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some simple examples of out of class private. It can be used only lexically and cannot be stored into a variable. EVERYTHING HERE IS BIKESHED
// allocate a private field key
private #constructedHere;

export let create = () => {
  return {
    // cannot be used in computed properties
    // #constructedHere is not a variable with a reified value
    #constructedHere: true
// entry
private #foo;
// export ... for is only for granting privilege
// very bikesheddy, this next line is 
export {#foo} for './friend';
// friend
// reuses regular import syntax
import {#foo as #bar} from './entry';
// untrusted
// fails during linking, entry has not granted privilege for this module to import #foo
import {#foo} from './entry';
private #data;
export function attach(o, v) {
  o.#data = v;
export function unwrap(o) {
  // throws if it does not exist
  let ret = o.#data;
  delete o.#data;
  return ret;
private #id;
let currentId = 1;

// attach a private id to an object and return the id
// will return the same id every time
export let getId = (o) => {
  // check if o has #id
  // bikesheddy, unlikely to reuse `in`
  if (#id in o !== true) {
    o.#id = currentId++;
  return o.#id;
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