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  • <Hansol> 19:21
    • ingredients: rice cakes (1.5 inch long, like a thumb), fish cakes, onion + any other veggies that go along (cabbage, carrot, boiled egg, etc)
    • sauce: red pepper paste (2 tbsp), red pepper powder (2 tbsp), soy sauce 1 tbsp, sugar 1-3 tbsp (depending on your taste)
    • broth: water works fine with 2-3 cups, but making broth is for best. you can make it with radish, fish cake, onion, dashima, dried anchovies, etc. Just use any of these and boil without lid until you see the color change. (with lid would make the broth smelly). Or, simply go to Esther and ask nicely for the cube broth.
    • Broth first -> put in ingredients -> sauce -> cook until kind of thick. -> taste -> add things to change taste -> give some to Esther
    • Esther says "make it again, it's not good enough." -> start over.
    • yay.
    • ah, if using frozen rice cakes, soak them in water while making broth.
    • K marts sell pre-made tokpoki sauce tho. that might be easier.
  • <Phoenix King Ozai> 19:39
    • Hansol is very nice to write out everything
    • or just do Esther's hw and get an A than she will come over and teach you how to make it
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