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Specifying a custom package.json location for your project using .bithoundrc.
"ignore": [
"test": [
"packageJsonLocation": "foo/package.json"

Is there a way to include two package.json files? I have a project with client and server directories. Each has their own package.json.

aluxian commented Jun 8, 2016

+1 for multiple package.json files

+1 for multiple package.json files. I use a monorepo to host several npm packages of the same project. Another solution would be the possibility to have a bithound report for each package instead of one for the whole repo.

gmadole commented Aug 9, 2017

+1 multiple package.json file support would be great!

Joatin commented Jan 25, 2018

+1 multiple would be great for monorepos!

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