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Last active Aug 31, 2016
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I want this in Agda
-- This isn't real Agda code, but it's
-- something i find i want to have regularly.
-- As a simple example, the Integers.
data Int : Set where
ze : Int
su : Int -> Int
- (su x) : Int -> Int
- _ ()
su (- x) ()

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@bishboria bishboria commented Aug 31, 2016

The first - case ensures that any negative number must have a su as it's head constructor.

The last - case avoids both - ze and - (- x)

The second su case excludes any ways of putting a - in non head positions, avoiding
degenerate things like su (- (su (- (su ze))

Trying to push the idea of correct by construction to blend functions and data type declarations.

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