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A gist with links to the Pull Requests containing the code that developed during GSoC 2016

The work during GSoC 2016 resulted in the submission of three Pull Requests to ScummVM's mainline, with the first two being already merged, and the third one being in the process:

Extraction and extension of the MacGui GUI system, and subsequent leak fixing

Addition of the MacVenture engine to ScummVM

The bulk of the effort was directed towards the MacVenture engine, and thus most of the basic functionality was developed, including reaching winnability with Shadowgate. More information can be found in the Pull Request description and comments, as well as in the various entries on the blog and in the Trello board used to keep track of progress throughout the program. There are, however, some unfinished or unpolished parts in the engine, which are either marked as TODO or HACK in the source code or noted in the Trello board.

The project has been approved, all the information is available here

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