objective criteria")
(10, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] items of type[s] %itemtypes%')
(10, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] blocks of type[s] %itemtypes%')
(10, 'IP[s][( |-)address[es]] of %players%')
(10, '%entities% (is|are) in [[the] world[s]] %worlds%')
(10, '([web]site|server[ ]list|service) [name] of %vote%')
(10, '%locations% (mirrored|reflected) at %location%[ (in|with) direction [of ]%-vector%]')
(10, '[on] [G[rief]P[revention]] save trapped player')
(10, '%*number%[ ](b|d|f|s|l)')
(10, '[display] name of ([simple] tab [with] id|simple tab) %string% for %players%')
(10, '(latency|ping) of ([simple] tab [with] id|simple tab) %string% for %players%')
(10, '[the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string% is overheated')
(10, '[the] cannon [with [the] id [of]] %string% is ready to fire')
(10, '[the] [G[rief]P[revention]] accrued claim blocks of %offlineplayer%')
(10, '[the] bonus [G[rief]P[revention]] claim blocks of %offlineplayer%')
(10, '[the] [G[rief]P[revention]] claim block limit of %offlineplayer%')
(10, '[the] remaining [G[rief]P[revention]] claim blocks of %offlineplayer%')
(10, '[on] [G[rief]P[revention]] prevent pvp')
(10, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] blocks %direction% [%locations%]')
(10, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] blocks from %location% [on] %direction%')
(10, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] blocks (within|between) %block% and %block%')
(10, '[the] (holder[s]|viewers|[amount of] rows) of %inventories%')
(10, "%inventories%'[s] (holder[s]|viewers|[amount of] rows)")
(10, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] offline[ ]players')
(10, '%metadataholders% (has|have) metadata [(value|tag)[s]] %strings%')
(10, "%metadataholders%'[s] metadata [(value|tag)[s]] %string%")
(9, '[(entity|player)] %entitys% [(is|are)] disguised')
(9, '[[Libs]Disguises] Un[( |-)]Disguise %entitys%')
(9, '(arrow|shot|velocity) speed [of (shot|arrow)]')
(9, "[brew[ing] stand] %brewerinventory%'s [brew[ing]] fuel time")
(9, "[brew[ing] stand] %brewerinventory%'s [brew[ing]] time")
(9, "[[Libs]Disguises] Disguise of %entitys%[[']s]")
(9, 'split %string% (at|using|by) [[the] delimiter] %string%')
(9, '%string% split (at|using|by) [[the] delimiter] %string%')
(9, '[(voter|sender)] [ip(-| )]address of %vote%')
(9, '[(voter|sender)] user[(-| )]name of %vote%')
(9, '[(voter|sender)] time[(-| )]stamp of %vote%')
(9, 'change gui properties of inventory to name %string% [with %-number% row[s]] and shape [of (items|actions)] to %strings%')
(9, '%inventories% (can hold|ha(s|ve) [enough] space (for|to hold)) %itemtypes%')
(9, "holo[gra(m|phic display)] %hologram% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) deleted")
(9, '%timespan% (later|(from|after) [the] [date] %-date%)')
(9, 'location(x: number, y: number, z: number, world: world = event-world, yaw: number = [[integer:0]], pitch: number = [[integer:0]])')
(9, '[(vault|pex)] prefix of %permissionentity% [in [world] %world%]')
(8, '(set|make) citizen[s] %number% max health [to] %number%')
(8, '(set|make) citizen[s] %number% nametag (invisible|visible)')
(8, '(delete|remove) score[s] [with] group id %string%')
(8, '[the] [last] [parse] error')
(8, '([craft]bukkit|minecraft|skript)( |-)version')
(8, 'send %player% title %string% [with subtitle %string%] [for %timespan%] [with %timespan% fade in and %timespan% fade out]')
(8, "(wipe|erase) %player%['s] score from tab[list]")
(8, "y[a]ml[ path] %string% in file %-string% does(n't| not) exist")
(8, 'edit holo object %string% [with] line [number] %number% to %string% [and set interactivity to %boolean%]')
(8, '[on] [entity] (resurrect|revive)')
(8, '[on] [skellett] firework explo(de|sion)')
(8, '[on] ([item] anvil prepare|prepare [item] anvil)')
(8, '[on] [skellett] brew[ing]')
(8, '[on] ([item] enchant prepare|prepare [item] enchant)')
(8, '[on] packet [(send|sent|recieve)]')
(8, '[on] [skellett] [player] world change:')
(8, 'teleport %players% to [world] spawn (of|in) [world] %string%')
(8, 'armo[u]r stand chest[ ][plate] of %entity%')
(8, "armo[u]r stand %entity%'s chest[ ][plate]")
(8, 'armo[u]r stand leg[ging][s] of %entity%')
(8, "armo[u]r stand %entity%'s leg[ging][s]")
(8, '[final] bre[e]d[ed] entity')
(8, 'bre[e]d[ing] (xp|experience)')
(8, '[the] name (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(8, '[the] full name (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(8, '[get] entity (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(8, '[the] location (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(8, '(id|number) (of|from) (npc|citizen) %npc%')
(8, "[skellett] %itemstack%'s enchant[ment] level (from|of) %enchantment%")
(8, '[ender] crystal (target|beam) [location] of %entity%')
(8, "%entity%'s [ender] crystal (target|beam) [location]")
(8, '[skellett] [fish[ing] state')
(8, '%itemstacks% with hid(den|ing) enchant[ment][s]')
(8, '[event] inst(ant|a) break [state]')
(8, '[skellett] protocol[ ][support] version of %player%')
(8, "[skellett] %player%'s protocol[ ][support] version")
(8, 'remove[ed] [all] NBT [from] %itemstacks%')
(8, '(sprint|run)[ing] [state] of %player%')
(8, '%location%[ ]~[~][ ]%vectors%')
(8, '[the] (message|chat) format[ting]')
(8, '[the] (money|balance|[bank] account) of %players%')
(8, "%players%'[s] (money|balance|[bank] account)")
(8, "%players%'[s] target[ed] block[s]")
(8, '[the] colo[u]r[s] of %itemstacks/entities%')
(8, "%itemstacks/entities%'[s] colo[u]r[s]")
(8, '[the] (amount|number) of %itemtypes% (in|of) %inventories%')
(8, '[the] (gliding|glider) [state] of %entities%')
(8, "%entities%'[s] (gliding|glider) [state]")
(8, '[the] chunk[s] (of|%-directions%) %locations%')
(8, '[the] ender[ ]chest[s] of %players%')
(8, "%players%'[s] ender[ ]chest[s]")
(8, '[on] damag(e|ing) [of %entitydata%]')
(8, '[on] [player] fish[ing]')
(8, '[on] game[ ]mode change [to %gamemode%]')
(8, '[on] [player] tool break[ing]')
(8, '[on] spawn[ing] [of %entitydatas%]')
(8, '[on] [entity] un[-]target')
(8, '[on] [block] flow[ing]')
(8, '[on] [block] ignit(e|ion)')
(8, '[on] [ore] smelt[ing]')
(8, '[on] [entity] tam(e|ing)')
(8, '[on] chunk (generat|populat)(e|ing)')
(8, '[on] [player] (kick|being kicked)')
(8, '[on] [player] level [change]')
(8, '[on] [player] respawn[ing]')
(8, '[on] sheep [re]grow[ing] wool')
(8, '[on] [player] toggl(e|ing) sprint')
(8, '[on] [player] sprint toggl(e|ing)')
(8, '[on] [player] teleport[ing]')
(8, '[on] damag(e|ing) [a] vehicle')
(8, '[on] enter[ing] [a] vehicle')
(8, '[on] exit[ing] [a] vehicle')
(8, 'use[s] (old|new|2.1.2|2.2) loops')
(8, "%entities% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) riding [%entitydatas%]")
(8, '[execute] [the] command %strings% [by %-commandsenders%]')
(8, "%~objects% (do[es](n't| not) exist|(is|are)(n't| not) set)")
(8, '(message|send [message[s]]) %strings% [to %commandsenders%]')
(8, "%players% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) (blocking|defending)")
(8, "%itemtypes% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) enchanted [with %-enchantmenttype%]")
(8, 'script[s] [%-strings%] (is|are) loaded')
(8, "%itemstacks/entities% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) of type[s] %itemtypes/entitydatas%")
(8, "%livingentities% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) (alive|dead)")
(8, '[the] description (holding|of) [command] %string%')
(8, '[the] formatted date (of|for) [player] %player%')
(8, '[the] permission (holding|of) [command] %string%')
(8, '[the] plugin (holding|of) [command] %string%')
(8, 'y[a]ml node[s with] keys %string% (from|of) file %-string%')
(8, 'add %object% to y[a]ml node[s with] keys %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(8, 'remove %object% from y[a]ml node[s with] keys %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(8, 'delete y[a]ml node[s with] keys %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(8, '[on] (NPC|Citizen) (right|left) click')
(8, '[on] player (knockback|velocity) [change]')
(8, '[the ](bm|bungeemaster) motd of [the ]server %string%')
(8, '[the] [(placeholder[api]|papi)] identifier')
(8, '[on] anvil [item] (combine|merge)')
(8, '[the] [(placeholder[api]|papi)] result')
(8, "%itemstack% has(n't| not) [a] custom enchantment [%-customenchantment%]")
(8, '%itemtypes% is [a] (solid|transparent|flammable|occluding) block')
(8, '(unformat|remove|clear|reset) [the] gui slot %numbers% of %players%')
(8, '(make|format) next gui [slot] (with|to) %itemstack%')
(8, '(make|format) gui [slot] %strings/numbers% (with|to) %itemstack%')
(8, '[all] [registered] [script] commands')
(8, '[the] [total] [e]xp of %player%')
(8, "%player%'[s] [total] [e]xp")
(8, 'cube[s] outline[s] at %locations% with radius %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(8, 'cylinder coordinate[s] at %locations% with radius %number%(,| and) yaw %number%(,| and) height %number%')
(8, 'line[s] (between|from) %locations% (and|to) %location% with density %number%')
(8, '[the] [the] [faction] role of %conquerplayers%')
(8, "%conquerplayers%'[s] [the] [faction] role")
(8, 'circle[s] at %locations%[ with] radius %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(8, 'y[a]ml[s] %strings% (is|are) loaded')
(8, 'add %string% to [the] (player|server) hover [list]')
(8, 'reset [the] (player|server) hover [list]')
(8, 'set [the] server(-| )icon to [image at] file %string%')
(8, '[the] [html] tag [name] of %htmlelement%')
(8, '[html] body (of|from) [document] %htmldocument%')
(8, '[html] head (of|from) [document] %htmldocument%')
(8, '(0¦inner|1¦outer) html (of|from) [element] %htmlelement%')
(8, '[websocket] request [handshake] is (accepted|refused)')
(8, '(show|hide) [player] tab[s] of %players% for %players%')
(8, "(show|hide) %players%'s [player] tab[s] for %players%")
(8, '[the] [unique] id[entifier] of %conquerfactions%')
(8, "%conquerfactions%'[s] [unique] id[entifier]")
(8, '(layer %-number%|top|bottom|sea level) (of|in) %chunk%')
(8, '[all] [the] (members|players) of %conquerfactions%')
(8, '[the] [display] (name|tag) of %conquerfactions%')
(8, "%conquerfactions%'[s] [display] (name|tag)")
(8, '[the] %citizen% (is (navigating|moving)|has [a] navigation)')
(8, '[on] [ShopChest] shop creat(e|ion)')
(8, '[on] [ShopChest] shop remov(e|al)')
(8, '[all] [handshake] [http] header names of %handshake%')
(8, '[the] [npc] id[entifier] of %citizen%')
(8, "%citizen%'[s] [npc] id[entifier]")
(8, "%world%'s (time remaining|remaining time) until [the] border stabilize[s]")
(8, '[on] [advanced] (survival games|sg) item purchase')
(8, '[on] [advanced] (survival games|sg) kit purchase')
(8, '[on] [Autorank] requirement complet(e|ion)')
(8, '[on] cannon pre[-]creat(e|ion)')
(8, '[on] [player] combat[ ]log')
(8, '[on] [CombatLog] [player] tag')
(8, '[the] [npc] skin [name] of %citizen%')
(8, "%citizen%'[s] [npc] skin [name]")
(8, '[on] [PrisonMines] mine reset (begin|start)')
