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Tips for the Week in .NET

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Package of the week: NATS client

Microservices and IoT both require distributed architectures where a large number of endpoints communicate fast and reliably. NATS is a popular high-performance cloud-based messaging system that is an excellent fit for such scenarios. The .NET client for NATS can publish over 3 million messages per second (and that's in a VM, on a developer laptop).

Here's how you'd send a simple object on the message bus, with a subject “foo”:

using (var cnx = new ConnectionFactory().CreateEncodedConnection())
    cnx.Publish("foo", new Company
        Name = "Apcera",
        Address = "140 New Montgomery St."

Other actors can asynchronously subscribe to the same subject and process objects:

using (var cnx = new ConnectionFactory().CreateEncodedConnection()) {
    using (cnx.SubscribeAsync("foo", (sender, args) => {
        var company = (Company)args.ReceivedObject;
        Console.WriteLine($"Name: {company.Name}, Address: {company.Address}");
    })) {
        System.Console.WriteLine("Waiting for a message...");

You can read more about the NATS .NET client in NATS In Microsoft .NET.




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commented Jan 13, 2016 - a library to export data to Excel, comparing to existing libraries it's many times faster.

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