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Last active November 25, 2023 06:53
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Ads for starlight problem solving (CC by 4.0 License)

Here are the ads for starlight problem solving. Everything is under

To copy the text ads click on "raw" to view the raw text of the markdown. If where you are posting the ad doesn't support markdown, copy the text of the "small" text ad by selecting it with your mouse cursor and pressing copy instead.

Note the long ad is the markdown format for codeforces.

Emojis in the image ad are from Twemoji by Twitter under a CC by 4.0 License. and

IMPROVE your problem solving and help others! Join at !

Top problem solvers like Geothermal (top 0.02% on codeforces) recommend reflecting on key insights/observations after solving a problem to be able to tackle new problems. Join starlight problem solving to SHARE and VIEW these key insights/observations as well as HINTS with other problem solvers on over 20,000 problems including Codeforces, USACO, AMC, and AIME! You can view similar problems given insights of one problem with the help of AI if you struggle with some insights.

JOIN AT ! Share the word with various ads to copypaste at and join our Discord at This ad is under CC by 4.0 as well as the other ads! We are looking to add machine learning engineers, web developers, web designers, and marketing/outreach in a volunteer open source project. Apply now in this form: !

Hi Codeforces!

We know that to solve new problems we use key insights from old problems in ADDITION to knowing algorithms. (E.g. Geothermal (CF international grandmaster, top 0.02%) recommends this.) However, for many even after solving lots of problems and learning the algorithms improvement doesn't happen, since the mastery of key ideas hasn't been developed yet.

Thus, I have created this platform called 🌠 Starlight Problem Solving to help people improve using insights:

  • πŸ™‹ You can share and view a summary of insights (thanks to AI) on over 20,000 problems (Codeforces, AtCoder, DMOJ, etc). This allows you to see new important insights you may be missing on finding.
  • πŸ” You can also view similar problems based on insights (thanks to AI) so if you couldn't solve a problem, you can now find similar problems to allow you to master the insight(s) you struggled with.
  • πŸ€” You can also see hints to spend more time with hands on problem solving.
  • πŸ— In the future, we hope to create an AI to predict key insights problems (including ones with no insights in this database) and use AI to summarize the key insights needed to achieve a certain level (e.g. USA computing olympiad gold, codeforces rating 1900) giving you a clear vision of what insights you need to improve on and master.

If this sounds like it would be useful, please consider joining the website and sharing with others. If you have spreadsheets of insights/lessons, please consider submitting them here: Use the JOURNAL FEATURE which stores all the insights of problems you solved!

### πŸ’¬ Join the community: Join the Discord server: to share your input on how to improve this project/features to add!

🌐 Share this message:

Markdown format of various ads, as well as a short text add, and an image promoting starlight are all available at All available under CC BY 4.0.

πŸ‘ Join the project (volunteer, open source)!

We are currently open source on GitHub: Licensed under AGPLv3.

Here is a Google Form to fill out with your qualifications if you are interested: I'm looking for machine learning engineers, web developers, web designers, and marketing/outreach.

Hi Codeforces!

Join the website β†’

Starlight Problem Solving is doing an Amazon Giftcard Raffle where one lucky winner will win an Amazon giftcard up to $100 . The prize will depend on participation, so please share to as many people as possible to increase the prize. (This giveaway may be canceled if there is not enough participation.)

In order to qualify, you must 1) post at least 15 insights OR hints to problems on Starlight Problem Solving and 2) the hints/insights MUST be relevant to the problem. To draw a winner, we will select a random insight/hint over all insights/hints of people that qualify, so posting more insights increases your chance of qualifying. The raffle will end on September 20, 2023 at 04:00 AM UTC (click to view time in your timezone)

To help get you started, here are collections of problems of recent Codeforces rounds where you can post insights: and Please also use the journal feature ( to store all problems you solve while practicing and their insights!

Now, posting insights/hints will help us build an AI platform to help problem solvers discover hints/insights on various competitive programming/math problems (Codeforces, AtCoder, DMOJ, etc) allowing them to learn from others AND find similar problems based on insights they struggled with helping them practice more effectively. In the future, we hope to create an AI to help predict key insights for problems and summarize the key insights needed to achieve a certain level in competitive programming. More details here:

Join the website and post insights/hints to enter! β†’

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