(8, '[on] [shop]keeper creat(e|ion)')
(8, '[the] %block% is [LWC] (lockable|protectable)')
(8, '[the] %block% is (locked|protected) [by LWC]')
(8, '[the] %block% is (lockable|able to be locked) [by LockettePro]')
(8, '%player% is [a] [LockettePro] user of [the] %block%')
(8, '(remove|delete) %itemstack% from [the] (back|mine)pack of %player%')
(8, '[the] [AdvancedBan] punish[ment] reason')
(8, '[the] [AdvancedBan] punish[ment] type')
(8, '[the] [active] [AdvancedBan] punishments of %offlineplayer%')
(8, '[the] [advanced] (survival games|sg) bounty of %offlineplayer%')
(8, '[the] [advanced] (survival games|sg) current arena')
(8, '[the] [advanced] (survival games|sg) spectators')
(8, '[the] [advanced] (survival games|sg) teammate of %offlineplayer%')
(8, '[the] [advanced] (survival games|sg) top players')
(8, '[the] [advanced] (survival games|sg) victim')
(8, '[the] [Autorank] (requirements|reqs) of %player%')
(8, '[the] completed [Autorank] (requirements|reqs) of %player%')
(8, '[the] failed [Autorank] (requirements|reqs) of %player%')
(8, '[the] [CombatLog] tagged [player]')
(8, "[the] (items in|contents of) %player%'s (back|mine)pack")
(8, '[the] size of [the] (back|mine)pack of %player%')
(8, '[the] (amount|number) of [shop]keepers of %player%')
(8, '[the] ID of [the] [PlotSquared] plot at %location%')
(8, "[the] IDs of [all] %offlineplayer%'s [PlotSquared] plots")
(8, '[on] [PlotSquared] plot claim[ing]')
(8, '[on] [AdvancedBan] punish[ment]')
(8, '[the] %block% is (locked|protected) [by Lockette]')
(8, '[the] %block% is (locked|protected) [by LockettePro]')
(8, '[the] [advanced] (survival games|sg) alive players')
(8, '[the] (completed|finished) [Autorank] paths of %player%')
(8, '[the] [LWC] owner of [the] %block%')
(8, '[the] [Lockette] owner of [the] %block%')
(8, '[the] [shop]keeper name of [the] %entity%')
(8, '[the] players in [the] SkyWars [game] queue')
(8, '[conquer]claim[-]type[s]')
(8, '[conquer|faction][-]relation[s]')
(8, '[conquer|faction][-]role[s]')
(8, '[the] [event-](location|position)')
(8, '[the] (location|position) %directions% [%location%]')
(8, '[the] checkpoint [warp] [location] of %conquerfaction%')
(8, "%conquerfaction%'[s] checkpoint [warp] [location]")
(8, '[conquer|faction][-]player[s]')
(8, '[on] [Ticker] average tps change [to %-number%]')
(8, '[on] [Ticker] tps change [to %-number%]')
(8, "[the] [server[[']s]] last tps")
(8, "[the] [server[[']s]] tps")
(8, "[the] [server[[']s]] average tps")
(8, "[the] [server[[']s]] average tps string")
(8, "[the] [server[[']s]] tps string")
(8, '[on] [faction] [land] claim')
(8, '[the] last arg[ument][s]')
(8, '[the] arg[ument][s]')
(8, '[the] [the] (motd|message of the day) of %conquerfactions%')
(8, "%conquerfactions%'[s] [the] (motd|message of the day)")
(8, '[the] [chat] (prefix|suffix) of %players%')
(8, "%players%'[s] [chat] (prefix|suffix)")
(8, 'open [the] bitcoin min(e|ing) (menu|interface) to %player%')
(8, 'make [the] bitcoin value (fluctuate|change) [randomly]')
(8, '[the] (amount|number) of bitcoins in [the] bank')
(8, '[the] [current] bitcoin (value|worth)')
(8, 'players are (visible|hidden) in [the] tablist (of|for) %players%')
(8, "%songs%['s] song[s] height[s]")
(8, "%songs%['s] song[s] delay[s]")
(8, "%songs%['s] song[s] length[s]")
(8, "%layers%['s] layer[s] name[s]")
(8, "%layers%['s] layer[s] volume[s]")
(8, "%notes%['s] note[s] pitch[s]")
(8, "%notes%['s] note[s] key[s]")
(8, 'lock [the] [Slimefun] research [with id] %integer% for %player%')
(8, 'unlock [the] [Slimefun] research [with id] %integer% for %player%')
(8, '[on] [player] connect[ing]')
(8, '[on] [player] toggl(e|ing) sneak')
(8, '[on] [player] sneak toggl(e|ing)')
(8, '[%livingentities%] ha(s|ve) %itemtypes% in [main] hand')
(8, '[%livingentities%] (is|are) holding %itemtypes% [in main hand]')
(8, "[%livingentities%] (is not|isn't) holding %itemtypes% [in main hand]")
(8, 'feed [the] %players% [by %-number% [beef[s]]]')
(8, '[the] seed[s] (from|of) %worlds%')
(8, 'create [a] [new] clan named %string% with tag %string% (to|for) %player%')
(8, '(add|place) %player% (to|in) [clan] %clan%')
(8, 'virtual <.+?> [inventory] [(named|with (name|title)) %-string%] with size %-number%')
(8, "[skript-]y[a]ml %string% is(n't| not) empty")
(8, '[bungee[[ ]cord]] server [name] of this script')
(8, '[on] [server] [list] ping')
(8, "[the] event (is not|isn't) cancel[l]ed")
(8, "%strings% do[es](n't| not) (start|end) with %string%")
(8, '[the] [([currently] selected|current)] hotbar slot of %players%')
(8, "%players%'[s] [([currently] selected|current)] hotbar slot")
(8, '[on] (area|AoE) [cloud] effect')
(8, '[on] [player] flight togg(e|ing)')
(8, '[on] [player] toggl(e|ing) flight')
(8, "(neither|) %objects% (is not|are not|isn't|aren't) between %objects% and %objects%")
(8, "(neither|) %objects% (was not|were not|wasn't|weren't) between %objects% and %objects%")
(8, 'tps from [the] last 5[ ]m[inutes]')
(8, 'tps from [the] last 15[ ]m[inutes]')
(7, '(script|program|app[lication]|file|dir[ectory]) %string% exists')
(7, 'log %strings% [(to|in) [file[s]] %-strings%]')
(7, '%locations% scaled at %location% by %number%[ (in|with|and) direction [of ]%-vector%]')
(7, '((diameter|side length|size)|damage amount|damage buffer|warning distance|warning time) of %world%')
(7, "%world%'s ((diameter|side length|size)|damage amount|damage buffer|warning distance|warning time)")
(7, '(%-string%|chatcomponent|serverping|datawatcher|watchablecollection|gameprofile|nbt) pjson %number% of %packet%')
(7, '(NaN|[(-|minus)](infinity|∞)) value')
(7, 'value of (NaN|[(-|minus)](infinity|∞))')
(7, "%players%'s tablist (contains|(does|do|doesn't|does not|don't|do not) contain) players")
(7, "tablist of %players% (contains|(does|do|doesn't|does not|don't|do not) contain) players")
(7, '(%-classinfo/string%|object|location|uuid|material|item|blockdata) pinfo %number% of %packet%')
(6, '(create|strike) (fake|ultra|no sound) fake lightning at %location%')
(6, "(wipe|erase|delete) %player%['s] sidebar")
(6, '(crackshot|weapon|gun) reload (finish|complete)')
(6, '[on] (crackshot|weapon|gun) shoot')
(6, 'files in dir[ectory] [including sub dir[ectorie]s)] %string%')
(6, "dir[ectory] [including sub dir[ectorie]s)] %string%'s files")
(6, '(mirror[ed]|flip[ped]|reverse[d]) %string%')
(6, '(free|total|max) (ram|memory)')
(6, 'run (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd) %string%')
(6, "%player%'s [primary] [LuckPerm[s]] group")
(6, "(npc|citizen) %npc% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) spawned")
(6, "[(the|this)] event is(n't| not) cancelled")
(6, "%player%'s [active] [LuckPerm[s]] prefix")
(6, "%player%'s [active] [LuckPerm[s]] suffix")
(6, "[the] script[['s] name]")
(6, 'add tab[list] item [[with] id] %string% to %players%')
(6, "[the] [book['s]] generation %itemstack%")
(6, "[the] [book['s]] title of %itemstack%")
(6, "[skellett] %bossbar%'s player[[']s]")
(6, "[brew[ing] stand] %brewerinventory%'s ingredient [item]")
(6, "(npc|citizen) %npc%'s (clone|duplicate|copy)")
(6, "(npc|citizen) %npc%'s (uuid|unique [id])")
(6, '[the] cost of [enchant[ment]] offer %enchantmentoffer%')
(6, "offer %enchantmentoffer%'s [enchant[ment]] enchant[ment]")
(6, '[the] level of [enchant[ment]] offer %enchantmentoffer%')
(6, 'fedual (config|files|messages) [message] %string%')
(6, '[skellett] caught (fish|item|entity)')
(6, '[skellett] [fish[ing]] hook')
(6, '[skellett] [click[ed]] cursor')
(6, '%location% [redstone] power [[being] received]')
(6, '[skellett] [(event|get)] bow')
(6, '[the] (full|complete|whole) command')
(6, '[the] [last[ly]] dropped (item)')
(6, '[the] [chat( |-)]message')
(6, 'location (from|of) %types.vector% [(from|in)] %world%')
(6, 'location (from|of) %types.vector% [(in|from)] %world% with yaw %number% and pitch %number%')
(6, '[chat][( |-)]recipients')
(6, '[the] (|first|last) index of %string% in %string%')
(6, '[Skungee] bungee[[ ]cord] player disconnect')
(6, '%dates% formatted [human-readable] [(with|as) %-string%]')
(6, "%livingentities%'[s] target[[ed] %-*entitydata%]")
(6, '[sk[-]Lib][ ]clicked item')
(6, '[the] last damage (cause|reason|type) of %livingentities%')
(6, "%livingentities%'[s] last damage (cause|reason|type)")
(6, "%vector%['s] (vector|standard|normal) length")
(6, '[the] (current|open|top) inventory of %player%')
(6, "%player%'[s] (current|open|top) inventory")
(6, '[the] weather [(in|of) %worlds%]')
(6, "%livingentities%'[s] (tool|held item|weapon)")
(6, '[custom] [(world|chunk)] generator %string%')
(6, '(a|the|) round[ed] down %number%')
(6, '(a|the|) round[ed] %number%')
(6, '(a|the|) round[ed] up %number%')
(6, '[on] grow [of (%-structuretype%|%-itemtype%)]')
(6, '[the] Slimefun item [(named|with name)] %string%')
(6, '[on] explo(d(e|ing)|sion)')
(6, '[on] inventory clos(ing|e[d])')
(6, '[on] (gliding state change|toggl(e|ing) gliding)')
(6, '(exit|stop) <\\d+> (section|loop|conditional)s')
(6, '(exit|stop) all (section|loop|conditional)s')
(6, 'kick %players% [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(6, '[on] book (edit|change|write)')
(6, '(grow|create|generate) tree [of type %structuretype%] %directions% %locations%')
(6, '(grow|create|generate) %structuretype% [tree] %directions% %locations%')
(6, 'damage %slots/livingentities/itemstack% by %number% [heart[s]][ with fake cause %-damagecause%]')
(6, '%entities% (is|are) (burning|ignited|on fire)')
(6, "%offlineplayers% ((is|are) online|(is not|isn't|are not|aren't) offline)")
(6, "%offlineplayers% ((is|are) offline|(is not|isn't|are not|aren't) online)")
(6, '(let|make) %commandsenders% execute [[the] command] %strings%')
(6, '(create|strike) lightning([ ]effect|) %directions% %locations%')
(6, '(cure|unpoison) %livingentities% [(from|of) poison]')
(6, '(toggle|switch) [[the] state of] %blocks%')
(6, '%players/strings% (is|are) IP(-| |)banned')
(6, '[[the] region] %regions% contain[s] %directions% %locations%')
(6, '(remove|subtract) %number% from (diameter|side length|size) of %world% over %timespan%')
(6, "(remove|subtract) %number% from %world%'s (diameter|side length|size) over %timespan%")
(6, '[sk[-]Lib][ ]clicked row')
(6, '[sk[-]Lib][ ]clicked slot')
(6, "%entities% ((is|are)(n't| not) ageable|can(n't| not) grow up)")
(6, '(un(make|format)|remove) next gui [slot]')
(6, '(un(make|format)|remove) gui [slot] %strings/numbers%')
(6, '(un(make|format)|remove) all gui [slot]')
(6, "%block%'[s] drops [(with|using) %-itemstack%]")
(6, '[the] recipe (id|name|key) of %recipes%')
(6, "%recipes%'[s] recipe (id|name|key)")
(6, 'reg[ular ]ex[pression[s]|es]')
(6, '%locations% rotated around %vector% at %location% (with angle|by) %number%[ degree[s]]')
(6, 'save [y[a]ml] %string% [(without extra lines between nodes)]')
(6, '((calculate|compute) derivative of|derivate) %string% [at x=%number%]')
(6, '[the] attribute %string% of [[html] element] %htmlelement%')
(6, '((calculate|compute) integral of|integrate) %string% [from %number% to %number%]')
