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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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fn main() {
funvsn(&mut std::io::stdio::stdin().chars());
// I'd like to make the function type here as generic as possible. All I really
// care about is getting a character iterator but I have two challenges:
// * this doesn't compile (rust 0.13.0, nightly)
// * there's a pesky std::io::IoResult in there
fn funvsn<I>(it: I) where I: Iterator<std::io::IoResult<char>> {
for c in it {
println!("{}", c);
> rustc src/
src/ 93:11 error: the trait `core::iter::Iterator<core::result::Result<char,std::io::IoError>>` is not implemented for the type `&mut std::io::Chars<'_,std::io::buffered::BufferedReader<std::io::stdio::StdReader>>`
src/ funvsn(&mut std::io::stdio::stdin().chars());
src/ 93:11 note: the trait `core::iter::Iterator` must be implemented because it is required by `funvsn`
src/ funvsn(&mut std::io::stdio::stdin().chars());
error: aborting due to previous error
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