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shell-recipe for pyenv install of Python 3.6.2 on CentOS / Redhat 6.7
# REF:
# ... building Python 3.6.2 on Bastion, "locally"
# yum install [Python3 build pre-reqs, on CentOS 6.7]
curl -L | bash
tee -a $HOME/.bash_profile <<EOF
export PATH="\$HOME/.pyenv/bin:\$PATH"
eval "\$(pyenv init -)"
eval "\$(pyenv virtualenv-init -)"
# re-login!
pyenv install 3.6.2
# REF:
pyenv commands
cd $HOME/py-capacity-openstack
pyenv local 3.6.2
pyenv virtualenv ostk-capacity
pyenv activate ostk-capacity
# pip install -r requirements.txt # openstack SDK et al
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