(6, '(levenshtein|string) distance between %string% and %string% [(ignor(e|ing) case)]')
(6, "%chunks% (is|are|isn't|is not|aren't|are not) slimey")
(6, "%livingentities% (is|are|isn't|is not|aren't|are not) collidable")
(6, 'move %objects% (-front|-forward[s]|back[ward[s]]) %number%')
(6, '[new] websocket %string% connected to uri %string% [with (handshake|http) headers %-handshake%]')
(6, '[mundo[sk]] [the] ip of server')
(6, "[mundo[sk]] [the] server's ip")
(6, '(shown|sent) (amount of|max [amount of]) players')
(6, '[mundo[sk]] [the] port of server')
(6, "[mundo[sk]] [the] server's port")
(6, 'new nether portal within [[a] radius of] %number% (block|meter)s of %location%')
(6, 'make %citizen% [do] [anim[ation]] %npcanimation%')
(6, '(byte|short|int|long|float|double) pnum %number% of %packet%')
(6, '[on] cannon (use|[inter]action)')
(6, '[on] [ClearLag[g]] TPS update')
(6, '[a] Bedwars game [(named|with name)] %string% exists')
(6, 'start [the] Bedwars game [(named|with name)] %string%')
(6, 'add %player% to [the] party [(named|with name)] %string%')
(6, "%offlineplayer%'s [(number|amount) of] [AdvancedBan] warns")
(6, "%player%'s [(current|active)] [Autorank] path")
(6, "%player%'s global [Autorank] [play[ ]]time")
(6, "%player%'s local [Autorank] [play[ ]]time")
(6, '[[the] name of] [the] Bedwars game of %player%')
(6, "%player%'s [(number|amount) of] [LWC] protections")
(6, "[[the ]item in] slot %integer% of %player%'s (back|mine)pack")
(6, "[the] party [(named|with name)] %string%'s members")
(6, "[the] party [(named|with name)] %string%'s online members")
(6, "%players% (can('t|not)|(is|are)(n't| not) allowed to) build %directions% %locations%")
(6, '[the] [(number|amount) of] pvp deaths of %offlineplayer%')
(6, '[the] pvp [(xp|experience)] progress of %offlineplayer%')
(6, '[the] [(number|amount) of] pvp kills of %offlineplayer%')
(6, '(head|icon|skull) of [array] tab %number%, %number% for %players%')
(6, '[(default)] displayed skin of %player% [(for %-players%|excluding %-players%)]')
(6, "%player%'s [(default)] displayed skin [(for %-players%|excluding %-players%)]")
(6, 'ban %strings/offlineplayers% [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(6, 'ban %players% by IP [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]')
(6, '(IP(-| )unban|un[-]IP[-]ban) %players%')
(6, '%timespan% (ago|in the past|before [the] [date] %-date%)')
(6, "bungee[[ ]cord] server[s] %strings%'s whitelisted players")
(6, "%song%['s] [song[s]] layers")
(6, "%permissionentity%'[s] permissions [in [world] %world%]")
(6, "%permissionentity%'[s] [(vault|pex)] suffix")
(6, "%permissionentity%'[s] parents [in [world] %world%]")
(6, "%permissiongroup%'[s] users [in [world] %world%]")
(6, 'force %players% to [(stop|start)] fly[ing]')
(6, "%players%'[s] (current|open|top) inventory")
(6, '[the] teleport (cause|reason|type)')
(6, '[the] clan (rival|neutral|civilian) kills of %player%')
(6, "%player%'[s] clan (rival|neutral|civilian) kills")
(5, 'create (script|program|app[lication]|file) %string%')
(5, 'delete (script|program|app[lication]|file) %string%')
(5, 'run (script|program|app[lication]|file) at %string%')
(5, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] worlds')
(5, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] blocks around %location% in radius %number%')
(5, 'delete ([simple] tab [with] id|simple tab) %string% for %players%')
(5, 'score of ([simple] tab [with] id|simple tab) %string% for %players%')
(5, "%offlineplayer%'s [G[rief]P[revention]] accrued claim blocks")
(5, "%offlineplayer%'s bonus [G[rief]P[revention]] claim blocks")
(5, "%offlineplayer%'s [G[rief]P[revention]] claim block limit")
(5, "%offlineplayer%'s remaining [G[rief]P[revention]] claim blocks")
(5, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] blocks from %block% to %block%')
(5, '[(all [[of] the]|the)] id songs playing')
(5, 'metadata [(value|tag)[s]] %strings% of %metadataholders%')
(4, '(add|give) %player% [to] bossbar %string%')
(4, '(delete|remove) %player% from group [id based] score %string%')
(4, '(set|create) group id [based] score %string% in sidebar for %player% to %number% with id %string%')
(4, '[on] world init[zation)]')
(4, '[the] [event-]region')
(4, '[the] world [of %locations/entities%]')
(4, '(delete|remove) score [with] id %string%')
(4, '(delete|stop) (effect|formation) %string%')
(4, '(edit|update) score [with] id %string% to %string% and %number%')
(4, '(equip|give) citizen %number% with [an] %itemstack%')
(4, 'set rf max[imum] h(ealth|p) of %entity% to %number%')
(4, '(set|edit) bossbar %string% colo[u]r to %BossBarColor%')
(4, '(set|edit) bossbar %string% (value|progress) to %number%')
(4, '(set|edit) bossbar %string% (title|name) to %string%')
(4, '(set|create) id [based] score %string% in sidebar of %player% to %number% with id %string%')
(4, '(wipe|erase) below score[s] for %player%')
(4, '[crackshot|gun|weapon] scope [in]')
(4, '[on] hologram (touch|click)')
(4, '[on] (store|chest add)')
(4, '[on] (unstore|chest remove)')
(4, "%player%['s] armo[u]r value")
(4, 'group score (name|title) (of|from) id %string%')
(4, 'group score (value|number) (of|from) id %string%')
(4, 'text in line %number% of holo[gram] [object] %string%')
(4, 'info of enchant[ment] %number% (of|on) %itemstack%')
(4, 'score (name|title) (of|from) id %string%')
(4, 'score (value|number) (of|from) id %string%')
(4, '%entity% is [a] (npc|citizen)')
(4, 'convert bin[ary] %string% to hexa[decimal]')
(4, 'bin[ary] %string% as hexa[decimal]')
(4, 'convert bin[ary] %binary% to (text|string)')
(4, 'bin[ary] %string% as (text|string)')
(4, 'size of dir[ectory] %string%[ in bytes]')
(4, "dir[ectory] %string%'s size[ in bytes]")
(4, 'convert hexa[decimal] %string% to bin[ary]')
(4, 'hexa[decimal] %string% as bin[ary]')
(4, 'convert hexa[decimal] %string% to num[ber]')
(4, 'hexa[decimal] %string% as num[ber]')
(4, '[all ]time[ ]zones')
(4, 'number of[ loaded] (commands|cmds)')
(4, 'number of[ loaded] s(k|c)ripts')
(4, 'convert num[ber] %number% to hexa[decimal]')
(4, 'num[ber] %number% as hexa[decimal]')
(4, 'add %string% with priority [of] %number% to [the] prefixes of %player%')
(4, 'convert (text|string) %string% to bin[ary]')
(4, '(text|string) %string% as bin[ary]')
(4, '[current ]time in time[ ]zone %string%')
(4, "[current ]time[ ]zone %string%'s time")
(4, 'on (file|app) (run|execute)')
(4, 'add %string% with priority [of] %number% to [the] suffixes of %player%')
(4, '(force|make) %player% run (cmd|command) %string% as op')
(4, 'remove %string% with priority [of] %number% from [the] prefixes of %player%')
(4, 'zip dir[ectory] %string% to zip[ file] %string%')
(4, 'zip file[s] %strings% to zip[ file] %-string%"')
(4, "file %string% is(n'| no)t a dir[ectory]")
(4, "file %string% is(n't| not) exec[utable]")
(4, "file %string% is(n't| not) (symbolic|shortcut)")
(4, "server is(n't| no)t time[ ]zone %string%")
(4, 'y[a]ml[ path] %string% in file %-string% exists')
(4, 'remove %string% with priority [of] %number% from [the] suffixes of %player%')
(4, '[on] [skellett] arrow pickup')
(4, '[on] (npc|citizen) click')
(4, '[on] (npc|citizen) create')
(4, '[on] (npc|citizen) death')
(4, '[on] (npc|citizen) despawn')
(4, '[on] entity target (npc|citizen)')
(4, '[on] (npc|citizen) entity damage')
(4, '[on] player create (npc|citizen)')
(4, '[on] (npc|citizen) remove')
(4, '[on] (npc|citizen) spawn')
(4, '[on] (npc|citizen) teleport')
(4, '[on] entity block (change|modify):')
(4, '[on] [skellett] download')
(4, "[map] %map% is(n't| not) virtual")
(4, "%player% (is(n't| not)) running SquidHQ [client]")
(4, '(spawn|summon) (npc|citizen) %npc% at %location%')
(4, 'teleport (npc|citizen) %npc% to %location% with (1¦%teleportcause%|2¦%string%)')
(4, '[skellett] connect [to] mysql')
(4, '[skellett] disconnect [from] mysql')
(4, 'update [the] tab[list] of %players%')
(4, '[skellett] teleport %players% to world %string% [spawn]')
(4, 'bre[e]d[ing] mother')
(4, 'armo[u]r stand (helmet|hat) of %entity%')
(4, "armo[u]r stand %entity%'s (helmet|hat)")
(4, 'bre[e]d[ing] father')
(4, "(npc|citizen) %npc%'s entity [type]")
(4, "(npc|citizen) %npc%'s (id|number)")
(4, "%entity%'s [entity] [number] id")
(4, '[the] scoreboard tag (of|from) %entity%')
(4, '[the] fall distance (from|of) %entity%')
(4, 'fedual [kingdom] at [location] %location%')
(4, 'fedual [kingdom] name at [location] %location%')
(4, 'ignored sleep[ing] [state] of %player%')
(4, '[skellett] click[ed] raw slot')
(4, '[skellett] click[ed] slot')
(4, 'click[ed] type num[ber]')
(4, '[skellett] click[ed] type')
(4, "%entity%['s] Llama colo[u]r")
(4, "[Llama] %llamainventory%'s [inventory] decor")
(4, "[map] %map%'s unlimited [tracking] state")
(4, "[skellett] mysql['s] database")
(4, "[skellett] mysql['s] host")
(4, "[skellett] mysql['s] password")
(4, "[skellett] mysql['s] port")
(4, "[skellett] mysql['s] username")
(4, '[skellett] new [changed] material')
(4, '(size|amount) of [all] variables')
(4, '[spread] source [block]')
(4, '[zPermissions] primary group of [player] %string%')
(4, '[the] command [label]')
(4, "%location%'[s] (location|position)")
(4, 'enchant(ing|ment) type[s]')
(4, '[inventory ]slot[s]')
(4, 'entity[ ]type[s]')
(4, 'game[ ]mode[s]')
(4, 'num[ber][s]')
(4, 'offline[ ]player[s]')
(4, '(text|string)[s]')
(4, 'time[ ]period[s]')
(4, 'time[ ]span[s]')
(4, 'tree[ ]type[s]')
(4, 'living[ ]entit(y|ies)')
(4, '[the] death( |-)message')
(4, '[the] saturation [of %players%]')
(4, 'vector (from|between) %location% (to|and) %location%')
(4, 'weather[ ]type[s]')
(4, '%types.vector% [to location] [in] %world%')
(4, '%types.vector% [to location] [in] %world% with yaw %number% and pitch %number%')
(4, '[on] [clan] demote player')
(4, '[on] [clan] promote player')
(4, '[the] shooter [of %projectile%]')
(4, '[the] (console|server)')
(4, '[the] slot[s] %numbers% of %inventory%')
(4, "%inventory%'[s] slot[s] %numbers%")
(4, '[a] random %*classinfo% [out] of %objects%')
(4, '%vector%[ ]++[ ]%vector%')
(4, '%vector%[ ]--[ ]%vector%')
(4, '%vector%[ ]**[ ]%vector%')
(4, '%vector%[ ]//[ ]%vector%')
(4, '[the] damage (cause|type)')
(4, '[the] region(s|) %direction% %locations%')
(4, '[the] %number% (first|last) characters of %strings%')
(4, '(colo[u]r-|colo[u]red )%strings%')
(4, '[the] (horizontal|) facing of %livingentities/blocks%')
(4, "%livingentities/blocks%'[s] (horizontal|) facing")
(4, '[the] game[ ]mode of %players%')
(4, "%players%'[s] game[ ]mode")
(4, '[the] inventor(y|ies) of %inventoryholders%')
(4, "%inventoryholders%'[s] inventor(y|ies)")
(4, '[the] passenger[s] of %entities%')
(4, "%entities%'[s] passenger[s]")
(4, "%worlds%'[s] time[s]")
(4, '[the] (yaw|pitch) of %locations%')
(4, "%locations%'[s] (yaw|pitch)")
(4, '[the] biome (of|%direction%) %location%')
(4, "%itemstack%'s [book] (pages|content)")
(4, '[the] id(s|) of %itemtype%')
(4, "%itemtype%'[s] id(s|)")
(4, '[the] max[imum] health of %livingentities%')
(4, "%livingentities%'[s] max[imum] health")
