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apt install schroot
echo \
[jessie] \
description=Raspbian armhf \
directory=/var/chroot \
users=$USER \
groups=sbuild \
root-groups=root >> /etc/schroot/schroot.conf
apt install qemu-user-static debootstrap
debootstrap --no-check-gpg --foreign --arch=armhf jessie $CHROOT
cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static $CHROOT/usr/bin
chroot $CHROOT /debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stage
cat > $CHROOT/etc/apt/sources.list << EOF
deb jessie main contrib non-free rpi
deb jessie main
chroot $CHROOT apt-key adv --keyserver --recv 82B129927FA3303E
chroot $CHROOT apt-get update
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