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#Post OpenSUSE / Gnome Install List


  • add keys
  • Setup proxy if necessary
  • Add packman repo


  • Install Sonar Theme if Gnome3 Adwaita title bars are too thick. Sonar puts a smaller/darker title bar.
  • Remove OO, Music and Music from Favorites
  • Add Yast and Terminal to Favorites

Gnome Extensions

Shell Settings

Use TweakUI to:

  • Windows: add back minimize and maximize buttons
  • Desktop: Add The desktop back (no icons)


  • Ctrl-D to create your first bookmark, after that you can d-n-d.
  • Change the Nautilus location bar to show location instead of buttons:
gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry true
  • Add back new document menu from Terminal:
touch Templates/text.txt
  • In app menu, file/preferences/default view 'list view'


  • Install SimpleWhite Theme for Gnome Light,FT Deep Dark for Gnome Dark Colorzilla, Firebug
  • about:config change close browser on last tab to false browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab false


  • Install Chromium , Midori (Midori is webkit does an impression of Safari/Tablet rendering.
  • Install Geany and plugins Great all-purpose code editor with symbol browser
    • Editor: Features:80, Indentation Spaces
    • Display: White Space, Column at 80, show line numbers
    • Files: Ensure new line, consistent line endings, replace tabs by space



Web Development Pattern (php/mysql stuff, more.

  • Make sure to add php extensions: phar, mcrypt, openSSL, zlib, imap
  • Go to yast/http server to configure/start server.
  • DBVis
  • Netbeans
  • VirtualBox
  • Geany
    • Editor->Indentation: Tabs or Spaces
    • Editor->Display: show white space
    • Editor->Files:
      • Ensure new line at file end
      • ensure consistent line endings
      • strip trailing space/tabs
      • replace tabs with space.
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