(4, '[the] vehicle[s] of %entities%')
(4, "%entities%'[s] vehicle[s]")
(4, '[the] (book name|title) of %itemstack%')
(4, "%itemstack%'[s] (book name|title)")
(4, "%conquerfactions% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) open")
(4, "%conquerfactions% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) peaceful")
(4, '[on] [player] egg throw')
(4, '[the] line %number% of [the] lore of %itemstack/itemtype%')
(4, "[the] line %number% of %itemstack/itemtype%'[s] lore")
(4, "%locations%'[s] chunk[s]")
(4, '[the] line %number% [of %block%]')
(4, '[on] death [of %entitydatas%]')
(4, '[on] [entity] target')
(4, '%number%[ ]+[ ]%number%')
(4, '%number%[ ]-[ ]%number%')
(4, '%number%[ ]*[ ]%number%')
(4, '%number%[ ]/[ ]%number%')
(4, '%number%[ ]^[ ]%number%')
(4, '[the] [event-]<.+>')
(4, '[on] chunk load[ing]')
(4, '[on] combust[ing]')
(4, '[on] block mov(e|ing)')
(4, '[on] fuel burn[ing]')
(4, '[on] heal[ing]')
(4, '[on] leaves decay[ing]')
(4, '[on] lightning [strike]')
(4, '[on] pig[ ]zap')
(4, '[on] piston extend[ing]')
(4, '[on] piston retract[ing]')
(4, '[on] portal enter[ing]')
(4, '[on] entering [a] portal')
(4, '[on] slime split[ting]')
(4, '[on] smelt[ing] of ore')
(4, '[on] spread[ing]')
(4, '[on] block damag(ing|e)')
(4, '[on] bucket fill[ing]')
(4, '[on] inventory open[ed]')
(4, '[on] [player] portal')
(4, '[on] portal creat(e|ion)')
(4, '[on] [projectile] shoot')
(4, '[on] [world] spawn change')
(4, '[on] world load[ing]')
(4, '[on] world sav(e|ing)')
(4, '[on] world unload[ing]')
(4, '[on] dismount[ing]')
(4, '[on] mount[ing]')
(4, '[on] first (join|login)')
(4, '[on] weather change [to %weathertypes%]')
(4, '(wait|halt) [for] %timespan%')
(4, '(exit|stop) [trigger]')
(4, '[on] book sign[ing]')
(4, '[on] command [%-string%]')
(4, '(force|make) %conquerplayers% leave their faction[s]')
(4, 'all [of] [the] factions')
(4, '(ignite|set fire to) %entities% [for %-timespan%]')
(4, '(set|light) %entities% on fire [for %-timespan%]')
(4, 'heal %livingentities% [by %-number% [heart[s]]]')
(4, '(dye|colo[u]r|paint) %slots/itemstack% %color%')
(4, '(dye|colo[u]r|paint) %slots/itemstack% (%number%, %number%, %number%)')
(4, '%entities% (is|are) riding [%entitydatas%]')
(4, "%entities% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) on ground")
(4, '(is PvP|PvP is) enabled [in %worlds%]')
(4, '(is PvP|PvP is) disabled [in %worlds%]')
(4, '[execute] [the] %commandsenders% command %strings%')
(4, '%~objects% (exist[s]|(is|are) set)')
(4, "close %players%'[s] inventory [view]")
(4, '(close|turn off|de[-]activate) %blocks%')
(4, "%offlineplayers/strings% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) banned")
(4, '%players% (is|are) (blocking|defending)')
(4, '%itemtypes% (is|are) enchanted [with %-enchantmenttype%]')
(4, "%players% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) flying")
(4, "%livingentities% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) poisoned")
(4, "%players% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) sneaking")
(4, "%players% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) sprinting")
(4, "%livingentities% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) wearing %itemtypes%")
(4, '%itemstacks/entities% (is|are) of type[s] %itemtypes/entitydatas%')
(4, '%livingentities% (is|are) (alive|dead)')
(4, "%players% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) sleeping")
(4, "%inventories/slots/strings% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) empty")
(4, '%string% is [a] (proxy|vpn)')
(4, '[the] timezone of [the player] %player%')
(4, 'y[a]ml value %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(4, 'set y[a]ml value %string% (from|of) file %string% to %object%')
(4, 'delete y[a]ml value %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(4, 'y[a]ml nodes %string% (from|of) file %-string%')
(4, 'add %object% to y[a]ml nodes %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(4, 'remove %object% from y[a]ml nodes %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(4, 'delete y[a]ml nodes %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(4, 'y[a]ml list %string% (from|of) file %-string%')
(4, 'add %object% to y[a]ml list %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(4, 'remove %object% from y[a]ml list %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(4, 'delete y[a]ml list %string% (from|of) file %string%')
(4, 'on [online] [player] vote')
(4, 'on [(any|every|raw)] votifier vote')
(4, 'send (bm|bungeemaster) chat[ message] %string% from %string%')
(4, 'stop [the ](bm|bungeemaster) proxy')
(4, '[the ](bm|bungeemaster) global player count')
(4, '[the ](bm|bungeemaster) uuid of %player%')
(4, 'all [online ](bm|bungeemaster) players')
(4, '[on] anvil [item] rename')
(4, '[on] gui (action|click)')
(4, '[on] [player] item damage')
(4, '[on] [mob] spawner spawn')
(4, '%itemstack% has [a] custom enchantment [%-customenchantment%]')
(4, "%player% does(n't| not) have [a] gui")
(4, "slot %number% of %player% is(n't| not) [a] gui")
(4, "%entities% (is|are)(n't| not) tameable")
(4, "%strings% [regex] does(n't| not) match %string%")
(4, 'unregister [the] [custom] enchantment %customenchantment%')
(4, '[the] main [command] of command %string%')
(4, "command %string%'[s] main [command]")
(4, '[the] plugin [owner] of command %string%')
(4, "command %string%'[s] plugin [owner]")
(4, '[the] file [location] of command %string%')
(4, '[the] [all] custom enchantments of %itemstack%')
(4, "%itemstack%'[s] [all] custom enchantments")
(4, '[the] (cat|ocelot) type of %entity%')
(4, "%entity%'[s] (cat|ocelot) type")
(4, '[event-]inventory-(one|two)')
(4, '[event-]slot-(one|two)')
(4, '[the] [all] ingredients of %recipe%')
(4, "%recipe%'[s] [all] ingredients")
(4, '[the] [jukebox] record of %block%')
(4, "%block%'[s] [jukebox] record")
(4, '[the] (locale|language) of %player%')
(4, "%player%'[s] (locale|language)")
(4, '[the] [json] client id of %object%')
(4, "%object%'[s] [json] client id")
(4, '(first|random) string matching [pattern] %regex/string%')
(4, 'regex split %string% (with|using) [pattern] %regex/string%')
(4, '[the] knowledge(s| recipes) of %itemstack%')
(4, "%itemstack%'[s] knowledge(s| recipes)")
(4, 'last[ly] [created] gui')
(4, '[last] regex [parser] error')
(4, '%number% [in] rad[ian]')
(4, 'custom[ ]enchantment[s]')
(4, 'gui[ ]inventor(y|ies)')
(4, 'slot[ ]type[s]')
(4, '[vector ]cube outline with radius %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(4, '[vector ]line with length %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(4, 'vector line (between|from) %vector% (and|to) %vector% with density %number%')
(4, 'vector[s] %vectors% (linked|connected) with density %number%')
(4, '[vector ]random sphere with radius %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(4, 'sphere[s] at %locations% with radius %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(4, '%number% [in] deg[ree]')
(4, '[vector ]circle with radius %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(4, 'random sphere[s] at %locations% with radius %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(4, '[vector ]sphere with radius %number%(,| and) density %number%')
(4, '(product|pi) %string% from %number% to (%number%|infinity)')
(4, '[the] [current] faction of %conquerplayers%')
(4, "%conquerplayers%'[s] [current] faction")
(4, '[the] [html] text of %htmlelement%')
(4, 'reset [the] server(-| )icon')
(4, 'reset [the] server [list] motd')
(4, 'set [the] server(-| )icon to base64 %string%')
(4, 'update [the] server [list] motd to %string%')
(4, '(sum|sigma) %string% from %number% to (%number%|infinity)')
(4, '[the] soundex [code] of %string%')
(4, "%string%'[s] soundex [code]")
(4, '[html] title (of|from) %htmldocument%')
(4, '[[(server|player)] list] ping')
(4, "last [called] custom event (was|wasn't) cancelled")
(4, '%locations% (is|are) (within|beyond) border')
(4, 'scores [are] (enabled|disabled) in tablist of %players%')
(4, "scores [are] (enabled|disabled) in %players%'s tablist")
(4, 'open function socket at port %number% [with password %-string%] [through function %-string%]')
(4, 'write %strings% to socket with host %string% port %number% [with timeout %-timespan%] [to handle response through function %-string% with id %-string%]')
(4, '(clear|reset) [all] player tab modifications for %players%')
(4, '(show|hide) %players% in [the] tablist of %players%')
(4, '(latency|ping) of [player] tab of %player% for %players%')
(4, "(latency|ping) of %player%'s [player] tab for %players%")
(4, 'rec(ei|ie)ve packet[s] %packets% from %players%')
(4, 'create [new] world [named %-string%] using %creator%')
(4, '[player] tab of %player% is (visible|hidden) for %players%')
(4, "%player%'s [player] tab is (visible|hidden) for %players%")
(4, '%player% is (visible|hidden) in tablist (of|for) %players%')
(4, '[all] blocks (of|in) %chunk%')
(4, 'blocks [from] %number%, %number%, %number% to %number%, %number%, %number% (of|in) %chunk%')
(4, 'layers [from] %number% to %number% (of|in) %chunk%')
(4, 'chunks [from] %number%, %number% to %number%, %number% [in %world%]')
(4, "%conquerfactions%'[s] (members|players)")
(4, '(%listutil% count|amount of %listutil%s) (of|in) %possessor%')
(4, '(%listutil% %-number%|last %listutil%) (of|in) %possessor%')
(4, 'json (of|from) (listvar|list variable) %objects%')
(4, 'jsons (of|from) (listvar|list variable) %objects%')
(4, '%listutil%s %number% to (%-number%|last) (of|in) %possessor%')
(4, '[on] (citizen|npc) create')
(4, '[handshake] [http] header %string% of %handshake%')
(4, '[on] (citizen|npc) despawn')
(4, '[on] (citizen|npc) spawn')
(4, '%entity% is [a] (citizen|npc)')
(4, 'skin [texture] (with|of) value %string% signature %string%')
(4, '(player count|max player count) of server with host %string% [port %-number%]')
(4, '[display] name of [array] tab %number%, %number% for %players%')
(4, '[on] [ShopChest] shop transaction')
(4, '(latency|ping) of [array] tab %number%, %number% for %players%')
(4, 'tablist (header|footer) (for|of) %players%')
(4, 'all [created] (citizen|npc)s')
(4, '[the] [ShopChest] shop limit of %player%')
(4, '[on] cannon creat(e|ion)')
(4, '[on] (cannon death|death by cannon)')
(4, '[on] cannon (fire|shoot)')
(4, '[the] [npc] name of %citizen%')
(4, "%citizen%'[s] [npc] name")
(4, '[the] [npc] vulnerability of %citizen%')
(4, "%citizen%'[s] [npc] vulnerability")
(4, '%player% is in [a] [PlotSquared] plot')
(4, '[on] SkyWars game (end|stop)')
(4, '[on] SkyWars game (start|begin)')
(4, '[on] SkyWars [game] leave queue')
(4, '%player% is [playing] in [a] Bedwars game')
(4, '[the] cannon [with id] %string% is clean')
(4, '%player% is [currently] [CombatLog] tagged')
(4, '%entity% is [a] [shop]keeper')
(4, '%player% is in [a] SkyWars [game] queue')
(4, 'add %itemstack% to [the] (back|mine)pack of %player%')
(4, "(remove|delete) %itemstack% from %player%'s (back|mine)pack")
(4, 'add %player% to [the] SkyWars [game] queue')
