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@bmeck bmeck/wtf.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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readable yet not...
// something about delaying a pipe causes child process stdout to become `readable:false`
function test(prefix, delay_fn, cb) {
var x=new (require("stream").Transform);
x._transform = (function (chunk, enc, cb) {
console.log(prefix, 'chunk:', chunk);
var child=require("child_process").spawn("head", ["-c","-2"]);
child.on('exit', function () {
console.log('exit', prefix);
if (cb) cb();
child.stdout.on('readable', console.log.bind(console, prefix, 'emitted readable'))
delay_fn(function () {
console.log(prefix, 'set to pipe(), is readable = ', child.stdout.readable)
test('setTimeout (100)', function (fn) {
setTimeout(fn, 100);
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