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@blackrobot blackrobot/iina-input.conf

Last active Aug 30, 2018
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Custom keybinding config for IINA
# ###
# damon.conf - IINA keybindings
# ###
# Copied from the default input config for IINA
# Documentation can be found here:
# *
# *
#@iina Shift+Meta+v video-panel
#@iina Shift+Meta+a audio-panel
#@iina Shift+Meta+s sub-panel
Ctrl+Meta+v cycle video
Ctrl+Meta+s cycle sub
Ctrl+Meta+a cycle audio
SPACE cycle pause
Meta+. stop
RIGHT seek 2 relative-percent
LEFT seek 2 relative-percent
Alt+RIGHT seek 2
Alt+LEFT seek -2
Shift+LEFT seek -5 relative-percent
Shift+RIGHT seek 5 relative-percent
Meta+S screenshot
Meta+l ab-loop
Meta+L cycle-values loop "inf" "no"
#@iina Shift+Meta+p playlist-panel
Meta+RIGHT playlist-next
Meta+LEFT playlist-prev
#@iina Shift+Meta+c chapter-panel
Shift+Meta+> add chapter 1
Shift+Meta+< add chapter -1
Meta+[ multiply speed 0.5
Meta+] multiply speed 2.0
Alt+Meta+[ multiply speed 0.9091
Alt+Meta+] multiply speed 1.1
Meta+\ set speed 1.0
Meta+0 set window-scale 0.5
Meta+1 set window-scale 1
Meta+2 set window-scale 2
#@iina Meta+3 fit-to-screen
#@iina Meta+- smaller-window
#@iina Meta+= bigger-window
#@iina Ctrl+Meta+p toggle-pip
Ctrl+Meta+f cycle fullscreen
Ctrl+Meta+t cycle ontop
#@iina Alt+Meta+m toggle-music-mode
UP add volume 5
DOWN add volume -5
Alt+UP add volume 1
Alt+DOWN add volume -1
Meta+/ cycle mute
Shift+( add audio-delay 0.5
Shift+) add audio-delay -0.5
Alt+Shift+( add audio-delay 0.1
Alt+Shift+) add audio-delay -0.1
Shift+_ set audio-delay 0
#@iina Meta+D find-online-subs
Z add sub-delay -0.5
X add sub-delay 0.5
Alt+Z add sub-delay -0.1
Alt+X add sub-delay 0.1
C set sub-delay 0
ESC set fullscreen no
ENTER set fullscreen yes
p cycle pause
. frame-step
, frame-back-step
m cycle mute
Shift+PGUP seek 600
Shift+PGDWN seek -600
# r add sub-pos -1
# t add sub-pos +1
f cycle fullscreen
E cycle edition
t cycle ontop
AR_PLAY cycle pause
AR_CENTER cycle pause
AR_NEXT seek 10
AR_NEXT_HOLD seek 120
AR_PREV seek -10
AR_PREV_HOLD seek -120
AR_MENU show-progress
AR_MENU_HOLD cycle mute
AR_VUP add volume 2
AR_VUP_HOLD add chapter 1
AR_VDOWN add volume -2
AR_VDOWN_HOLD add chapter -1
POWER quit
PLAY cycle pause
PAUSE cycle pause
PLAYPAUSE cycle pause
STOP quit
FORWARD seek 60
REWIND seek -60
NEXT playlist-next
PREV playlist-prev
VOLUME_UP add volume 2
VOLUME_DOWN add volume -2
MUTE cycle mute
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