(4, 'remove %player% from [the] SkyWars [game] queue')
(4, '[the] [AdvancedBan] ban reason of %offlineplayer%')
(4, '[the] [AdvancedBan] banner of %offlineplayer%')
(4, '[the] [AdvancedBan] mute reason of %offlineplayer%')
(4, '[the] remaining [AdvancedBan] mute time of %offlineplayer%')
(4, '[the] [AdvancedBan] muter of %offlineplayer%')
(4, '[the] [AdvancedBan] punished player')
(4, '[the] [AdvancedBan] punisher')
(4, "%offlineplayer%'s [active] [AdvancedBan] punishments")
(4, '[the] remaining [AdvancedBan] ban time of %offlineplayer%')
(4, "%offlineplayer%'s [advanced] (survival games|sg) bounty")
(4, "%offlineplayer%'s [advanced] (survival games|sg) teammate")
(4, "%player%'s [Autorank] (requirements|reqs)")
(4, "%player%'s completed [Autorank] (requirements|reqs)")
(4, '[the] eligible [Autorank] paths of %player%')
(4, "%player%'s failed [Autorank] (requirements|reqs)")
(4, '[the] (amount|number) of cannons %offlineplayer% has built')
(4, '[the] id of [the] cannon at %location%')
(4, '[the] [CombatLog] tagger')
(4, "[the] size of %player%'s (back|mine)pack")
(4, '[the] party [name] of %offlineplayer%')
(4, '[the] pvp (kdr|kill death ratio) of %offlineplayer%')
(4, '[the] pvp (xp|experience) of %offlineplayer%')
(4, 'open [an] editable %boolean% (back|mine)pack of %player% to %player%')
(4, "%player%'s (completed|finished) [Autorank] paths")
(4, "[the] %block%'s [Lockette] owner")
(4, '[LockettePro] owner of [the] %block%')
(4, "[the] %block%'s [LockettePro] owner")
(4, '[the] next SkyWars [game] arena')
(4, '[the] [claim] type of %conquerclaims%')
(4, "%conquerclaims%'[s] [claim] type")
(4, '[the] (old|new) relation')
(4, '%objects% (while|until|if|unless) %boolean%')
(4, '[on] [block] physics')
(4, '[conquer]faction[s]')
(4, '[the] array tablist is (enabled|disabled) for %players%')
(4, '[on] bed enter[ing]')
(4, "amount of (column|row)s in %players%'s [array] tablist")
(4, '[on] bucket empty[ing]')
(4, "%players% ((doesn't|does not) have|(aren't|are not) in) a faction")
(4, '[FunkySk] song id stop[ing] %string%')
(4, '[the] [event-]block')
(4, '[the] block %direction% [%location%]')
(4, '%~object%(-to-be| after[(wards| the event)])')
(4, '[the] [faction] title of %conquerplayers%')
(4, "%conquerplayers%'[s] [faction] title")
(4, '[the] faction[s] at %locations/conquerclaims%')
(4, '[the] home [location] of %conquerfactions%')
(4, "%conquerfactions%'[s] home [location]")
(4, '[conquer|faction]claim[s]')
(4, 'open [the] bitcoin [main] menu to %player%')
(4, '[the] (amount|number) of bitcoins mined by %offlineplayer%')
(4, '[the] [bitcoin] exchange currency symbol')
(4, '[the] (attacker|damager)')
(4, "%inventories/strings/objects% do[es](n't| not) contain %itemtypes/strings/objects%")
(4, '%strings% hash[ed] with (MD5|SHA-256)')
(4, '(visual|particle) effect[s]')
(4, '[display] name of [player] tab of %player% for %players%')
(4, "[display] name of %player%'s [player] tab for %players%")
(4, '[websocket] request [handshake]')
(4, '[websocket] response [handshake]')
(4, "%inventory%['s] slot[s] %numbers%")
(4, '[on] [Slimefun] research unlock')
(4, 'create [a] [new] Slimefun item %itemstack% with id %string% in category %string% with recipe %itemstacks% with recipe type %string%')
(4, '[on] bed leav(e|ing)')
(4, '[on] [block] can build check')
(4, '[on] chunk unload[ing]')
(4, '[the] group[(s)] of %offlineplayers%')
(4, "%offlineplayers%'[s] group[(s)]")
(4, '[the] humidit(y|ies) of %blocks%')
(4, "%blocks%'[s] humidit(y|ies)")
(4, '[the] (index|indices) of %slots%')
(4, "%slots%'[s] (index|indices)")
(4, '[the] temperature[s] of %blocks%')
(4, "%blocks%'[s] temperature[s]")
(4, 'colo[u]r[s]')
(4, "%worlds%'[s] seed[s]")
(4, 'item[ ]type[s]')
(4, '[on] [tuske] prepare item craft')
(4, '%player% (has|have) [a] clan')
(4, "%player% (hasn't|doesn't have) [a] clan")
(4, 'cancel [the] drops of (inventory|items)')
(4, '[make] %player% [a] invite %player% to his clan')
(4, '[the] [clan] tag of %clan%')
(4, "%clan%'[s] [clan] tag")
(4, '[the] [all] recipes of %itemstack%')
(4, "%itemstack%'[s] [all] recipes")
(4, '[the] (mc|minecraft) version of %player%')
(4, "%player%'[s] (mc|minecraft) version")
(4, '[skript-]y[a]ml %string% is empty')
(4, 'current [bungee[[ ]cord]]server')
(4, '[on] [book] edit')
(4, '[on] inventory [window] close')
(4, '[on] any move[ment]')
(4, '[on] vehicle (block collide|collide with block)')
(4, '[on] vehicle (entity collide|collide with entity)')
(4, '[the] event is cancel[l]ed')
(4, "%itemstacks% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) edible")
(4, "%itemstacks% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) flammable")
(4, "%itemstacks% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) solid")
(4, "%itemstacks% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) transparent")
(4, '%strings% (start|end)[s] with %string%')
(4, '[the] altitude[s] of %locations%')
(4, "%locations%'[s] altitude[s]")
(4, '%objects% (where|that match) \\[<.+>\\]')
(4, '(neither|) %objects% (is|are) between %objects% and %objects%')
(4, '(neither|) %objects% (was|were) between %objects% and %objects%')
(4, "(neither|) %objects% (will not be|won't be) between %objects% and %objects%")
(4, '[the] name[s] of %itemstacks/slots/livingentities/players/inventories%')
(4, "%itemstacks/slots/livingentities/players/inventories%'[s] name[s]")
(4, '%objects% if <.+>[,] (otherwise|else) %objects%')
(3, 'bind hologram %string% to %living entities% for %timespan% [offset by %number%, %number%( and|,) %number%]')
(3, 'create bound holo object %string% with id %string% to %entity% [offset by %number%, %number%( and|,) %number%]')
(3, '(place|set|spawn) mine at %location% for %player% as %string%')
(3, '(show|display|unhide) bossbar %string%')
(3, 'on (crackshot|weapon|gun) damage')
(3, '(crackshot|weapon|gun) reload')
(3, '(readable|writable|hidden) attribute of file %string%')
(3, "file %string%'s (readable|writable|hidden) attribute")
(3, "disk's (total|free|usable) space")
(3, '(total|free|usable) space on disk')
(3, "file %string%'s (last modified|creation|last access) value")
(3, '(last modified|creation|last access) value of file %string%')
(3, 'on file (wipe|reset|clear)')
(3, '[(the|this)] event is cancelled')
(3, "[[Libs]Disguises] %entitys%'s disguise")
(3, "offer %enchantmentoffer%'s [enchant[ment]] cost")
(3, "offer %enchantmentoffer%'s [enchant[ment]] level")
(3, '%itemstacks% with(out [any]| no) NBT')
(3, '[current [inventory]] cursor of %player%')
(3, "%player%'s [current [inventory]] cursor")
(3, '(raw|minecraft|vanilla) name of %itemtypes%')
(3, 'vector (of|from|to) %location%')
(3, '(vector|standard|normal) length of %vector%')
(3, '(x|y|z) of %vector%')
(3, 'replace (all|every|) %strings% in %strings% with %string%')
(3, 'replace (all|every|) %strings% with %string% in %strings%')
(3, 'replace (all|every|) %itemstacks% in %inventories% with %itemstack%')
(3, 'replace (all|every|) %itemstacks% with %itemstack% in %inventories%')
(3, '[de[-]]op %offlineplayers%')
(3, 'broadcast %strings% [(to|in) %-worlds%]')
(3, '(open|turn on|activate) %blocks%')
(3, 'set (diameter|side length|size) of %world% to %number% over %timespan%')
(3, "set %world%'s (diameter|side length|size) to %number% over %timespan%")
(3, 'set (diameter|side length|size) of %world% over %timespan% to %number%')
(3, "set %world%'s (diameter|side length|size) over %timespan% to %number%")
(3, 'add %number% to (diameter|side length|size) of %world% over %timespan%')
(3, "add %number% to %world%'s (diameter|side length|size) over %timespan%")
(3, '%entities% ((is|are) ageable|can grow up)')
(3, 'eject record (of|from|) %block%')
(3, 'change gui shape [of (items|actions)] to %strings%')
(3, 'drops of %block% [(with|using) %-itemstack%]')
(3, 'gui-[(clicked|current)-]item')
(3, '[location[s]] %locations% offset by %vectors%')
(3, '[vector[s] ]%vectors% moved by %vectors%')
(3, 'unload [y[a]ml] %string%')
(3, '(login|connect[ion]) result')
(3, 'play [[%-note% with] %-instrument% on] noteblock %block%')
(3, "[(don't|do not)] load %world% automatically")
(3, "%objects% that are[(n't| not)] %object%")
(3, 'highest [(solid|non-air)] block at %location%')
(3, 'party [(named|with name)] %string% exists')
(3, "[[the] name of] %player%'s Bedwars game")
(3, 'every %timespan% in [world[s]] %worlds%')
(3, '%players% (can|(is|are) allowed to) build %directions% %locations%')
(3, "%offlineplayer%'s [(number|amount) of] pvp deaths")
(3, "%offlineplayer%'s pvp [(xp|experience)] progress")
(3, "%offlineplayer%'s [(number|amount) of] pvp kills")
(3, '(%-string%|chatcomponent|playerinfodata) array pjson %number% of %packet%')
(3, '%players% has [(are|is) in] (a) faction')
(3, '(amount|number|size) of %objects%')
(3, 'log(n: number, base: number = [[integer:10]])')
(3, "player tabs (are|aren't|are not) visible for %players%")
(3, '(%-classinfo/string%|collection|bytebuffer) array pinfo %number% of %packet%')
(3, 'play tick %number% from [position song[ ]player] %positionsongplayer% to %players%')
(3, 'permissions of %permissionentity% [in [world] %world%]')
(3, '[(vault|pex)] suffix of %permissionentity%')
(3, 'parents of %permissionentity% [in [world] %world%]')
(3, 'users of %permissiongroup% [in [world] %world%]')
(3, 'highest [(solid|non-air)] block at %locations%')
(3, 'delete [y[a]ml] %string%')
(3, "bungee[[ ]cord]'s disabled commands")
(2, '(add|set) bossbar %string% for %player%')
(2, 'add %player% to group score [with id] %string%')
(2, 'make citizen %number% (invulnerable|vulnerable)')
(2, '(delete|remove) line %number% in holo object %string%”')
(2, "%locations/entities%'[s] world")
(2, '(remove|destroy) bossbar %string%')
(2, 'make citizen %number% (attack|fight) %living entities%')
(2, 'make citizen %number% (say|communicate) %string% to %livingentities%')
(2, 'move citizen %number% to %location% [at speed %number%]')
(2, 'play %string% to %player% [at volume %number%]')
(2, '(remove|destroy) citizen %number%')
(2, 'remove %players% [from] bossbar %string%')
(2, 'respawn citizen %number% (at|%direction%) %location%')
(2, "set %player%['s] action bar to %string%")
(2, '(set|edit) bossbar %string% style to %BossBarStyle%')
(2, 'set tab[list] score of %player% to %number% for %player%')
(2, 'make %player% (unglow|stop glowing)')
(2, '[crackshot|gun|weapon] unscope')
(2, '[on] hologram pickup')
(2, '[on] Vote')
(2, '(gun|crackshot weapon) %string%')
(2, 'last created citizen [id]')
(2, 'sidebar (title|name) for %player%')
(2, 'number of enchant[ment]s on %itemstack%')
(2, '(title|name) of bossbar %string%')
(2, '(value|progress) of bossbar %string%')
(2, 'EffectLibParticle[s]')
(2, '(NPC|Citizen) is %number%')
(2, '%entity% is (citizen|npc) %number%')
(2, '(absolute|complete) path of %string%')
(2, "%string%'s (absolute|complete) path")
(2, 'convert ascii %number% to (text|string)')
(2, 'ascii %numbers% as (text|string)')
(2, 'convert bin[ary] %string% to decimal')
(2, 'bin[ary] %string% as decimal')
(2, 'convert bin[ary] %string% to octal')
(2, 'bin[ary] %string% as octal')
(2, 'convert (text|string) %string% to lowercase')
(2, 'convert (text|string) %string% to uppercase')
(2, '%string% parsed as date[ formatted as %-string%]')
(2, 'convert date %date% to unix[ date]')
(2, 'date %date% as unix[ date]')
(2, 'convert decimal %number% to bin[ary]')
(2, 'decimal %string% as bin[ary]')
(2, 'encode base[ ]64 %string%')
(2, 'decode base[ ]64 %string%')
(2, 'encode morse[ code] %string%')
(2, 'decode morse[ code] %string%')
(2, 'size of file %string%[ in bytes]')
(2, "file %string%'s size[ in bytes]")
(2, 'files in zip[ file] %string%')
(2, "zip[ file] %string%'s files")
(2, 'hash[ed] %string% using %string%')
(2, 'number of[ loaded] conditions')
(2, 'number of[ loaded] effects')
(2, 'number of[ loaded] events')
(2, 'number of[ loaded] expressions')
(2, 'number of[ loaded] functions')
(2, 'number of[ loaded] statements')
(2, 'number of[ loaded] triggers')
(2, 'number of[ loaded] variables')
(2, 'number of (upper|lower)case chars in %string%')
(2, 'convert octal %string% to bin[ary]')
(2, 'octal %string% as bin[ary]')
(2, 'convert (text|string) %string% to ascii')
(2, '(text|string) %string% as ascii')
(2, 'convert (text|string) %string% to unicode')
(2, '(text|string) %string% as unicode')
(2, 'time[ ]zone of server')
(2, "server's time[ ]zone")
(2, 'convert unicode %string% to (text|string)')
(2, 'unicode %string% as (text|string)')
(2, 'convert unix[ date] %number% to date')
(2, 'unix[ date] %number% as date')
(2, 'convert unix[ date] %number% to date formatted as %string%')
(2, 'unix[ date] %number% as date formatted as %string%')
(2, 'online stat(us|e) of url %string%')
(2, "url %string%'s online stat(us|e)")
(2, 'size of url %string%[ in bytes]')
(2, "url %string%'s size[ in bytes]")
(2, 'on file creat(ion|e)')
(2, 'on file delet(ion|e)')
(2, 'copy dir[ectory] %string% to %-string%')
(2, 'create dir[ectory] %string%')
(2, 'delete dir[ectory] %string%')
(2, 'move dir[ectory] %string% to %-string%')
(2, 'reload s(k|c)ript %string%')
(2, 'rename dir[ectory] %string% to %-string%')
(2, 'unzip %string% to dir[ectory] %-string%')
(2, 'file %string% is a dir[ectory]')
(2, "file %string% is(n't| not) a file")
(2, 'file %string% is exec[utable]')
(2, 'file %string% is (symbolic|shortcut)')
(2, 'server is time[ ]zone %string%')
(2, "%string% does(n't| not) end with %-string%")
(2, "%string% does(n't| not) start with %-string%")
(2, 'edit holo object %string% to %string% [and set interactivity to %boolean%]')
(2, '[on] creative inventory click:')
(2, '[on] entity shoot:')
(2, '[on] entity teleport:')
(2, '[on] slime split')
(2, '[on] spawner spawn')
(2, '[on] vehicle move:')
(2, "%itemstack% is(n't| not) unbreakable")
(2, '[map] %map% is virtual')
(2, '%player% is running SquidHQ [client]')
(2, '(leash|lead) %livingentities% to %block%')
(2, '[skellett] mysql update %string%')
(2, 'absolute [value] of %number%')
(2, '[skellett] absorption hearts of %player%')
(2, "[skellett] %player%'s absorption hearts")
(2, 'armo[u]r stand boots of %entity%')
(2, "armo[u]r stand %entity%'s boots")
(2, "%itemstack%'s [book] generation")
(2, "%itemstack%'s [book] title")
(2, "(npc|citizen) %npc%'s name")
(2, "(npc|citizen) %npc%'s full name")
(2, "(npc|citizen) %npc%'s location")
(2, '(clicked|inventory) action')
(2, 'click[ed] inventory')
(2, 'fedual [kingdom] home of %kingdom%')
(2, "%kingdom%'s fedual [kingdom] home")
(2, 'fedual [kingdom] description of %kingdom%')
(2, "%kingdom%'s fedual [kingdom] description")
(2, 'fedual [kingdom] of %player%')
(2, "%player%'s fedual [kingdom]")
(2, 'fedual [kingdom] name of %player%')
(2, "%player%'s fedual [kingdom] name")
(2, '[skellett] final damage')
(2, '[on] ally clan add')
(2, 'relight [chunk] %chunk%')
(2, '[on] ally clan remove')
(2, 'click[ed] item')
(2, 'click[ed] slot type')
(2, "%inventory%'s [inventory] type")
(2, 'Llama colo[u]r of %entity%')
(2, "Llama %entity%'s colo[u]r")
(2, 'map (scale|size) of %map%')
(2, "map %map%'s (scale|size)")
(2, '(scale|size) of map %map%')
(2, '[skellett] mysql result of query %string%')
(2, '(next|first) empty slot of %inventory%')
(2, '(old|new) redstone current')
(2, '%itemstacks% with [all] removed NBT')
(2, '[skellett] slime size of %entity%')
(2, "[skellett] %entity%'s slime size")
(2, '[spectral] arrow glowing time of %entity%')
(2, "%entity%'s [spectral] arrow glowing time")
(2, 'block[s]')
(2, '[the] arguments')
(2, '(location|position) of %location%')
(2, 'boolean[s]')
(2, 'chunk[s]')
(2, 'biome[s]')
(2, '%string% in (upper|lower) case')
(2, 'entit(y|ies)')
(2, 'inventory action[s]')
(2, 'inventory type[s]')
(2, 'date[s]')
(2, 'direction[s]')
(2, 'enchantment[s]')
(2, 'inventor(y|ies)')
(2, 'object[s]')
(2, 'player[s]')
(2, 'projectile[s]')
(2, 'location[s]')
(2, 'time[s]')
(2, 'duration[s]')
(2, 'tree[s]')
(2, 'type[s]')
(2, 'vector[s]')
(2, 'region[s]')
(2, '[the] loop-<.+>')
(2, '[the] moved blocks')
(2, '(water bottle|bottle of water)')
(2, "%players%'[s] saturation")
(2, '[new] vector from yaw %number% and pitch %number%')
(2, 'weather condition[s]')
(2, 'weather[s]')
(2, 'world[s]')
(2, '[on] clan chat')
(2, 'my[self]')
(2, '[on] clan create')
(2, '[the] final damage')
(2, '[on] clan disband')
(2, '[on] player join')
(2, '[the] item')
(2, '[the] click action')
(2, '[the] tamer')
(2, '[the] damage')
(2, '[the] inventory action')
(2, "%vector%['s] squared length")
(2, "%location%['s] vector")
(2, 'difference (between|of) %object% and %object%')
(2, '[the] distance between %location% and %location%')
(2, '[the] length of %strings%')
(2, "%strings%'[s] length")
(2, 'ev[en]t %strings%')
(2, '[the] health of %livingentities%')
(2, "%livingentities%'[s] health")
(2, '[the] gravity of %entities%')
(2, "%entities%'[s] gravity")
(2, '[the] level of %players%')
(2, "%players%'[s] level")
(2, '[the] type of %entitydatas/itemstacks/inventories%')
(2, "%entitydatas/itemstacks/inventories%'[s] type")
(2, '[the] UUID of %offlineplayers/worlds/entities%')
(2, "%offlineplayers/worlds/entities%'[s] UUID")
(2, '[the] velocity of %entities%')
(2, "%entities%'[s] velocity")
(2, "%location%'[s] biome")
(2, '[book] page %number% of %itemstack%')
(2, "%itemstack%'s [book] page %number%")
(2, '[the] compass target of %players%')
(2, "%players%'[s] compass target")
(2, '[the] glowing of %entities%')
(2, "%entities%'[s] glowing")
(2, "%worlds%'[s] weather")
(2, '[the] remaining air of %livingentities%')
(2, "%livingentities%'[s] remaining air")
(2, '%itemtype/inventorytype% (named|with name) %string%')
(2, '[the] unix timestamp of %dates%')
(2, "%dates%'[s] unix timestamp")
(2, '%conquerfactions% (is|are) open')
(2, '%conquerfactions% (is|are) peaceful')
(2, '[the] cursor slot of %players%')
(2, "%players%'[s] cursor slot")
(2, '[the] skull of %offlineplayers/entities/entitydatas%')
(2, "%offlineplayers/entities/entitydatas%'[s] skull")
(2, 'vector (yaw|pitch) of %vector%')
(2, '[the] lore of %itemstack/itemtype%')
(2, "%itemstack/itemtype%'[s] lore")
(2, 'at %time% [in %worlds%]')
(2, '[on] chat')
(2, '[on] creeper power')
(2, '[on] explosion prime')
(2, '[on] vehicle create')
(2, '[on] vehicle damage')
(2, '[on] vehicle destroy')
(2, '[on] vehicle enter')
(2, '[on] vehicle exit')
(2, 'cancel [the] event')
(2, 'uncancel [the] event')
(2, 'teleport %entities% (to|%direction%) %location%')
(2, 'rotate %vectors% around %vector% by %number% [degrees]')
(2, 'equip [%livingentity%] with %itemtypes%')
(2, 'un[-]shear %livingentities%')
(2, 'spawn %entitytypes% [%directions% %locations%]')
(2, 'spawn %number% of %entitytypes% [%directions% %locations%]')
(2, 'repair %slots/itemstack% [by %-number%]')
(2, 'enable PvP [in %worlds%]')
(2, 'disable PVP [in %worlds%]')
(2, '%entities% (is|are) on ground')
(2, '(add|give) %objects% to %~objects%')
(2, 'remove (all|every) %objects% from %~objects%')
(2, '(remove|subtract) %objects% from %~objects%')
(2, '(delete|clear) %~objects%')
(2, 'poison %livingentities% [for %-timespan%]')
(2, 'drop %itemtypes/experience% [%directions% %locations%]')
(2, 'drop %itemtypes/experience% [%directions% %locations%] without velocity')
(2, '%offlineplayers/strings% (is|are) banned')
(2, '[on] redis msg')
(2, '%players% (is|are) flying')
(2, '%livingentities% (is|are) poisoned')
(2, '%players% (is|are) sneaking')
(2, '%players% (is|are) sprinting')
(2, '%livingentities% (is|are) wearing %itemtypes%')
(2, 'is %weathertypes% [in %worlds%]')
(2, 'chance of %number%(\\%|)')
(2, '%players% (is|are) sleeping')
(2, '%inventories/slots/strings% (is|are) empty')
(2, '(bm|bungeemaster) connect %string% to server %string%')
(2, 'kick all (bm|bungeemaster) players due to %string%')
(2, 'kick (bm|bungeemaster) player with uuid %string% due to %string%')
(2, 'message all (bm|bungeemaster) players %string%')
(2, 'make citizen %number% build %string% at %location% [speed %number%] for %player%')
(2, 'spawn a (zombie villager|villager) with profession %profession% at %location%')
(2, '[on] inventory drag')
(2, '[on] inventory move')
(2, "%itemtypes% is(n't| not) edible")
(2, '%player% has [a] gui')
(2, "%itemtypes% has(n't| not) gravity")
(2, '%entities% (is|are) tameable')
(2, '%strings% [regex] matches %string%')
(2, '(change|edit) %guiinventory%')
(2, 'evaluate function %strings% [with <.+?>]')
(2, '(register|create) master permission %string%')
(2, 'save [player] data of %player%')
(2, '[the] description of command %string%')
(2, "command %string%'[s] description")
(2, '[the] permission of command %string%')
(2, "command %string%'[s] permission")
(2, '[the] permission message of command %string%')
(2, "command %string%'[s] permission message")
(2, '[the] usage of command %string%')
(2, "command %string%'[s] usage")
(2, '[the] aliases of command %string%')
(2, "command %string%'[s] aliases")
(2, "command %string%'[s] file location")
(2, 'result of function %string% [with <.+?>]')
(2, '[the] first login of %offlineplayer%')
(2, "%offlineplayer%'[s] first login")
(2, '[the] furnace level of %recipe%')
(2, "%recipe%'[s] furnace level")
(2, 'gui-click-(type|action)')
(2, 'gui-cursor[-item]')
(2, '[the] horse color of %entity%')
(2, "%entity%'[s] horse color")
(2, '[the] horse style of %entity%')
(2, "%entity%'[s] horse style")
(2, '%itemstack% with custom enchantment[s] %customenchantments%')
(2, '[the] last attacker of %entity%')
(2, "%entity%'[s] last attacker")
(2, '[the] last color of %string%')
(2, "%string%'[s] last color")
(2, '[the] last damage of %livingentity%')
(2, "%livingentity%'[s] last damage")
(2, '[the] last damage cause of %livingentity%')
(2, "%livingentity%'[s] last damage cause")
(2, '[the] last login of %offlineplayer%')
(2, "%offlineplayer%'[s] last login")
(2, '[the] lore name of %customenchantment%')
(2, "%customenchantment%'[s] lore name")
(2, '[the] max level of %customenchantment%')
(2, "%customenchantment%'[s] max level")
(2, '[the] rarity of %customenchantment%')
(2, "%customenchantment%'[s] rarity")
(2, 'random strings matching [pattern] %regex/string%')
(2, '[the] result item of %itemstacks/recipe%')
(2, "%itemstacks/recipe%'[s] result item")
(2, '[the] shape of %recipe%')
(2, "%recipe%'[s] shape")
(2, '%itemstack% with [recipes] %recipes%')
(2, 'gui [with id] %string%')
(2, '[the] max durability of %itemstack%')
(2, "%itemstack%'[s] max durability")
(2, 'offline player from [uuid] %string%')
(2, '[the] online time of %player%')
(2, "%player%'[s] online time")
(2, '[the] player data of %offlineplayer%')
(2, "%offlineplayer%'[s] player data")
(2, '[the] rabbit type of %entity%')
(2, "%entity%'[s] rabbit type")
(2, '[the] recipe owner of %recipes%')
(2, "%recipes%'[s] recipe owner")
(2, '<.+> [regex] pattern')
(2, "%entity%['s] frame")
(2, 'cube[s] at %locations% with radius %number%')
(2, '%locations% (linked|connected) with density %number%')
(2, '[location ]midpoint of %locations%')
(2, '%locations% with center %location% (moved|shifted) to %location%')
(2, 'frame (0¦yaw|1¦pitch) of %frame%')
(2, "%conquerfactions%'s claim[s]")
(2, '[the] claim at %location%')
(2, 'recipe[s]')
(2, '[vector ]cube with radius %number%')
(2, '[the] description of %conquerfactions%')
(2, "%conquerfactions%'[s] description")
(2, 'frame[s]')
(2, '[vector ]%vectors% in %frame%')
(2, '[location ]path between %locations% with density %number%')
(2, 'vector[s] %vectors% offset by %vectors%')
(2, 'vector[s] path between %vectors% with density %number%')
(2, '[the] duration of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] duration")
(2, '[the] end date of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] end date")
(2, '[the] executor of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] executor")
(2, '[the] ip of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] ip")
(2, '[the] origin server of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] origin server")
(2, '[the] player of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] player")
(2, '[the] reason of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] reason")
(2, '[the] server of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] server")
(2, '[the] start date of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] start date")
(2, '[the] type of %broadcast%')
(2, "%broadcast%'[s] type")
(2, '[the] type of %entry%')
(2, "%entry%'[s] type")
(2, 'reset [the] version string')
(2, 'set [the] version string to %string%')
(2, 'd/dx(%string%) [where x=%number%]')
(2, '[the] last skuared result')
(2, '[the] last skuared error')
(2, '(load|unload) chunk %chunk%')
(2, 'server socket is open at host %string% port %number% [with timeout of %-timespan%]')
(2, 'border stabilize [in %-worlds%]')
(2, 'unhang [due to %-hangingremovecauses%]')
(2, 'loaded script[ name]s')
(2, 'border of %world% is (moving|stable)')
(2, "%world%'s border is (moving|stable)")
(2, '[the] struct of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] struct")
(2, '[the] structures of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] structures")
(2, '[the] structure settings of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] structure settings")
(2, 'send packet[s] %packets% to %players%')
(2, 'send %players% packet[s] %packets%')
(2, 'delete all (id|simple) tabs for %players%')
(2, '(show|hide) %players% for %players% in tablist')
(2, "(show|hide) %players% in %players%'s tablist")
(2, 'stop websocket server at port %number% [with timeout %-number%]')
(2, 'websocket send %strings% [through %-websockets%]')
(2, 'tablist (latency|ping) of %player% for %players%')
(2, "%player%'s tablist (latency|ping) for %players%")
(2, 'close websocket %websocket% [with message %-string%]')
(2, 'unload %world% [save %-boolean%]')
(2, '(case|matches) %object%')
(2, '(switch|match) %object%')
(2, '(sync|in %-timespan%)')
(2, 'duplicate %world% (with|using) name %string%')
(2, '[the] invited players of %conquerfactions%')
(2, 'prob[ability]')
(2, '[the] title of %itemstacks%')
(2, "%itemstacks%'[s] title")
(2, 'block %number%, %number%, %number% (of|in) %chunk%')
(2, '(id|ids) of custom event')
(2, "custom event's (id|ids)")
(2, "%player% is (visible|hidden) in %players%'s tablist")
(2, '[the] author of %itemstacks%')
(2, "%itemstacks%'[s] author")
(2, 'chunk %number%, %number% [in %world%]')
(2, '[codeblock of] function %string%')
(2, '[the] sender faction')
(2, '[the] target faction')
(2, '[the] breath of %livingentity%')
(2, "%livingentity%'[s] breath")
(2, '[the] max breath of %livingentity%')
(2, "%livingentity%'[s] max breath")
(2, '[the] difficulty of %world%')
(2, "%world%'[s] difficulty")
(2, '%listutil%s (of|in) %possessor%')
(2, '(shown|sent) motd')
(2, '[the] note of %block%')
(2, "%block%'[s] note")
(2, 'value of [game]rule %string% in %world%')
(2, '(arbitrary|%-string%) penum %number% of %packet%')
(2, '[the] %citizen% is paused')
(2, '(cancel|stop) navigation of %citizen%')
(2, "(cancel|stop) %citizen%'s navigation")
(2, 'new random [from seed %number%]')
(2, 'random from %numbers% prob[abilitie]s')
(2, 'skull from %skin% [with owner %-string%]')
(2, 'handler [function] of function socket at port %number%')
(2, 'pass[word] of function socket at port %number%')
(2, 'random number from %numbers% prob[abilitie]s')
(2, 'all [pex] groups')
(2, 'make %citizen% (0¦attack|1¦follow) %livingentity%')
(2, '(int|byte) array pnum %number% of %packet%')
(2, '[the] packettype of %packet%')
(2, "%packet%'[s] packettype")
(2, 'motd of server with host %string% [port %-number%]')
(2, 'score of [array] tab %number%, %number% for %players%')
(2, 'score of [player] tab of %player% for %players%')
(2, "score of %player%'s [player] tab for %players%")
(2, '[the] throwable cause of %throwable%')
(2, "%throwable%'[s] throwable cause")
(2, '[the] details of %throwable%')
(2, "%throwable%'[s] details")
(2, '[the] line number of %stacktraceelement%')
(2, "%stacktraceelement%'[s] line number")
(2, '[the] class name of %stacktraceelement%')
(2, "%stacktraceelement%'[s] class name")
(2, '[the] file name of %stacktraceelement%')
(2, "%stacktraceelement%'[s] file name")
(2, '[the] method name of %stacktraceelement%')
(2, "%stacktraceelement%'[s] method name")
(2, 'all websockets [of server at port %-number%]')
(2, '[the] websocket state of %websocket%')
(2, "%websocket%'[s] websocket state")
(2, '[the] local host of %websocket%')
(2, "%websocket%'[s] local host")
(2, '[the] remote host of %websocket%')
(2, "%websocket%'[s] remote host")
(2, '[the] external host of %websocket%')
(2, "%websocket%'[s] external host")
(2, '(0¦pause|1¦continue) navigation of %citizen%')
(2, "(0¦pause|1¦continue) %citizen%'s navigation")
(2, "%players%'s tablist (header|footer)")
(2, "%player%'s [ShopChest] shop limit")
(2, '[the] creator of %world%')
(2, "%world%'[s] creator")
(2, '[the] dim of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] dim")
(2, '[the] dimension of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] dimension")
(2, '[the] env of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] env")
(2, '[the] environment of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] environment")
(2, '[the] gen of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] gen")
(2, '[the] generator of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] generator")
(2, '[the] gen set of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] gen set")
(2, '[the] generator set of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] generator set")
(2, '[the] gen settings of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] gen settings")
(2, '[the] generator settings of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] generator settings")
(2, '[the] websocket id of %websocket%')
(2, "%websocket%'[s] websocket id")
(2, '[the] local port of %websocket%')
(2, "%websocket%'[s] local port")
(2, '[the] remote port of %websocket%')
(2, "%websocket%'[s] remote port")
(2, '[the] external port of %websocket%')
(2, "%websocket%'[s] external port")
(2, '[the] resource descriptor of %handshake%')
(2, "%handshake%'[s] resource descriptor")
(2, '[the] handshake resource descriptor of %handshake%')
(2, "%handshake%'[s] handshake resource descriptor")
(2, 'websocket [server] port')
(2, '[the] center of %world%')
(2, "%world%'[s] center")
(2, '[the] worldtype of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] worldtype")
(2, '[all] automatic creators')
(2, '[on] cannon destroy')
(2, '[on] cannon projectile impact')
(2, '[all] current worlds')
(2, '[the] seed of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] seed")
(2, '%offlineplayer% is muted [by AdvancedBan]')
(2, '%player% is spectating [a] Bedwars game')
(2, '%offlineplayer% is in [a] party')
(2, '[the] citizen of %entity%')
(2, "%entity%'[s] citizen")
(2, 'SkyWars [game] queue is full')
(2, "add %itemstack% to %player%'s (back|mine)pack")
(2, "%offlineplayer%'s [AdvancedBan] ban reason")
(2, "%offlineplayer%'s [AdvancedBan] banner")
(2, "%offlineplayer%'s [AdvancedBan] mute reason")
(2, "%offlineplayer%'s remaining [AdvancedBan] mute time")
(2, "%offlineplayer%'s [AdvancedBan] muter")
(2, "%offlineplayer%'s remaining [AdvancedBan] ban time")
(2, "%player%'s eligible [Autorank] paths")
(2, '[the] ids of all cannons')
(2, '[the] cannon limit of %player%')
(2, "%offlineplayer%'s party [name]")
(2, "%offlineplayer%'s pvp (kdr|kill death ratio)")
(2, '[the] pvp level of %offlineplayer%')
(2, "%offlineplayer%'s pvp (xp|experience)")
(2, "open editable %boolean% %player%'s (back|mine)pack to %player%")
(2, "%block%'s [LWC] owner")
(2, "%entity%'s [shop]keeper name")
(2, '[the] level progress of %players%')
(2, "%players%'[s] level progress")
(2, 'armor stand (manipulate|interact)')
(2, '(disable|deactivate) array tablist for %players%')
(2, '[the] warp names of %conquerfaction%')
(2, "initial icon of %players%'s [array] tablist")
(2, 'when %boolean% [by %-timespan%]')
(2, '[on] projectile hit')
(2, '[the] http status message of %handshake%')
(2, "%handshake%'[s] http status message")
(2, '[the] handshake http status message of %handshake%')
(2, "%handshake%'[s] handshake http status message")
(2, 'pex user (%string%|%player%)')
(2, 'async [in %-timespan%]')
(2, '[the] http status of %handshake%')
(2, "%handshake%'[s] http status")
(2, '[the] handshake http status of %handshake%')
(2, "%handshake%'[s] handshake http status")
(2, '[the] permissions of %players%')
(2, "%players%'[s] permissions")
(2, '[the] creation date of %conquerfactions%')
(2, "%conquerfactions%'[s] creation date")
(2, '%~object% before [the event]')
(2, '[the] bitcoin balance of %offlineplayer%')
(2, '[the] bitcoin circulation limit')
(2, '[the] top bitcoin players')
(2, '%inventories/strings/objects% contain[s] %itemtypes/strings/objects%')
(2, 'click type[s]')
(2, '%string% parsed as (%-*classinfo%|"<.*>")')
(2, "players are (visible|hidden) in %players%'s tablist")
(2, 'skin [texture] of %player/itemstack/block%')
(2, 'new [websocket] handshake')
(2, '[the] worldname of %creator%')
(2, "%creator%'[s] worldname")
(2, 'all [pex] users')
(2, "%permissionentity%'[s] name")
(2, "%permissiongroup%'[s] rank")
(2, "%permissiongroup%'[s] weight")
(2, '[pex] create %permissionentity%')
(2, 'on mention [of player]')
(2, '[on] enderman place')
(2, '[on] enderman pickup')
(2, '[on] sheep eat')
(2, '[on] silverfish enter')
(2, '[on] silverfish exit')
(2, 'make %players% (stop|start) flying')
(2, '[the] exhaustion of %players%')
(2, "%players%'[s] exhaustion")
(2, '[the] item of %entities%')
(2, "%entities%'[s] item")
(2, '[the] weather of %players%')
(2, "%players%'[s] weather")
(2, '[the] respawn location')
(2, 'damage cause[s]')
(2, '[on] rival clan add')
(2, '[on] rival clan remove')
(2, "%player% is(n't| not) leader of his clan")
(2, "%player% is(n't| not) married")
(2, 'cancel [the] drops')
(2, 'disband [clan] %clan%')
(2, '[make] %player% join to %clan%')
(2, '(remove|kick) %player% from his clan')
(2, '[make] %player% resign from his clan')
(2, '[make] %player% invite %player% to marry')
(2, 'verify [clan] %clan%')
(2, '[the] clan members of %clan%')
(2, "%clan%'[s] clan members")
(2, '[event-]clan-two')
(2, '[the] clan deaths of %player%')
(2, "%player%'[s] clan deaths")
(2, '[the] gender of %player%')
(2, "%player%'[s] gender")
(2, 'level of [custom enchantment] %customenchantment% of %itemstack%')
(2, '[the] marry home of %player%')
(2, "%player%'[s] marry home")
(2, '[the] partner of %player%')
(2, "%player%'[s] partner")
(2, '[on] crafting click in slot <0-4>')
(2, '[on] enchant')
(2, '[on] horse jump')
(2, '[on] sheep dye')
(2, '%itemstacks% (is|are) edible')
(2, '%itemstacks% (is|are) flammable')
(2, '%itemstacks% (is|are) solid')
(2, '%itemstacks% (is|are) transparent')
(2, '%objects% (otherwise|?) %objects%')
(2, '[the] drops')
(2, '[%-classinfo%] input')
(2, '[the] enchantments of %itemtypes%')
(2, "%itemtypes%'[s] enchantments")
(2, '(neither|) %objects% will be between %objects% and %objects%')
(2, '[the] ping of %players%')
(2, "%players%'[s] ping")
(2, '[the] tps')
(2, 'metadata holder[s]')
(1, 'change citizen %number% skin to %string%')
(1, 'make citizen %number% hold %item stack%')
(1, 'make citizen %number% look at %location%')
(1, 'give npc %number% the look close trait')
(1, 'delete bossbar of %player%')
(1, 'delete score %string% in sidebar of %player%')
(1, 'despawn citizen %number%')
(1, 'hide bossbar %string%')
(1, 'set %player% tab name to %string%')
(1, 'set citizen number to protect %player%')
(1, 'set action bar of %player% to %string%')
(1, 'set score %string% below %player% to %number% for %player%')
(1, 'set bossbar named %string% for %player% to %number%')
(1, 'display bossbar with %string% to %player% for %timespan%')
(1, 'delete holo object %string%')
(1, 'delete redis variable %string%')
(1, 'make %player% wear cape %itemstack%')
(1, 'set name of sidebar of %player% to %string%')
(1, 'set score %string% in sidebar of %player% to %number%')
(1, 'set tab header to %string% and footer to %string% for %player%')
(1, '%number%')
(1, 'for builder %number% get the location of the top left of schematic centered at %location%')
(1, 'open book %itemstack% to %player%')
(1, '%block% is natural')
(1, '%block% is not natural')
(1, 'side bar is set for %player%')
(1, 'bossbar of %player%')
(1, 'citizen id of %entity%')
(1, 'owner of npc %number%')
(1, '%player% glowing')
(1, 'make %player% glow')
(1, 'name of citizen %number%')
(1, '%itemstack% with no NBT')
(1, 'shiny %itemstack%')
(1, 'BossBarColor')
(1, 'BossBarFlag')
(1, 'BossBarStyle')
(1, 'citizen %number%')
(1, 'addons list')
(1, 'list of addons')
(1, 'convert ascii %number% to unicode')
(1, 'ascii %numbers% as unicode')
(1, 'contents from url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s contents")
(1, 'encrypt %string% using %string% with key %string%')
(1, 'decrypt %string% using %string% with key %string%')
(1, 'file contents of %string%')
(1, "%string%'s file contents")
(1, 'extension of file %string%')
(1, "file %string%'s extension")
(1, 'line count of file %string%')
(1, "file %string%'s line count")
(1, 'name of file %string%')
(1, "file %string%'s name")
(1, 'owner of file %string%')
(1, "file %string%'s owner")
(1, '%vector% dot %vector%')
(1, 'convert hex %string% to rgb')
(1, 'hex %string% as rgb')
(1, 'content of json value %string% from text %-string%')
(1, "value %string%'s json contents from text %-string%")
(1, "content of json value's %strings% from text %-string%")
(1, "value's %strings%'s json contents from text %-string%")
(1, 'line %number% from url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s line %number%")
(1, 'plugin list')
(1, 'list of plugins')
(1, 'randomize %string%')
(1, 'line %number% in file %string%')
(1, "file %string%'s line %number%")
(1, 'region of server')
(1, "server's region")
(1, 'relative path of %string%')
(1, "%string%'s relative path")
(1, 'convert rgb %number, %number, %number to hex')
(1, 'rgb %number%, %number%, %number% as hex')
(1, 'short path of %string%')
(1, "%string%'s short path")
(1, 'ssl algorithm of url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s ssl algorithm")
(1, 'ssl expire value of url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s ssl expire value")
(1, 'ssl issue value of url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s ssl issue value")
(1, 'ssl serial number of url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s ssl serial number")
(1, 'ssl verifier of url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s ssl verifier")
(1, 'ssl version of url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s ssl version")
(1, 'convert unicode %string% to ascii')
(1, 'unicode %string% as ascii')
(1, 'last modified value of url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s last modified value")
(1, 'line count of url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s line count")
(1, 'response code of url %string%')
(1, "url %string%'s response code")
(1, "%string%'s version")
(1, 'version of %string%')
(1, 'on file copy')
(1, 'on file download')
(1, 'on file move')
(1, 'on file rename')
(1, 'on file write')
(1, 'on file zip')
(1, 'on unzip')
(1, 'copy file %string% to %-string%')
(1, 'download file from %string% to file %-string%')
(1, 'move file %string% to %-string%')
(1, 'skript reload aliases')
(1, "reload %string%'s config")
(1, 'reload config of %string%')
(1, 'reload server')
(1, 'rename file %string% to %-string%')
(1, 'restart server')
(1, 'set line %number% in file %string% to %string%')
(1, "set file %string%'s line %number% to %string%")
(1, 'file %string% is a file')
(1, '%string% ends with %-string%')
(1, '%string% starts with %-string%')
(1, 'create holo object %string% with id %string% at %location%')
(1, 'create client side holo object %string% with id %string% at %location% to %player%')
(1, 'create interactive holo object %string% with id %string% at %location%')
(1, 'create interactive client side holo object %string% with id %string% at %location% to %player%')
(1, 'create hologram %string% at %location% for %timespan%')
(1, 'display hologram %string% at %location% to %player% for %timespan%')
(1, '%barcolor%')
(1, '%barflag%')
(1, '%barstyle%')
(1, '%clickedslottype%')
(1, '%clickedtype%')
(1, '%enchantmentoffer%')
(1, '%teamoption%')
(1, '%inventoryproperty%')
(1, '%kindgom%')
(1, '%optionstatus%')
(1, '%team%')
(1, 'flush all redis variables')
(1, 'file %string% exists')
(1, '%itemstack% is unbreakable')
(1, 'breeder')
(1, 'crop state of %block%')
(1, "%entity%'s scoreboard tag")
(1, 'exhaustion of %player%')
(1, "%player%'s exhaustion")
(1, "%entity%'s fall distance")
(1, 'inventory type of %inventory%')
(1, 'invulnerable state of %entity%')
(1, "%entity%'s invulnerable state")
(1, 'inventory of Llama %entity%')
(1, 'Llama inventory of %entity%')
(1, "Llama %entity%'s inventory")
(1, 'world of map %map%')
(1, "map %map%'s world")
(1, 'send redis message %string% over channel %string%')
(1, 'spawn reason')
(1, 'target reason')
(1, 'teleport cause')
(1, "zPermissions's groups")
(1, "zPermissions's tracks")
(1, '%objective%')
(1, 'normalize %vector%')
(1, '%vector% normalized')
(1, 'set redis variable %string% to %string%')
(1, 'now')
(1, 'capitalized %string%')
(1, 'redis ip')
(1, 'money')
(1, 'potion')
(1, 'angle between %vector% and %vector%')
(1, 'me')
(1, 'redis port')
(1, 'random vector')
(1, 'squared length of %vector%')
(1, 'box between %location% and %location%')
(1, 'box outline between %location% and %location% with density %number%')
(1, 'vector box between %vector% and %vector%')
(1, 'vector box outline between %vector% and %vector% with density %number%')
(1, 'redis variable %text%')
(1, 'alphabetically sorted %strings%')
(1, 'unbreakable %itemtypes%')
(1, '%number% of %itemstacks/entitytype%')
(1, '%vote%')
(1, 'force %players% to respawn')
(1, 'make %livingentity% wear %itemtypes%')
(1, 'extinguish %entities%')
(1, 'shear %livingentities%')
(1, 'enchant %~itemstack% with %enchantmenttypes%')
(1, 'disenchant %~itemstack%')
(1, 'kill %entities%')
(1, 'increase %~objects% by %objects%')
(1, 'give %~objects% %objects%')
(1, 'set %~objects% to %objects%')
(1, 'reduce %~objects% by %objects%')
(1, 'reset %~objects%')
(1, 'return %objects%')
(1, 'do local redis event with message %string% over channel %string%')
(1, 'redis channels')
(1, 'redis connected')
(1, 'write %string% at line %numbers% to file %string%')
(1, 'for builder %number% get the location of the bottom right of schematic centered at %location%')
(1, '%itemtypes% is edible')
(1, 'slot %number% of %player% is a gui')
(1, '%itemtypes% has gravity')
(1, 'evaluate function %strings%(<.+?>)')
(1, 'change gui inventory to name %string% and size %number%')
(1, 'move %block% to %direction%')
(1, 'alphabetical order of %objects%')
(1, 'accepted items for %customenchantment%')
(1, 'conflicts for %customenchantment%')
(1, 'enabled for %customenchantment%')
(1, 'result of function %string(<.+?>)')
(1, 'gui-slot')
(1, 'gui-raw-slot')
(1, 'gui-hotbar-slot')
(1, 'gui-inventory')
(1, 'gui-inventory-action')
(1, 'gui-slot-type')
(1, 'gui-player')
(1, 'gui-players')
(1, 'gui-inventory-name')
(1, 'gui-slot-id')
(1, 'gui')
(1, 'highest block at %location%')
(1, 'item damage')
(1, 'page %number% of %objects% with %number% lines')
(1, 'recipe from ingredients %itemstacks%')
(1, 'frame of %entity%')
(1, 'frame with yaw %number% and pitch %number%')
(1, "%location%'s claim")
(1, 'vector midpoint of %vectors%')
(1, '%broadcast%')
(1, '%entry%')
(1, 'whitelist')
(1, 'limit %string% as x approaches %number%')
(1, 'limit %string% as x approaches %number% from above')
(1, 'limit %string% as x approaches infinity')
(1, 'limit %string% as x approaches -infinity')
(1, 'and(a: number, b: number)')
(1, 'factorial(x: number)')
(1, 'gamma(x: number)')
(1, 'nand(a: number, b: number)')
(1, 'nor(a: number, b: number)')
(1, 'nxor(a: number, b: number)')